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Big Sister being the best

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How I raped my big sister and then she started enjoying it

Big sis doesn’t know this

I am 14 and my sister is 21 she had a bad breakup a few months ago, and she is very close to me since then like playing video games inviting me to her girl night outs cause her friends adored me for being me

Let me tell y’all how my sister looks she is 5’3 good boobs small amount of fat in her belly and a great ass

Me on the other hand chubby 5’9 but still kinda admirable

One day my sister came to the room, as we shared the room I was asleep, and I opened my eyes to see my sister naked trying on a new dress and a new top, she was wearing normal shorts below and the top was cute

But I saw everything before she had a piece of cloth on her

She woke me up I acted as if I am getting up from a deep sleep and she told me to rate how this top is, I said it’s amazing and cute, she said “aww my baby brother, I love you so much” and she kissed my cheeks which she normally does but that day was different
She suddenly got cough and she wasn’t feeling good in her throat and my mom gave her cough syrup,

The funny thing about cough syrup is that it makes you very very sleepy and she slept with me in the bed it was 12 and I was just imagining my sister’s boobs and ass and I had a big boner and I saw my sisters ass and I touched it, I was scared what if she woke up

But the cough syrup was doing its job, I turned her and she was sleeping dead I tried to move her head in a very fast motion she didn’t respond but she was snoring heavily

I lowered her knickers and lifted her t-shirt I saw the boobs and pussy in very close proximity I started sucking the nipples and started to put my fingers on her pussy and started kissing her whole body, I got so turned on I started to rub my dick on her belly at the same time I started to kiss her passionately
After some time I inserted my dick inside her, that is when I realized that she is a virgin and I put everything inside leading to blood coming out of her pussy, her face was changing expression like she was in pain so I took out my dick waited for 2 mins

Lifted both her legs and kept on my shoulders and put my dick in her it went in and I just started to bounce in her it was the best feeling and suddenly she started to hug me tightly and also kiss me and she was moaning her ex-bf name while she was in the action I pulled out and came on her belly

And took a tissue wiped her belly and dressed her up and went back to sleep and that was the best sleep I have ever got in years.

The next morning she woke up happy and she was in a great mood I was so happy to see her smile and be energetic
She sat beside me after my parents went to work and she told me “I loved how we had sex last night”

I was in complete shock and suddenly she started to force kiss me and said not to worry she won’t tell anybody

And then later on she used to tease me daily by showing her cleavage, she used to sit in a position where she shows me her panties when she wears a skirt

And daily at the night, we try a different position from the internet

I get my friends home and she used to become the slut of the group gets fucked by all of my friends

Life is good

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