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Sibling Secrets

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I (male 16) turned my 9 year old sis hannah into a my horny little sex slave and take advantage of my alcoholic mother while she’s passed out

my little sister is 9 years old and loner, she doesn’t have many friends and she plays video games a lot. Shes a blonde, very petite, small but grabbable tits, tight ass, tiny feet, and never not wearing pink nail polish she always tries to hang out with me a lot and I used to push her away. One day I had a bad day at school, my gf dumped me and started dating one of my good friends. I went home upset and horny so I decided to jerk off for the rest of the night. my mom is drunk so she’s usually passed out or out of the house drinking so it was just me and my sister home alone. she was hungry and forgot cook something, so she knock on my door and came in. i tried to pull my pants up but it was too late and she saw everything.

i tried to cover it up by saying i was changing, she apologized and left my room. i made her food and went back to room to think about what just happened. it turned me on a lot. i couldn’t stop thinking of ways to seduce her and i eventually gained the courage to go into her and try. she’s 9 so it wasn’t hard but she was a little weirded out so i had to start slow. i started by letting her sit on my lap and play video games on my ps4 while i spread her legs to rub her pussy. it was soft and tight, i tried to stick a finger in and it barely went in. this continued for a few weeks until i felt like i fit my dick in there. we started sleeping in each others beds cuddling and spooning. i would grind on her until i came on her back. i finally showed my dick the day after and told her to play with it. she didnt like it at first and it was gross but she eventually warmed up after shoving it in her mouth for a few mins. her tongue is soft and so small, shes great at giving head. she said she doesn’t mind touching my dick if i dont mind touching her feet and i told her sure. we did this for a couple months until she turned 10.

on her birthday mom got her a cake with some money so i could take her to get presents, i bought her some out my own money as well. we got home and she was passed on the couch and stank of beer and whiskey. i told my sister to go to her room and organize her new toys and stuff so i talk to mom. i didnt talk to her, i knew she’d be blackout drunk and wouldn’t wake up touched her. she is a milf, redhead, huge ass, sexy feet, and huge tits. i couldnt miss my chance to fuck her. i toke off my clothes and started touching, i sucked her toes, licked her thighs. she didnt wake up but she put her hand me and started biting her lip. she was turned on. i kept going pulling her leggings off and stealing her panties after rubbing her pussy. i put her in missionary and started pumping. i got bored of her pussy and started anal. it was amazing. i could tell it off limits to everyone else just by way it clenched up after sticking it in all the way. it felt so good i came filling her ass with cum. it was dripping out so i clean it and put her pants on and left. i went to my sisters room and told her to let me fuck her, she fully submitted to me and let me do as i please i did anal on her and she loved it. it was tight and she actually moaned. i was horny we fucked for hours.

the next week, my friend came over and started checking her out. she started walking around in panties and bra but her panties were pulled up so you could see her cheeks and lips. my friend started rubbing his cock and asked to go the bathroom. i knew what he was gonna do so i asked he wanted to threesome. he said fuck yeah and we went to her room. she was watching tv with legs spread, she was wearing pink panties but they were pulled to side so you see her pussy. i think she got used to me fucking her like that. my friend was rock hard and so was I, she knew what was going to happen already so she got on her knees and waited for us to pull our dicks out. i let him go first since i fuck her every day and he was moving in a month. as hes was getting sucked, i went behind her and started eating her ass before i stuck it in. soon after he started fucking her pussy. he pulled out seconds later cumming all over her chest and face. i came soon after him all over her back. my friend left and my sister when to take a shower.

this is the end of part 1

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