Cat: Incest

A La Piscina

I hadn’t been out to my uncle’s farm in years, but when we came back it wasn’t the same. It was even better! # #

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Thanksgiving Dinner

The last thing I remember was going to bed the night before Thanksgiving. I always sleep in on Thanksgiving since my mother spends all day cooking for dinner and refuses my help, so... # #

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Sexual education with mom

My name is Alan and I live with my mother Angela and three younger siblings. My mother divorced my father some years ago. Other than the times that I was angry at her for spanking me,... # #

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“What did you do!?”

Ivelisse T., (born in 1973), is the mother of three children: Wesley R. (date of birth, January 4, 1993), Marcos S. (date of birth, December 18, 1998), and Rosaly S. (date of birth,... # #

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Wrestling with nude mom

In 1998, 12-year-old Jonathan moved with his mother Lori, 35, and his older sister April, 16, to live with Michael A., his new stepfather. One day in late December 1999, a few days... #

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Her son’s huge penis

Jerri Sherrill, 41, and his wife Jennifer, 39, had two sons, Nicholas, who was born April 19, 1996, and Marcus, who was born June 16, 1998. Mrs. Sherrill marriage to Jerry had been... #

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Daddys lil sissy

My mum had just left us, just walk out the door and my dad was pissed he punched the wall, the door as well as the table. I was scared I sat on the stairs crying I knew I caused this,... # # #

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