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“Young hippy boy captured by creepy pervert part1

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I ran down so streets like a staircase cutting from a street to an alley then to the right then up into an apartment complex then repeat the same thing until seeing a closed gas station ran around to a phone booth my spandex pants tight white and up my ass I had to get my change but couldn’t before the figure of a large creepy man yanked me out pushed me behind the gas station where stacks of crates and pallets made an enclosed place where a picnic table was he pushed me onto a stack of cardboard picked up a short piece of fat pipe with a handle grip on it about twice the size of a bikes handle bar the other end was like a screw driver you can put different tips into but the handle grip was just like a big fat cock

“pull them down now !”

“ok ok what do you want with me…..?”

“pull them down or I’m going to beat you with this pipe”

“ok Mr.I’m spreading for you cock…..!”

“what are you doing with that….oh no!!!”

“oh ya fucked by fat pipe”

He fucked me with the fat pipe

He put something from a tube on the handle grip and got behind me much closer when I moved he threatened to beat me with it then forced the bar up my ass until it reached the the large flat rubber side of the grip put more Vaseline on it a shove it in as well and fucked it in making loud fucking sucking noise pulled it out making me start to get very horny I began to shove my fingers in and

“now look at it….big isn’t it? what are you 10 what are you doing out this late…? now your going to take it up the ass
your going to never forget this
I screamed and he didn’t care just kept thrusting I kept screaming as he fucked me like a rag doll covering my mouth then began to go faster and harder he used my shoulders thrusting into me as the sound of meat smacked he began doing me sideways his 12” thick girth pulled out then shoved it in again then went extreme rough and fast pulled out shooting his load in my mouth on my face I pulled up my spandex and left it was after 5am a man pulled in after seeing me he said

“boy get inside my van boy and have this hit I will pull into the lot”
I was twerking as he exposed his big long purple dick
I got in he came in back had me get on the carpet
Pulled my spandex down took his dick out put it against my pucker using spit shoved it in
“I’ll light it while fucking you up your ass balls deep and the sound of my balls smacks your ass 50 times ” “butt fuck me Mr…..!!!”
He lighted it giving me the hit buttfucked me for another 100 pumps thrusting his cream load up my ass as people in an R.v. watched the van rocked back and forth then I pulled my spandex up and got out started walking with the spandex pulled up my ass

I RV pulled past me stopped on the dirt lot I was walking in and a nice looking man got out and said “hey cute California boy” as he groped my ass showing me a bag of candy

“want to party come in”

“ok if you give me some to go as well”

“ok a gram for you plus we party”

the large motor home began driving another man was in the other room naked the man handed me the pipe taking off his shorts we did a bunch of hits he made me out a bag I put in my pack
He wanting to rub his dick between my cheeks having me bend over pulled my spandex pants down put baby oil along with his dick and shoved it in my ass
…… He began fucking me hard as the other man came out I could see a boy in restraints with a mature man masturbating went over put the head of his dick in his ass I watched then shoved it in extra hard making him scream we pulled into a parking lot the man pulled out of me and the mature man came out shoved his dick up my ass as a spot that was assigned to the motorhome was a spot by the beach gate clubhouse shower the opened everything and kept fucking me as men walked by and watched he pulled out gave me a swim suit very narrow the size of a dollar bill with braided g-string tied the waistband high up the neon V in front looked hot the thick braid up my ass I went with the mature man who walked me groped me the entire time we went into a cove where several perverts were talking to boys who were boy scouts their on vacation from some place where they make moonshine white and poor and men just fucked them and were being forced to suck dick but couldn’t do it a few troop leaders are black and want to fuck a blond surfer boy I wondered down onto the beach to some bushes taking hits put my stuff away when a white man an NFL player feels his cock while sitting close to me pulls his dick out

“you hippy surfer boy your asking to get fucked”

“Im not with these other boys”

“get over here and start licking my lollipop boy”

I did what he wanted and gave him a great blow job while he shoved his dick down my throat as some troop leaders of the boy scouts
One big mans black dick was bulging as he pulls my suit off another man comes over curious after putting a towel down he fucks very rough as does the football player enjoy the rough harsh treatment then the 3rd also a big man with a big cock just fucks me like a rag doll.
The man was talking to others who motioned me over

“this is a place for boys like you to serve the needs of men and you need to be punished,fucked now seeing you dressed like a whore means what?” “Im asking for men to rape me up my ass and sucking cock!”
“That is correct now show me you can do the very last thing you said…………suck…..my…..cock!”
.. .. I sucked his cock then more cocks changed into a pare of yoga pants Catching a ride to Del mar went and changed into

cutoffs made into a narrow V in front to the waistband and a narrow seem
in back all pockets gone pulled them up my ass and walked
talking to a mature man who played with his cock as we went under the bridges he was wanting sex bad we were by the inlet entrance just under the bridge where surfers and beach goers can see as I rubbed his big dick it got very big he pulled me around a bunch of supports where some grass was he became demanding making me suck his dick then he fucked me as people came around he was brutal pounding that big massive cock in me then making me gulp down his cum load then he left 3 men began forcing me into the underside of the bridge behind supports they raped me along with 2 others and I took off running to the other side went up on the Hwy 101 put my thumb out and a big black man pulled over and I got in thanked the guy

“you just get fucked down their?”

“what makes you think that?”

” well the cum in your hair and on your face now

now start licking this now!”

He drove me along a road that ends at a caregivers home who passed away pulled into the yard yanked me out the place bank owned just sat enter into the back he made me lay on the coffee table while his jumbo black meat drilled my anal cavity busting 2 loads up my ass we left he parked in the beach lot wanted to know where I lived and I walked up to my complex he followed me then locked up and found me going in the hot tub my neighbor had visitors who were wanting me to play I told the guy I part of a group and having sex is how I’m able to live here while my father is in prison …again I sucked dick got fucked he watched I had to attend the weekly meeting 2 men visiting sat next to me naked both had big thick Viking cocks uncut along with a black professor with a nice big dick we smoked free base and with some long island ice teas and we went to the man across the road having a party at a cliff house

end part 1

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    Soo naughty older using a boy like that! Mmm I’m a young boy too

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    Wow! So sexy in your spandex! You deserve your dirty, busy sex life of mouth fuckings and anal rape!!

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