Cat: Incest

My little sister 2

After been basically forced to fuck my sister misty that day. It didn’t end at all. Everytime mom left. I was force to keep fucking her. More like she fucked me. She even started... #

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Sex experience continues

This is about me and my sister was 16 years old 4 years younger than me.she had small Breasts.but feel like touching them .they were killing me .I have read... #

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Sexual experience continued

Now I was adult 19 years old .went to city for studies. Once I met a man about 40 years .in train we started talking .we became friendly. He was staying in city with his wife..with... # # #

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Davis and Sue’s free spirit

My name is David and I was her only son , and 23 years old with a 55 year old natural birth mother Sue . I am blond blue eyed , tall skinny 135 pounds , and have a large 8″ cock... #

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Ryk & Ryder

This is the introductory story of Ryk and Ryder, two teenage brothers who will try and do almost anything sexual. This part is only the brothers. # # #

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A Teen’s Lucid Dream

When you know you’re dreaming, you can do practically anything you want. Being a horny teen, what I want to do is fuck all the people & objects I can # # #

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