My step-niece

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One year I went to visit my brother’s family and his wife has a girl from a different man, my step-niece. I heard my step-niece wake up early in the morning to watch cartoons. So I went upstairs with a spare blanket. I knew she would be watching cartoons on the couch. I also knew that she had a little crush on me. I put the blanket over us and knew that she was cold. She snuggled up to my side. I slowly moved my hand between her legs and started to play with her pussy over her pajamas. She didn’t do anything as a result. No reaction. Maybe she was too into the cartoon. She kept fidgeting and changing positions though so I would have to move my hand a different way back to her crotch and began rubbing slowly again. Someone was coming downstairs so I moved my hand away. Her mom told her to go upstairs and put some real clothes on and then left the room. I moved my hand back to her crotch and slowly started rubbing it again. Finally she spread her legs a little. Then she looked up at me, smiled, and at the same time grabbed hold of my hand and pulled it hard against her crotch while smiling at me. Then she went upstairs to change clothes.
She came back down wearing only a long dress with just panties on underneath and asked me if I wanted to play dress up. Unfortunately I had to leave by that time. So I left. l year later I came by to visit and I was playing with my step-niece under the table at my brother’s house. Not sure why she liked being under the table but she did. The table has a long table cloth which covered up what i kept on trying to do with my sock covered foot which was to rub her cunnie under the table. I wasn’t really successful at that because she kept moving around and acting like a cat. She would cutely meow if I messaged her shoulders or ran my hand through her hair, and sometimes she would hiss to act like an angry cat. At one point the game under the table changed. My leg became a horsie to her and she would get on my lower leg and I would bounce it up and down knowing it was hitting her crotch and she would ride it. Anyway, I was wearing shorts and at one point she was holding on to my hands trying to do flips. My cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I was so hard. I widened the gap between my legs and kept trying to bring her head closer to my cock. It was a game to her so she would resist a little but be drawn forward suddenly on purpose. During this fake tug of war her head kept getting closer to my cock in my shorts and she had to of seen the huge lump pointing at her through my clothing. When she got really close to my cock she said, “Oh I REALLY like you” from under the table. Not sure why she said that. Later on in the day she wanted to play the horsie game again but we were on the couch watching cartoons together. At first she was cuddling on my shoulder. Then she moved up and sat directly on my pelvis and bounced a little on my hard cock. Someone came into the room and she moved down to my right leg and she mounted it. So I moved my leg up and down again like riding a horse and she rode it while watching cartoons. How can I take the next step? What should I do? I want her to suck my cock so bad.

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  • Reply Grown and gone

    When I was 14 there was a girl living with us that I actually don’t remember her relationship to me. She was the adopt daughter of an uncle who died and left her for my parents to care for. She was around 11 or 12. She h a crush on a buddy of mine. We got her in the garage one day and convinced her that if she did certain things he would be her boy friend. We got her to let us feel her pussy thru her shorts just to get started. Before is was over we had her laying across the back car seat with us taking turns trying to get our dicks in her with her shorts pulled down and still in her panties. In my case she kept moving just enough to prevent that from happening. I ended up jerking myself while my buddy fucked her. They actually did become boyfriend/girlfriend for several months before other members of her family that I did not know came and took her away. I remember several times I ended up jerking my meat listening to the two of them in his bedroom fucking. What a loser I was! I can still conjure up a mental picture of her laying there in her panties with me feeling her up. My immature peter so hard it hurt and no relief in sight. Well, insight but not available.

  • Reply Pervert Uncle

    Man those good memories i love it when i used to fingered and eat my niece pussy when she was 9 years old

  • Reply Another pervy uncle

    I want to say something to those that object to having sex with a member of your family particularly a niece or step niece there is something taboo about it but is still such a turn on it makes it worth it and will make you cum so hard that you will never want anything else but her especially if she is young and beautiful with a tight little pussy and innocent like a little girl if you have the opportunity to do something like that then don’t hesitate get that cock hard as a rock and give it to her she wont turn you down once she sees your hard throbbing cock she will get on all fours with her ass up in the air begging her uncle to do her before someone interrupts the chance of a life time you wont regret it and she will thank you for giving her some cock so she doesnt have to go looking else where or ask daddy for some more all pussy needs cock so give it to her she can’t wait any longer either can I I am going to give my step niece who I have been fucking steady now some hard cock right now come to uncle baby doll and ride him oh yes!!!

    • Pervert Uncle

      totally worth it and i missed eating my niece pussy she love looking at my big dick lol

  • Reply Anonymous

    Jesus still loves us

  • Reply Jad

    God help me.my uncle stares at my tities.

    • Uncle pervy

      Why dnt you fuck him

  • Reply Anonymous

    God loves you. Its a shame that you cant do that with your wife. I’m a teen and 2 of my uncles are wanting to touch my pointy breast. One has already pressed it slightly. But i stand my ground. No man is touching me except my husband. God still loves you

  • Reply Hopethecopsgetyou

    You need help. Something is wrong with your fuckin head.

  • Reply Ann Nomed

    I will like to say something to the people who come on these site and play that they holy and all righteous. If you are better than the people who enjoy being and expressing their true feelings. DON’T VISIT THESE TYPE OF SITES. ONCE YOU VISIT YOU ARE JUST LIKE US.

    • Billy O

      I agree

  • Reply Ann Nomed

    You can take the next step by offering to baby sit her one day. When you and her are alone give a bath. After you finish with bath,dry her skin for her,then tell her that you want to check if her special place is clean. So you have to look at it close,by opening it . Making sure that you rub it while opening it. Then you got to smell it .So got to open it wider and don’t forget to rub it while smelling it. Lastly you got to taste it which mean it has to be held open in order for you to taste. When you done with her you tell her that you’re going to take a bath now and when you are done she get to check your special place too.

    • Anon

      Ew thats nasty! She is a child! Its rape you dumb ass.

    • Billy O

      Nothing wrong with that

  • Reply V

    When I was 13 my uncle came to stay with us. He works in construction & was dad’s youngest brother & was 29 & hot. I teased him every chance I got. I never sucked dick or been fucked but I knew I wanted him. Needless to say his cum is still the best tasting & I’m 47 now. He thought me if u wanted to be a slut I had to go all the way. I’ve had fun with him & his different friends many times over the yrs. But I knew I was a true slut when he made me eat his big hairy asshole. That is now My favorite thing to do. I’m married with kids & my husband is a prued LOL. He likes sex one way. I love hooking up with guys in line & at the local adultstore gloryhole. What terrible is I have a 14 yr old son & I love getting off to his dirty underware. My favorite ones r were he wiped up his cum after hacking off. Mmmm so delicious

    • Anonymous

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  • Reply Thick8

    I’d love to fuck my niece. She is so Hot. She always squeezes me so tightly when she gives me a hug. Her perfect tits pressing against my chest makes me hard and I have to pull away. Next time I’ll move closer and see what happens.

    • Uncle

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    • Kiarra

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    • David

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  • Reply Bad daddy

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  • Reply martin rial uncle pervy and she likes it

    go for it bro as long as she is over 18 i am fucking my step niecei was with her aunt and her aunt passed away my step niece came over to check on me she gave me a hug and sparks flew i almost came in my pants she was only 28 i was 51 and fine as can be i wanted to eat that pussy right then and fuck the shit out of her but she went home i jacked off thinking about her and sent her some text telling her how fine she was and what i wanted to do to heri sent a picture of my cock hard as a rock the whole 9 inches i think she fell in lust i know i did because we are still together after 3 years now in fact i am going in to get some of that sweet pussy now

    • Zenit

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      This is an update from what i wrote a year ago i am still with my step neice and yes we are still fucking each other she is so lucsious i am tottally in love with that pussy i cant get enough it is so tight and sweet i suck and lick it for hours until she fills my mouth with her honey and then i get her on her hands and knees and mount her doggy styl so i can get every inch of my big cock in her it hurts her but i like it so i drive it in until i fill her tight cunt full of my cum she loves it when i shoot off in side her well thats all for now i got to fuck her now that i said all this i will keep you updated if you got a niece you want to fuck just do you wont regret it

  • Reply Ruck her good

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  • Reply You need to fight your demons please

    You need to fight your demons please Nothing good can coming from the emotional stress and cycle of fear she going to go through

    • Yoorz

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  • Reply Anonymous

    you should get help

    • Yoorz

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