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My mummy was a nymphomaniac

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A collection of memories of a loving mum who taught her daughter everything she knew.

They say one should never speak ill of the dead and so I don’t intend to. You see, loved my mummy very much and she loved me very much too, and now that she’s gone, I can freely admit that she loved me very often. It was mummy who gave me the fullest of sex educations, plus my first orgasm. It was the best birthday present ever; but let’s set the scene.

At long last, I’d turned ten. My age had reached double figures and so I was feeling very grown up all at once. My body was certainly on its way to reconfiguring itself into the shape of a woman, although it’s fair to say it still had a long way to go.

We had a party to which all my school friends had been invited. I’ve never known my dad, so mum organised everything. I say it was a party but actually, it was more like a well cool rave. There was plenty of fun food (including some delicious herbal tasting little cakes), some sort of fruit punch that I’m now certain must also have been heavily “medicated”, plus all the latest banging tunes played very loudly on a hired sound system that had the whole house jumping. There wasn’t a single wallflower in the place, we all got the vibe and soon everyone was dancing alongside everyone else. Mum was the only adult there, but the whole thing had been so well prepared in advance that no further grown up assistance was required. Mum danced with the rest of us. She was wearing a daring party frock that she hadn’t revealled from under her housecoat until parents delivering their children had left. All I have to say about mum’s dress is that it was very short, low cut, figure hugging and left little to the imagination regarding physical proportions of the extremely feminine creature gyrating away inside it. Girls and boys alike simply couldn’t keep their eyes off of her, but it turns out that my darling mummy wanted far more than just eyes on her.

After I’d been dancing awhile, the copious amounts of fruit punch I’d drunk worked its way through my body and needed to come out at the other end. Being guest of honour, I didn’t use the downstairs toilet that all the other kids had to use. I availed myself of our upstairs and vastly superior facilities.
Bladder voided, I was in my way back to the festivities when I heard a distinctly immature voice emanating from my mother’s bedroom. Fearing we might have a juvenile burglar in the house, I silently prised open the door enough for me to peep inside. What I saw made my jaw drop. Mum was out of her dress and out of everything else. One of the bigger boys from school was naked too and laid out on the bed whilst my dearest mummy sucked on his cock and balls. The kid was writhing as a result of the erotic sensations surging through him.

Mum had had men in her bedroom many times before. Of course she had and I well knew what for, but thus was different. This touched (and sucked) my generation. This was my schoolfriend and therefore I was involved.
In a state of shock, I called out “mum, what are you doing?”
Mum didn’t turn a hair. She simply said “oh, hello darling. Do come in and close the door. Ian and I were just getting better acquainted. How exactly do you know Ian best the way?”
Mum was no longer sucking Ians erect cock at this point because, being the lady she was, she never spoke with her mouth full of anything but words.
By way of reply, I stammered “h..h..he’s in my class and r..reading p..partner.”
“Sound’s fun! What do you read?”
“Er, well, right now, we’re reading Tom Sawyer.”
“Ah, yes honey, I remember reading that. I found it a bit lame. I mean, not once did Tom and Huckleberry Finn ever attempt to ravish little Beckie Thatcher in the bushes. Anyway, have you ever given Ian here a blow job? I’m just wondering because he didn’t need to be asked twice when I suggested me giving him one so I’m reckoning this isn’t his first face fuck.”
I just shook my head as Ian turned a more embarrassed shade of scarlet. But mum hadn’t done with me.
“Have you ever given a boy a blow job, Jenny?”
“No mummy.”
“Then don’t you think it’s high time you did? Come on, get out of your party duds and I’ll lead you through it.”

It’s weird looking back on that occasion now but it never occurred to me that this wasn’t an offer I couldn’t refuse. I simply did as I was told and ended up sucking off a ten year old boy until he had some sort of trembling fit and oozed a dribble of cum in my mouth. It was hardly enough to be worth swallowing but on top of the herbal cake and doctored fruit punch, it tasted……interesting.
Mum immediately took charge of the situation.
“Okay Ian, you’ve had your special treat; now go and enjoy the rest of the party and remember, our little secret; right?”
“Er…..right Mrs Cunningham.”
Ian dress himself and left without saying another word. Mum and I were left alone and naked together in her bedroom. She seemed to be studying my body for a moment or two before coming to some sort of decision. “Okay you” she said, it’s your turn; up on the bed.”
This was an order I felt compelled to obey. Without saying another word, mum prised my legs apart and then with her fingers, prised apart the lips of my little cunnie. Not knowing where to look and feeling completely out of my depth, I closed my eyes and prayed my pounding heart wouldn’t damage itself on my ribs. Then came the electric jolt of my mum’s moist, warm, soft lips on my cunt and her probing tongue lapping at my clitoris. I was soon alternatively moaning and squealing from the as a never before sexual tension inside me built up until it exploded in full body-shaking orgasm. I don’t know if I really saw flashing lights behind my closed eyes but it certainly felt as if I did. My whole world was instantly made up of the most exquisite physical sensations I’d ever known which eventually subsided to be replaced by the most euphoric sense of peace and wellbeing I’d ever experienced.

In the comforting silence of afterglow, I found myself wondering if anyone lapping my pussy would produce this incredible effect and resolved to find out as soon as possible. Thus was a new and thrilling aspect of my character forced. I was truly my mother’s daughter and destined to follow in her dented bedspreads. It was my happiest birthday ever.

Naturally, I had many erotic adventures with my mother thereafter which I’ll maybe tell you about some other time. I miss her greatly but I’m mightily grateful for what she gave me….and many others: thrills a-plenty!

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    No wonder you have no idea who your father is! Mummy was one big slut, that’s for sure!

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    This is hot, makes my cock throb and ache. I want this in my life. You know where to reach me.

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    Really nice introduction to Jenny’s sexual awakening and it really needs expanding because she will want to experience more to feed her needs!

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    A very hot story . I hope you write more

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    Yes! Hope there’s more with that sexy-dressed slut of a mom!

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    Very nice!

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    A good start hope there is more to this story!