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I must confess I looked up my daughters night shorts

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This is my dream and wanted to share it with you all. If you do not like preteen stories the please go to one you would enjoy.

Maggie fell asleep on the couch last night. I let her stay up later since her mom was out late with some friends. I had fallen asleep myself on the recliner but got a nice surprise when I looked over on the couch and my 10 yr old daughter had her legs apart and I could see right up her flimsy night shorts. she had no underwear on so I was looking right at her tiny pink hole.

I looked around thinking someone is going to notice me staring at her ass. Then remembered no one was home but us. My cock reacted as expected by getting nice and hard, so I made adjusted it to give it room to grow. My heart started speeding up as my whole body wanted to get a closer look. So quietly, I put the recliner down and got on my hands and knees crawling over the 5′ to get closer.

Once I got close enough that to not touch her legs or the couch so not to awaken her, I just looked at her open pussy. Her hole was just looking at me. My mouth started watering and I licked my lips wanted to know how my tongue would feel on those smooth lips. My body was begging me to put the tip of my tongue against her pink hole.

I do not know how long I sat there looking at her before my hand reached out and touched the tiny lips to spread them apart to see between her pussy lips. OH WOW. My cock was as hard as a rock and asking for my hand or anything to touch it. I pushed on my cock through my pants, a low moan escaped my throat.

Looking up at my little Maggie, she was still sound asleep. My body kept screaming for me to lick her. My mind said “you shouldn’t.’ I looked for my daughters face to her tiny pink hole and decided it won’t hurt her if I did a little lick. So I slowly leaned over and put my face close to her pussy lips. My tongue came out slow and just the tip glided against her smooth tiny hole. “Fuck” I whispered and put my hand down my shorts to satisfy my screaming cock that about came with that one lick.

She didn’t move so of course I needed to taste some more of her. I let my tongue go from her tiny hole up between her slit. OOOHH FUUUCK….I squeezed my cock to stop it from humming right then. Her sweet taste was on my tongue and I needed more. Since she didn’t move I started to lick her with a little more pressure. I sucked on her lips and her hole. Maggie started to stir but I couldn’t stop. I was jerking myself off and needed more so tried to push my tongue into her hole but it was to tight. I sucked on her hole in rhythm with my hand stroking myself. Maggie started to squirm as I hear her moan and close her legs onto my head but I was watching her face and knew she was still asleep as she pushed her pussy into my face. My cock exposed in my shorts. My legs were shaking from the intensity and I sat down on the floor next to the couch.

My Breathing was heavy as I sat there in shock at what I had just done. Was she enjoying when she pushed her pussy against my face? OH WOW…Did she…I mean she had to right? The way she moved against me instead of away. As I enjoyed the thought of my daughters enjoyment I was still Enjoying the taste of my 10 yr old pussy in my mouth.

I knew I would need more of her.

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  • Reply Sven ID:cxcbm99

    You need to get your cock in her little pussy soon

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    Such a lucky guy


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    I was 8 and the 13 year old guy was watching me. We both had on shorts no tshirts and after a little while his dick was getting hard and sliding out of his shorts and I was staring at it cuz it was huge. He asks me if I wanted to touch it and I said yes. So he said touch away. So my hand rubbing his head and he was now super hard so he took off his shorts and I was licking him and he grabbed my ears and filled my mouth with his white stuff. I swallowed it and he sucked on my dick it was 3″ and I had a dry cum. His dick never went soft. And he came several times and I swallowed it all. I sucked him and he asshole fucked me my first time for several times.

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    Such a sexy fat pussy Tara , me & my daughter likes

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I always thought it was normal and it happens in every other family , after awhile i started liking it because it felt good then i became a nympho and always wanted sex ! my nymphomania has made my trauma as you say go away !

    • anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

      oh well you really did not answer my question but ok guess you dont want to do so

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  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    oh i forgot to say while rubbing your pussy and licking it giving you orgasms instead of the rapes and pain

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      I answered your question !! Why are you psychoanalyzing me !! This site is for all types of decadence ! Maybe you should find one for psychiatry and go there !

  • Reply Jeff ID:1d7fpoiqccp7

    Jon dow tell us the story

    • GHS ID:42oh4ja41

      Yes I want to hear how they both know as well. MMM sounds like a tasty treat to hear

  • Reply Summer ID:477hyfrq499

    W1r3 summersmith10. Tarde stuff

  • Reply TPD ID:1frbb70qj

    This was so hot. Can’t wait for more =)

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    Perfect story. You should’ve took your video camera out and record is it

  • Reply Slut4cash ID:1dl9k8kua3f3

    I will read more if you write it.

  • Reply GHS ID:42oh4ja41

    I am glad you all liked the start my story. I am working on more of it because I can’t leave myself hanging on what happens next either. I am enjoying putting my fantasies down in stories for hopefully others to enjoy with me. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Bob ID:7pqjf5vt0a

      Me too

  • Reply Bill62552 ID:e376ebdz262

    Young pussy taste really good

    • Jon dow ID:1ctyswq2gtmy

      Yes it does

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    I was over my girlfriends house for a slumber party and after everyone was asleep,my girlfriends brother snuck in where we are sleeping and he flipped me over onto my tummy and covered my mouth ! then he lifted up my nightie and pulled down my tights and shoved his dick into my pussy and fucked me hard as my screams are muffled by his hand around my mouth ! I felt him cum deep into my pussy as i cried ! He got off me and i quietly cried the rest of the night

    • [email protected] ID:mqlmphx84ep

      Tara I don’t quit understand why you are on this site given the unpleasant experiences you had.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Ramryder ! Telling what happened to me helps me get it off my mind ,now after all these years i became use to all the sexual abuse that now i kind of like it but some girls get scared and live a life in fear ! Why are you here ! to take amusement of a little girl getting balled by a group of old guys !!! Just Saying !!

    • GHS ID:42oh4ja41

      Tara I am glad you’re here. I was touched a little when I was younger and have always wished I was not so shy and would have gone into the next room with my older cousin. I regretted he didn’t push me harder to go into the bedroom even when it happened. honestly I would have gone easily if it was his brother.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Ramryder ! maybe i got these unpleasantries from people like you ! Why are you psychoanalyzing me ! Are you a doctor ! Do you have a masters degree on the subject ! If i wanted your help i would have asked ! You keep to your decadence’s and i will keep to mine ! okay !

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      God I wish I had girls, yeah, I agree, drugs rock especially when they’re not being forced to take them lol