Cat: Incest

Thanks uncle mikey

When I was 11 years old I recall the vivid memories of being fucked by my uncle everytime we were alone it started when we went camping and shared a tent he told me kt would be warm... # #

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Mom turned me into a cum slut

I’m 29 now, engaged and have a daughter. My life is a good one. My biggest secret I carry is that my mom groomed me to be a cum slut since I was 10. She drank a lot more with my step... # # #

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My dad raped me

I recall me and my dad playing a game when I was 12 called horsey I’d bounce in his lap and grind on his knee until my cunt juices were over his pants and I lost my virginity... # #

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Fucked my drunk sister

So one night me and all my family were out the back court yard all night we were drinking and by later in the night my sister kept giving me this look no one else could see it she sat... # #

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Mommy and her princess

My mommy & I were really close. .We were nudists (I was her little girl’/her little princess.) I wore cute dresses & little girl clothes that she made for me.Around the age... # # #

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All Over Again

Vera was sitting in the living room armchair with a magazine open in her lap, completely ignoring the shuddering form of her baby sister tied up on the floor beside her. Ella, her sister,... # # #

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I was raped by my dad

I grew up in a rural forest town in maine and my mom worked night shifts at a small hospital anf my dad went to sea everyday to cath fish and crabs when i turned 14 i got a nice pair... # #

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Creaming my lil sis

Lana laid on her brother’s bed reading while he showered she was 14 so she could Wear her pink little panties and a small shirt and not worry seeing as her parents were at a dinner... # #

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having sex with a horse

i was at my brothers house and we were going outside to his farm and he was joking about me fucking his horse. but then he took the joke to far and made me suck his horses cock and... # #

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