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Cat: Incest


Im jen Im writing this on real life experience i love it all . I have dislyxia sorry for bad spelling and period # #

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My Frst Love-Concluding Part

Next day after editing everything of Mahek and mother fucker Mir of their beginning of sex till yesterday’s sex shows total compilation of 3hrs. With original audio just like a movie... #

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Ex wife (true story)

Oh if I knew then what I know now. Hind sight is alway 20/20 I was 21 my wife was 20. We were struggling I worked overtime all the time. My wife was a cute petite 5 foot babe. She had... # # # #

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Big brother ate the Hilton

I’m was excited to see my big brother Kenny, he was flying in from California on a business trip, and would be staying a couple days. Kenny had been my best friend growing up, and... # #

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I finally fucked my daddy

When I finally worked up the courage to fuck my dad. I didn’t even have to take him in to it . It was about a week after Mr Anderson took my vCard. I was home alone with my dad, I... # #

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My Aunt III

this is a fictional story between a 15 year old nephew & his 30 year old aunt (characters & their relationship is real) kik is imaagineeee for feedbac # #

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My dad and then mom

I was the 3 child I I had a brother and older sister and a younger brother. When I was about 10 or so it all started It was not even a warning or any memory before this of any sexual... # # #

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Im jen 12 years old I have dislyxia sorry foe wrong spelling and period . Real life experience that i love # #

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First time

The first time I had sex happened with my aunt She gave me piano lessons every Saturday morning I must of been 11 Mom would bring me over set in living room watching tv And my Aunt... # #

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The Harvest 3

Remembering back that night was truly wonderful; since then we did a lot of petting and easily got Jenny to orgasm and on one occasion as she sucked Fergil I licked her pussy and sweet... # # #

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The Harvest 2

The Harvest Chapter 2 Aunt Sally was in a bit of a quandary, her daughter Jennifer or Jenny, our cousin was finished for the summer at the boarding school, had been gone since September... # # # #

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The Harvest 1

The Harvest One It had not been easy since my loss, our loss; six months had gone by and although we missed mum Dad did especially. The fateful day it happened I was twelve, at school... # # # #

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Im jen im writing this on real life experience i love every minute of it i have dislyxia so sorry about spelling and period # #

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Emotional incest

This is a story idk if many would understand. Sharing some other stuff I thought this might help me grow instead of keeping it a secret for so long. # #

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Widow’s gratification- Part-I

I am Madhu,last six months I have lost my husband and feel lonely in such a big house. I am 36 years old full of sex n body and mind. Just this time a woman aged 33 yrs.with 16 year... # #

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My Aunt – Part II

this is a fictional story between a 15 year old nephew & his 30 year old aunt (characters & their relationship is real) kik-imaagineeee for feedback # #

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