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It’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older: Part 6

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Faith’s off limits but Donna needs her big brother’s help.

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Sorry this installment has taken so long, real life got in the way.
Hope to finish this tale during the next few weeks.

It was May and the sap was rising. As the summer approached I was looking forward to intimate sunlit evenings and carefree romantic rendezvous with my girlfriend where I would get to know her, and her body, even better.
However an annual event meant that I would have to wait until the month’s end. I was completely “cock blocked”.

It was exam season and neither Faith, nor I, could persuade our parents to let us go out on a date, when there was revision to be done.
We would have to put our romance on hold for a few weeks.

So it was a good job I had two hot, horny and ever so helpful sisters at home to keep me entertained.

There was my younger sister, Donna. Twelve years old with a blossoming body. Innocent but enthusiastic to make her first forays into the adult world.

And my big sister, Stacy. She was five years older than me and had just turned 20. A confident and popular girl, who was never short of a boyfriend. She seemed to be so worldly. I was sure she must know all there was to know about sex. And, as far as I was concerned she was a good girl who had somehow managed to learn it all without behaving like a slag.

Yes, both my sisters were wonderful young ladies and they both very welcome visitors to my bedroom, especially while Faith was out of reach.

Donna was the first to come to my room, one Friday evening. Our big sister was “babysitting” us when she sneaked upstairs.
Actually she didn’t really need to “sneak”, it wasn’t unusual for us to get together so we could have some fun. Donna used to like to help me “practice” for dates with my girlfriend.
On this occasion though, she wanted me to help her prepare for shenanigans with her boyfriend.

I’d been in the garden. Mowing the lawns and taking a little break from my revision.
Donna tapped on my bedroom door and ventured in nervously.
“Er, Dan. Are you busy? I need to ask you something, if it’s okay?”

Of course it was okay.
I was only supposed to be reading about the Wars of the Roses and it was boring as hell. I was glad for the distraction.

“Well,” she continued, “Do you remember Sean?”

I didn’t, but she reminded me that he was the boy that kept pestering her at the school disco. She had thought that he was just showing off in front of his friends.
“But,” she told me, excitedly, “it turns out that he really likes me and we’ve been going out for a couple of weeks.”

“Going out. You mean on dates? I hadn’t noticed anything. You must have been very sneaky.”

“No,” she giggled, coyly, “just holding hands and… you know…. kissing and whatever behind the bike sheds or on the way home from school.”

“Okay, yeah I understand.
What did you want you to ask? It can’t be about kissing, you’re an expert at that.”

She smiled, a little embarrassed at my compliment. “Well,” she whispered, “Don’t get mad, but he keeps asking me for oral sex.”

That was a surprise.
“And it sounds like you don’t want to do it.” I enquired.

“I don’t think so. Do you think I should? I mean, do I have to because I’m his girlfriend?”

“Well, it does sound like a big step up from just holding hands and kissing.”

“Oh well,” she looked down at her toes, “I have let him do a bit more than that.
He has touched my boobs – just over the clothes though. Well over my bra once. But he hasn’t seen them, or touched the skin or kissed them or anything like that. You’re the only boy that’s ever been allowed to do that.” She bit her lip, embarrassed at her confession.
“And I don’t think I should let him do anything else, cos he’s not like you. He’s, well, immature, he gets too excited and, well, look.”

She pulled off her tee shirt and of course I looked, like she had told me to.
I looked at her tits and they were lovely. Even though they were encased in her modest, white, regulation school bra they still looked delicious. I was sure they had grown since the last time I’d seen them.
“Of course he gets excited,” I exclaimed, “Any boy would.”

“No. Not those!” she scolded, “Look at my shoulder.
The stupid sod’s given me a love bite and I told him not too. The weather’s gorgeous and I can’t go out sunbathing or even wear a strappy top in case mum or dad see it. They’d go mad!’

“I know…. but I don’t suppose he did it on purpose. Accidents happen.”

“Yes, but that’s just it, isn’t it?” she sighed, “What if he gets me pregnant? We’re only twelve.”

“From oral sex?”

“Ye-esss. Sex is what makes girls isn’t pregnant, isn’t it?” She asked in a sarcastic, smart-arse voice.

“Yes, but… not oral sex.”

“Oh… well. What is oral sex then?”

I could see she felt a little foolish, so I didn’t laugh and put my arm around her like a good brother.
And she was a good sister. She hadn’t bothered to put her tee shirt back on and her warm smooth bare flesh felt good in my hand.
I tried to explain as gently as I could.

“You know how in French, you might have an “oral” lesson sometimes?”

“Oh, yes. We have to talk in French, instead of just writing it down.
So is that how you do oral sex then? Do you just talk about it?
That can’t be right.”

“No Don,” I shook my head. “If somethings called “oral” it means you do it with your mouth.”

She frowned, “Sex with my mouth?”

“Yeah, so in normal sex – the kind that makes babies – the man puts his dick in the lady’s…”

“Vagina! Everyone knows that!”

“That’s right, but we’re not in biology class now. All the boys are going to call it your fanny….. or a very rude name…”

“Okay. So the boy puts his dick in my fanny.”

“That’s right. But this is “oral” sex, so instead of putting his dick in your fanny he’s going to put it in your…..?”

“Errrm… No! Surely not. In my mouth? Really?”

“That’s right and the girl licks it and sucks it until it gets really hard and, well… you know?”

“Eugh. It doesn’t… squirt its stuff does it? I mean, not in my mouth. That’s gross. Yuck!”

“It’s all true, darling.” I pulled her close and kissed her forehead. “You can ask Stace, if you don’t believe me.”

“Oh I do believe you. Thanks for telling me, I had no idea.
So that’s what Sean wants me to do then. Do boys really like it?”

There was no denying it.
“Yeah, it feels great. I think a girl’s mouth must feel just like her fanny, so your dick doesn’t know the difference and that’s why it shoots its stuff.
I think some girls like it too.”

“It still sounds gross to me.”

“Oh, god, I get that and the girl doesn’t have to do it if she doesn’t want to. If a boy makes you then he’s just being a jerk and you should drop him.
You should only do stuff that you both enjoy. It’s the 1980’s not the 1880’s!”

“Do you think so?
Sean seems to think it’s expected.”

“Then maybe he is a bit of a jerk, or just a bit immature like you said. I wonder if he knows he’s supposed to do something for you in return.”

“What’s that then.”

“Well fair’s fair.
It’s oral sex, so if he isn’t going to use his dick to make your fanny feel good, then he’s got to use his mouth instead.”

“How? No one told us about that in biology class.”

“He has to kiss you down there. Lick you. Suck you a little bit. In all those special places that you think boys don’t know about.”

She squirmed in embarrassment.
“Do boys like that?”

“Look, I’m not going to lie. It’s much nicer to get my dick sucked off than it is to go down on a girl.
That’s what they call it, by the way, “going down”.
But it’s still nice. It’s fun and sexy and its exciting to know that you can make a girl feel so good.”

“Girls like it then?”

“Yeah it makes the girl feel really, really good. As far as I know anyway.
I suppose she must feel a bit like a boy does when he squirts.
You ought to ask Stace about that though.”

“Did she show you how to do it?”

I nodded.

“Have you done it with Faith?”

“Well, no not yet, but that’s none of your…”



“Oh, er I didn’t mean anything. It’s just that well…. maybe I could er, help you practice, like we did before.”
She gave me a sly look.
“And find out whether I like it, before Sean asks again.”

“Well, I suppose so, but only if you really want to. I mean you’d have to let me see your…” I glanced down at her crotch

“Oh god. I’ve never let a boy see that before. I don’t even like the girls seeing it in the shower. And I’d have to look at your cock – I’m not sure that’s right, I mean you’re my brother.”

“Well, Don, it’s up to you, but it’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older, is it?
I mean you can’t have sex with a boy without seeing eachother naked, can you? Anyway, I think we’re already a bit more than just a normal brother and sister” I squeezed her right tit and kissed her on the cheek.
“There’s no rush, just think it over.
I need a shower anyway. I got really sweaty in the garden.”
I made to leave.

Donna pulled her tee shirt on.
“Thanks for explaining everything.” she smiled.

“That’s fine.
I’ll tell you what.
I’ll be in the shower for about 20 minutes. Come and join me if you want to, er, practice anything… But only if you want to.”


I had almost finished showering the sweat and grime of the day from my body when I heard a little knock on the bathroom door.

“Is it okay if come in?” asked a timid voice, “It’s Donna.”

“Yeah, no problem. It isn’t locked.”

The shower curtain vibrated as the air was disturbed by the opening door and Donna’s nervous footsteps.

“Do you want to help wash my back?” I shouted through the plastic barrier.


I turned my back as she stepped in behind me and casually passed the soap back over my shoulder.
“Thanks,” I told her, like it was no big deal.

Donna started to lather up my shoulder blades, massaging them carefully, slowly, maybe even lovingly.
It certainly felt nice. I had never been caressed like that before.
She worked down to my lumber region.
It might have been impatient of me, but I invited her to clean my bum.

“What? I’m not going to clean your butt hole for you, if that’s what you want!”

“No just do the cheeks.
I’ll do yours later if you like.”

She slid her hands over them, without question. Rubbing, circling, soaping. It was new and erotic and she the more she stroked the harder I grew.

“My turn now!” she announced, abandoning my arse and turning her back to present her own.

So there she was.
Within touching distance.
Her flesh wet and tort.
Awaiting my touch.

I started with her back – because that seemed polite.
I moved on to her cute little bum – because I had promised to.
And then moved my hands around her to soap up her tits – because they were lovely.
And finally I hand washed her twat – because…. well you all know why!

She surrendered in my arms and went weak at the knees as I cleansed her cunt and the soap suds curved round her clit and slid along her slit

Of course we weren’t just there for a shower and when she felt the prod of my stiff cock in her back she turned around to see it.
The first cock she had ever met!

She gasped, “I’ll never fit that in my mouth!”

I giggled, taking her surprise as a compliment and assuring her that she could.
If she tried.
Stacy had done it, so I was sure she could too, but she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to.

“Why don’t you just touch it anyway.” I suggested, “You already come this far.”

“Ok.” She took the soap and lathered my shaft nervously. Sliding over the smooth skin, caressing the soft, sensitive head and wondering at the solid prick. Imagining what it might feel like if she could ever get it inside herself.

Her touch was delightfully delicate, loving and tender, but I cautioned her to take even more care when she ventured through my pubes to explore my sac and toy with my balls.

I arched my back and exhaled, “That’s brilliant Donna. Aaaah. Do you like it?”

“Er, yeah. Feels kind of weird. I like it though. Exciting. Makes me tingle inside. Should I kiss your dick now?”

“If you want to. That’s what we’re here for after all.”

There wasn’t a lot of room to manoeuvre in the shower cubicle but my little sister managed to shuffle down to her knees and get into the customary position.

She looked so sexy, her wet naked soapy flesh shinging as she stared up at me through the steamy cascade of the shower.. My cock thronged in anticipation as I watched her work her head around my prong to find the best position.

She pecked a little kiss on the side of my shaft then looked up for approval. I nodded. She continued her little pecks, working her way slowly towards the head.
Then she paused.
She glanced up at me.
Licked her lips.
Licked my cockhead.
Then opened wide and took the first inch into her hot, wet mouth.
She pulled away quickly, unsure of herself.
“That’s it.” I assured her. “You can do it. Don’t worry about swallowing it all. Just take as much as you can comfortably. Ok? You’re lips feel wonderful. They’re so soft.”
She smiled nervously, licked her lips once more and returned to her task with fresh confidence and determination.

I watched again as least two inches of my rampant cock disappeared into her little mouth.
And this time, she kept them there, sucking gently, rocking her head back and forth slightly, as instinct seemed to take over.

It might have only taken a couple of inches, but it was all I needed.

My kid sister was treating the most sensitive part of my most sensitive organ to the most intimate experience.

She had never even let any other boy see her tits and now here she was, kneeling naked before me, her body sparkling in the shower water, as she shamelessly debased herself for my singular pleasure. Taking my near full grown cock, as deep into her virgin preteen mouth as she dared.

And she was good at it too. I panted my encouragement and compliments to her, between my gasps and moans. This just seemed to spur her on as she worked her head up and down my shaft, slathering me lewdly as she drove me towards my climax.

My hips began to move in sexual synchronicity with my my sister’s mouth. Stirring my loins and stimulating me beyond the strength of my stamina.

I was only able to give Donna a second of warning before I exploded into her mouth. She bravely tried to swallow the spurts but there was far too much.
She pulled away and my spunk squirted over her beautiful body, before being washed away in the shower.

“Oh shit! Sorry…. I wasn’t ready.”
She apologised.
My darling little sister, who had just given me the greatest gift she had ever given a boy was actually apologising for not being able to swallow my load!

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for.” I told her.
“An hour ago you didn’t even know what oral sex was and now you’ve given me the best blow job ever.
That was wonderful. Really wonderful!”

I kissed her on the lips. She tasted of spunk, but I wasn’t complaining.

“Was I better than Stacy?”

“Yes, but don’t tell her.” We giggled.

“So you really don’t mind that I didn’t swallow much of it?”

“Of course not. It’s your first time and, anyway that’s why we did it in the shower.”

We hugged, our wet bodies engaged in a naked embrace that felt so natural nobody would have imagined it was the first time we had shared such intimacy.

“Did you like it?” I asked gently.

She gulped, a little embarrassed. “Well yes. I think so. It was a bit scary at first, because, well you were bigger than I thought – er, your er cock I mean and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I found out that I could and you told me I didn’t have to worry about getting it all in, so l just tried a little bit and then it was easy.
Well not easy but, I just sort of knew what to do. It was exciting, naughty. A bit frightening I suppose, but sexy, really sexy.
It’s made me feel, well.. nice inside.
I never thought I’d be able to make a boy do that and er, well, it didn’t taste too bad – your stuff, I mean. I know I didn’t take too much of it but it was okay.
I’m sorry. I’m rambling.
Did I really do if right, or are you just saying that?”

I took her in my arms and looked her straight in the eye. “Honestly, Donna. That was great. You made me feel so good. I’m not surprised you couldn’t swallow it all. I’ve never come so much in my life. You were really sexy.”

She stretched up to kiss me. “Thanks. I’m glad you liked it and thanks for telling me what to do.”

“My pleasure.” I told her – and it was.
“By the way, you look great naked.” I winked.

“You’re not to shabby yourself” she replied with attempted bravado.

“And, of course,” I reminded her, “There’s more to oral sex than just boys getting their dicks sucked off. Do you remember what I told you happens to girls?”

“Erm, didn’t you say they get their fannies licked, or something like that?”

“Well let’s find our shall we?”
I didn’t wait for a reply.
My little little squealed in excitement as I gathered her up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom to start a new adventure.

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