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My Girls are Mine

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I’m a Father of two Young girls Gina 11 & Penny 14 and this is a real ongoing experience..

I met Lochi, the owner of this profile recently and she encouraged me to share my real incest story with her, so here you go..

I am a House Husband and my wife is a very busy person in an important government related business.

So I had to look after both of our girls and take care of everything whenever she gets busy at her work.

For a very long time I knew my wife was having sexual relationships with multiple people and I didn’t mind since I thought maybe her work required her to do such things.

So My daughters Gina (11) and Penny (14) were the only important thing in my life. I loved them so much to the point that I even started to think about them to Masterbate.

I know it’s a very bad thing to do as a father but I could not control my feelings whenever I’m around them.

It all started when I started to sniff and smell my girls undies and I liked how lovely they smelled. Then slowly I got addicted to that smell.

So one day when I was alone with my younger daughter Gina I grabbed her and pulled her pyjama pants down and I smelled her young unripe vagina like I was playing with her.

She laughed and said it tickles but I sniffed and smelled her since I ejaculated into my shorts.

Then another day I purposely went into the bathroom when penny was taking a shower and I helped her put soap on her back while she was extremely shy and blushing.

-to be continued-

(I’m ending this story short to see the reaction from you guys.. If you really want me to continue the story let me know in the comments and like always forgive my English.. Love you all – Lochi)

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  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:19g1g8mss2xo

    Please write more.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Keep this going , I love having a shower with my grand daughters , 13 and 15 . They love it when I piss all over their little titties and then wash them down .

  • Reply Mommieslilicker ID:dke7qy9d3

    You gotta keep going

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1darjpbt09

    email me Id love to know more 😉

  • Reply Bima ID:1bqrnr0rb0j

    Great story
    Wanting to know more.

    • Delilah ID:10o3drktv9a

      I’m a 24 year old girl and I love this

    • Delilah ID:10o3drktv9a


    • Eric ID:1evaxk6xxqgi

      Awesome Delilah. That’s so hot

    • admirer ID:nh7p9i43

      are you being loved by an older man [email protected]

  • Reply Joe ID:8bw8pby49a

    Need more on this story

  • Reply kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    yes lets hear more

  • Reply XpAc969 ID:37gcz00mv9j

    Dont bother writing N E more 09/07/22

  • Reply Tt ID:8eezwvjbhm

    Please more

  • Reply Lizzy sarah ID:2kyee16vm2

    Now Leave Your Comment…Continue with the story pls

    • Gimmick ID:mzgdgc40

      Email me,if you’re interested in sharing [email protected]

  • Reply Shaggy44 ID:4lnu6pbv3

    Please continue.

  • Reply IlasoaiaSugeCucu ID:1v2ac9m2

    bruh wierd dad

  • Reply a guy ID:2ziczz1hri

    bro your fucking weird kill yourself

  • Reply Rod ID:fzq0w06ik

    Please continue

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v4

    Now that the introduction is over lets get to the real story. sound like it could be good but like the old lady in the Wendie’s commercial said “Where’s the Beef”

  • Reply Tman ID:7zv3a3im9d

    Please continue

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ek2ks9d9k

    Love your stories, but please finish the ones you’ve already started rather than starting new ones.