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Crossdresser revenge on wife

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Yes I have been a bisexual crossdresser since I was young even having a all my body hair completely removed permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. My wife knew I was when we got I was a crossdresser and I was completely hairless permanently. Well after few years of marriage she was getting rid of all my male clothes and stuff and I was Sandra full time. Well I loved getting my nails always square tip gel nails and painted and toes painted and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and my hair cut and styled very feminine. I since I always have had my ears pierced twice since I was teenager and belly button ring. I loved it all.
Well I found out she was cheating on me big time well I confronted her about it and she admitted and said it was a one time thing but she kept doing it. Finally I got mad enough and we got big argument about it. She said that I would never find a woman that would have me like I am so I have to live with it. I said maybe I don’t want to be with a woman she said whatever and she was going to be going away for the weekend. Well I had a plan. I wasn’t going to be alone for the weekend.
She left and I knew that a guy she worked with had a massive crush on me. Since she wasn’t at work an gone I got dressed very very sexy and seductive and went to his work parked by his car. A few minutes minutes later he came out. He immediately came to my car and we talked for a few minutes. He asked me what I was doing there since my wife wasn’t there. I told him that I came up to see him. He said seriously, I said yes that I know that he likes me very much an he said if you only knew how much. I got out of the car and he said that I looked so amazing and sexy. He asked me if I was bisexual. I said well you know that I am dressing and living as Sandra full time and I am completely a bottom no I am gay.
He looked surprised when I said that to him. Then he asked me if I really liked him. I said that if I didn’t like him I wouldn’t be up here. He put his arms around me and I put mine around his neck and my lipstick lips met his lips and we kissed passionately. People looking at us in amazement we didn’t care. I told him that he should follow me home. He said are you serious about that. I said yes I was so one kiss and we left. We got to my house and went in. He sat down on the couch and I went got us a drink and sat down beside him. We started to talk about things and he asked me about my wife well I explained to about her and he said that he was sorry. I said you shouldn’t be sorry about it because of her I realize what I wanted and need. He said that when we kissed passionately in the parking lot he felt something that he never has. I said that I felt the same way. We started kissing passionately and making out. I got up and told him that I would be right back.
I came back in the living room just wearing a corset and stockings and g-string and high heels. He got up and I was very surprised how fast he stripped naked. We started kissing passionately and went to the bedroom I kissed my way down his chest and stomach as he laid on the bed. I licked and sucked his balls and then his hard 8.5″ thick cock. As I sucked him he couldn’t believe that I was taking all in my mouth and throat. He said that I was so amazing. Then after a while he he started to moan and said that he was going to cum. A minute later he was shooting his hot load in my throat and mouth I swallowed every single drop of it. We kissed passionately after I came back up. We kissed passionately and cuddled till his cock was hard again.
He said that he was going to make long passionate love to me. He got over top of me and I lifted my legs up on his shoulders and he lube his cock up and slowly as he kissed me passionately stretching my boi pussi open as his cock slowly went in me. It felt so amazing as he went in farther and farther till he was balls deep. He slowly fucked me and I was totally in pleasure it felt so amazing that I couldn’t stop moaning. He slowly made love to me sucking on my neck and making hickey’s on it. Well he made constant love for a good hour before he pumped his hot load deep inside of me which made me moan loudly and cum also. We laid there after quietly for a few minutes looking at each other and finally he said what would my wife say about me a black gay man and you making passionate love. I kissed him and I said that I didn’t care about her. Then he said that he didn’t care either because he wanted to continue to be with me. I kissed him and told him that I felt the same way and that I needed him and wanted him always.
We never left the house and spent the whole weekend making passionate love. I had no clue what or when she would be home. He asked me if we were going to let her catch us in bed. I said yes we are going too. I said that I wanted her to know that I found sound someone that I wanted to be with. Well later that afternoon she came home we didn’t hear her come in as our lips were locked together and his hard black cock inside of me. She stood there long enough to here me tell him that he was going to be with me every single day and as much as he wanted to make love to me.

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