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Anne pt2

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I took the chance, and went in after her.

So I took the chance, and went in.

Anne was laying across the couch, drawing happily, in her pajama dress.
She looked up when she heard the door open, and paused for a moment when the tall, dark haired man stepped into the trailer.
She hadn’t seen him before… but he looked nice, dressed in jeans and a turtleneck.

Momma had other trailer park members come and watch her sometimes, so she smiled.

“Oh hi mister, did mommy have you watch me?”

I could hardly move as I watched her..
Her pajama dress was too small on her clearly from when she was a little younger.

“I-i uh- yes. Hey sweetie, how are you?”

Anne giggled at the nickname, getting up.
“I’m okay! Just colors!”

She pointed at her picture, and I nodded along.

“Whats your name again honey?”

Anne laughed.

I once again nodded. That seemed like the only thing I could do.
I could hardly focus, my hands were shaking.

“Y-yknow what Anne? I left my doggy at home. All alone. I didn’t feed him before I left. Your mommy said you could come with me to feed him quick. S-sound fun?”

Anne gasped and jumped up.
“You have a doggy?! Yay!”

She was a little confused but, if momma said it was okay..

And the mention of a puppy threw all her concern away as she quickly got her shoes on.

I carefully lead her outside and through the woods, her small hand in mine.

She kept talking about how excited she was to meet the doggy, and how she wanted a doggy too for her birthday.

After the thirty minute walk back to my cabin, I unlocked and opened the door for her, butch quickly running over.

She gasped.
“Oh wow! He’s huge!”

He was pretty much as tall as her as he ran over, giving her a big slobbery kiss as she squealed and giggled.

I turned the lights on as I carefully pulled her over to the couch.

“Wanna have some juice?”

Anne nodded quickly, giggling again as butch jumped up on the couch, sniffing at her, before shoving his big head in between her legs, earning a loud giggle.

“No doggy that’s my pee spot!”

Anne wasn’t wearing her undies, she never did in bed. When she had to go potty at night, she would be so sleepy she would forget to take them off in the bathroom, so it was easier if she just didn’t wear them.

Butch gave a soft gruff, pulling away after she pushed him back a few times.

He laid down next to Anne on the large couch, watching her.

I went and got her some juice, and myself a beer before going and sitting next to her.

I sat close enough that I could feel her warmth

She took the cup with a happy thank you, quickly sipping it down, looking around.

“You have a big house Mister! I think its Very pretty!”

I smiled and nodded.
“Thank you. I think you’re pretty too.”

Anna giggled and finished her juice, as I placed a hand on her thigh
“Would you like to watch some cartoons Anne?”

Anne gasped and nodded.
“Yes please! Momma is always watcher her show I never get cartoon time!”

I gave a soft laugh, turning on the TV, putting a blanket over my lap and hers

We watched TV for a little over an hour, before she slowly started drifting off on my shoulder.

I took a breath.
The excitement of the night had left me hard. Very hard, to the point my pants were starting to hurt..

I carefully ran my hand up her thigh, tracing my fingers across her soft pale skin, gently squeezing and stopping every time she stirred away.

After a few more moments, I slowly pressed my hand up into her dress, freezing when I felt a lack of panties, and felt her perfect, smooth bare busy out..

She jumped and woke up, whining.

“Hey! Don’t touch that it’s gross!”

She tried pulling away, but I didn’t let her.

“Anne it’s not gross. It’s okay.”

She shook her head struggling away again.
I refused, and she started to look scared.

“Let me go! I wanna go home now!”
Anne said through tears now, kicking at me as I grabbed her wrist hard.

“Shut the fuck up and let me do this.”
I shoved my other hand back down under her dress, running my fingers along her pussy, sliding my fingers across her perfect slit, pressing against her clit.

She wailed out, screaming and crying.

The noise was starting to drive me mad, and I grabbed her throat, slamming my fist into her face.

“Shut the fuck up!!!”

Anne wheeled, swaying a little, eyes snapped shut.

She still tried fighting weakly as I picked her up, taking her over to my bedroom, tossing her onto the bed like a ragdoll.

She let out a strained whimper, coming to as she started crying again.

“P-pleas.. l-let n-me go- i-i want mommy! M-mommy help me!”

I punched her again. Harder.

This time she went limp, twitching.

After I realized she was out, I smiled, gently removing her dress, kissing across her soft chest, and neck, sucking on her tender little nipples as my fingers rubbed at her clit.

I then tried pressing a finger into her, but I couldn’t get in past my second knuckle.

A virgin.. fuck yes..

I undid my belt, moaning out as I pulled my pants and boxers off. My cock was painfully hard, twitching and leaking with precum.

I got up, turning her pretty head to the side as I started gently rubbing my tip against her perfect, soft lips.
“Oh anne.. fuck.. you’re so beautiful my little angel..”

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