Cat: Incest

My mom was a pornstar

Hey everyone , so this is the story about the time when I found out my mom made few porn movie in back in 80s when she was in her twenties. Around that time I was born in 1993 , I never... # # # #

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Nerdy Danielle

When I was 9 my nerdy cousin who is the same age as me were at my parents lake property. She is my dad’s cousin’s daughter. More or less a distant cousin. We went out to... # # #

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My mom

Reading these fantasies on hear made me want to tell My true story of what happened one night with my mom. I was 14 Mom and Dad had been arguing. With each other on phone. Dad drives... # # #

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Daddies 1

Just single dads raising girls. But they started to bud and wondered why daddy did not bath them anymore or even let them sit on their laps. # # #

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My stepdaughter

I still remember day I met my stepdaughter. I was worried if my girlfriends daughters would like me. But it all turn out good. As the girls thought I was so funny and made them laugh.... # # # #

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