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My Wife Made Me A Sissy

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My wife feminized me and helped me to know who i was and where i belong. I am now a sissy and mistress to a black man. Life have changed alot.

My wife and I had a very good relationship. It was a college love story, and then it turned into a very serious relationship, and when we loved each other to death, we decided to get married.

It was pure love, and even though we had no legs in our sex lives, we were still happy with each other as we had both never had sex with anyone other than us.

We lost our virginity to each other, and since then we have not even touched each other. It was a very bold and serious relationship, and we both knew how important it is to be faithful in a relationship and to be truthful to each other, which is the key to our living together forever.
And since we never experienced real sex, it was boring, as I had a 4-inch dick and she was one of the hottest girls in the whole school.

And the match was not justified when it came to looks and sex.. She was beautiful, and she is a 15/10; that’s how beautiful she is, and her body is just pure beauty. She’s hot and had a figure of approximately 34-25-35. And she’s tall, which makes it even better for the other boys, as they just crush on her, and it’s obvious when the men on the streets stare at her as she walks by.

She’s a queen, and many men from all age groups want to put her in place and fuck the shit out of her until she’s filled with their sperm, and I love to see those burning eyes of those men as she walks by with her hand around mine.

It gave me thrill and spice in the relationship, as I was constantly horny because of how beautiful she was and how many men were ready for her once she left me, but I had secured her, and there was no way she was even looking at them, and that’s what gave me that thrill.

After about 2 years of marriage, we were around 25 years old at the time and had been together since we were 17. It was a long time, and sex was never our first thought. But being at home all the time, she was getting bored, and she asked me if she could buy a dildo for herself to play with.
It was the first time she was open about her sexual desire, and I was happy that she finally asked for something that was related to sex. So she bought it and started to play with it. It was a 7-inch dildo.

I was getting jealous, but it wasn’t really a big deal. She used the dildo in front of me, and that was the time I really got jealous because when she used it for the first time, She was moaning like crazy, and she was definitely struggling to take that in, but she was still pushing it deeper and deeper with obvious satisfaction on her face. She was getting horny and enjoying it more than anything.

It was when she just started to stop having sex with me completely. It was slowly vanishing, and we started having sex once a month, then once every 2 months, and then it just stopped while she was using her dildo every day.

It was definitely humiliating, as I was already getting cucked. So I took the help of Porn, and she was the one who introduced me to Cuckold Porn. She started to make me watch that, and as a real man would react to it, I was furious and angry at her for making me watch that, but it was slowly setting in, and I started to love it in just 3 months. I started to watch it for hours, and once she noticed that it was enough of an addiction, she asked me if I wanted to try it out in real life.
As I was in heat after having no sex for months. I said yes, why not?, and she was happy. She seemed to be waiting for this moment, and in just a month, she found a bull. It was our school friend. His name was Tony, and he was the one she wanted to bang. She had an eye on him, as she heard a lot of her friends say good things about him, he was black, so obviously the raceplay was a whole other fetish that she would be fulfilling.

And that’s what she was into. She had a fetish for BBC, and she was getting close to it. So one day she made me sit in the corner of the room and invited Tony. He was ready for it, and then it started.

My wife grabbed his collar, and he leaned in to kiss her. He was tall and towering over my wife, and he was muscular, which was intimidating for me. I never had any friendship with him, but he knew me and knew my wife. I wasn’t the biggest supporter of the black community at first. But seeing my wife kiss a black man was really humiliating for me.

It was enough to burn me from the inside and to make me cry, but even in that uncomfortable situation, I was turned on and hard as a rock. I was leaking, and my dick was hurting just because of how hard it was.

He pushed her on the bed, and they started to cuddle and kiss while he rubbed his hands all over her body as well as her buttocks.She had never kissed me like this, and even when I tried in all those years, she always pushed me away.
They started to get rougher, and he got up. He grabbed her dress and tore it, revealing her beautiful breasts, and he pulled her pants, revealing her beautiful pussy with that bush in front of it. I loved the smell of her pussy.

She was grooling, and he threw the pantie at me to see how wet she was. He then pulled out his dick, which was 9 inches long. It’s bigger than her wrist. I wasn’t able to comprehend what I saw. He put that in her opening and started to push it. And there was obvious distress on her face and pain, which was making her toes curl. She was banging her hands on the bed and burying her nails in the pillow after she put it on her face, suppressing her own screams.

She started to scream in pain as he kept pushing his dick inside her vagina. And soon, after a minute of pure misery, it was inside her, and he started to fuck her. I was just dumbfounded by how he was able to fit that inside her.

She was moaning in pleasure as she found her bliss, and he kept pounding her pussy. It was the most disturbing but also hot thing I have watched in my life. My own wife, my life partner, getting fucked down by a black man like she’s a slut was unbearable to see but also unbelievably hot for me to control.

I rubbed my dick from my pants and felt ashamed by my actions. I was her husband, and getting horny by watching her get fucked was not supposed to get me horny.

This went on for a while, and he pulled out and cummed on her tummy after removing the condom. She lay there breathless after screaming so much, and she was tired. I could feel the steamy room, and the smell of sweat and sex was unreal.

She got up, looked at me, and asked if I enjoyed it. I was speechless. She said I shouldn’t cry and it will be fun if we do this more often, and once I am able to get the hang of the motion, I will enjoy it more than anything, and I agreed with her like a stupid cuck.

My wife getting orgasm after orgasm with a black dick inside her was getting me hard. How pathetic I was. She kissed him again, and he wiped his dick on our marital bed and pulled his pants up to leave.

He went away, and it was just me feeling miserable. My wife gave me some courage to speak and said it’s just a temporary feeling and I will feel better after some time. She also asked me if I wanted a handjob, and I couldn’t say no.
She started to masturbate me, and I lasted just 10 seconds after she grabbed my dick.
She called him again the next week, and I was more horny, and this time I wasn’t feeling miserable. I was actually enjoying it as she was getting pounded in doggy style.

This continued the next week and the week later, when I was finally a cuck and able to watch her without any bad feelings.

After about 6-7 months of us cuckolding, it was time when she locked me in chastity. And I couldn’t control myself in that pain, so she unlocked me. Just a day later, she locked me again, and this time she made me go through the pain and suffering. She didn’t open it even when I was crying, and she kept it locked.

I felt bad, but soon, after a week, I was used to it and felt less pain. I was still in a great deal of pain, but less than on the first day of chastity.
This is when the sissification begins.

It was a normal day; I was in my chastity cage, and it had been over 2 months since I was locked, and I had cummed. I was feeling miserable, but I was also happy because most of the time I was not focusing on girls anymore. I was trying not to be horny and get an erection, but after being locked for so long, I automatically started to get horny but without an erection. I wasn’t getting hard; maybe I was so scared of the pain that my mind was not letting me get very erect, or maybe my dick went limp permanently.
I had no idea what happened, but I wasn’t getting hard.

It was when my wife slowly started to tell me how she wanted to use a dildo on me. She wanted to peg me. I wasn’t agreeing to that for weeks, and she gave me an offer that I would be able to accept if I let her do it. It was considerable, but still, getting my ass fucked by a dildo was just not practical for me; I wasn’t gay.

But she still managed to make me agree, and then one day she did it: she got me in doggy position, started to apply lube, and pushed the dildo. It was painful because even a finger getting inside my asshole hurt, and getting a dick of 7 inches was just not possible. She still pushed it without any hesitation or care. She kept pushing like I was a non-living thing and was able to successfully push the head in.

She kept it tight as it was pushing out, and she started to fuck me and pushed it deeper without wasting any time or letting me breathe.

She started fucking me and told me to get used to it and to breathe faster and faster. She made me get in that zone and told me that she wouldn’t stop until I cum, and she kept fucking my asshole for about 40 minutes with some breaks in between, but I was tired from being in doggy position for so long. My knees and my hands were hurting, and she kept going, and finally I started feeling the pressure building up inside me. I was feeling the urge to pee, and as she noticed my toes curling, she started to fast-pace it, and soon I achieved a sissygasm.

It was no doubt the best orgasm I have ever felt. It was unreal, but now it felt amazing. I wasn’t able to understand how amazing it was until I felt it. My dick felt nothing, but my balls were definitely feeling relieved.

It was an amazing time, and she continued this once a week and made me sissygasm for a month. Then she made me suck my first cock, which was Tony when he was there to fuck her.
I was now transitioning to a white boy and becoming a white sissy for my black master.
And my wife was helping me with knowing myself and who I really was.

She made me realise what I was supposed to be, and after making me suck his dick for a few minutes, she would train me on the dildo for hours. She made me get the gag reflex gone, and I was able to deep-throat better than a girl.
I was becoming a girl, and one fine day she decided it was time to lose my anal virginity, and she made me dress in her clothes, and she did my make-up after shaving all my hair off my body, and I lost my virginity to Tony.

I am now 28 years old. I wasn’t a male anymore; I was a sissy, and I had lost my virginity. His dick felt amazing in my ass, and a real dick is way better than a dildo. It feels amazing, and it can’t be explained in words how amazing it feels.
That warmth of the dick and that throbbing when he shoots the cum are unreal.

It feels heavenly, and I felt like I was at the point where there was no return. My wife fully feminised me, and all my male clothes were thrown away. I lost my job, and I was happy that when I was a man, I had the good fortune to last us for some time, and I started to take HRT when the lockdown started.

After going through this final transformation, I was fully female with my small, limp clitty dick. My face turned to a fully feminine face, and I was at the point where nobody recognised me; the old me was gone forever, and the new me felt like it was more me and expressed me better. I realised I was better as a female and even thought of removing my balls, but then I realised that if I removed them, I would not get as horny as I am getting because my testosterone would be low and I would have to take injections for those, which I am not willing to do.

I am fine with my dick hanging in front, but it’s never in use. I was happy when my wife unlocked me, and my dick is limp forever. I couldn’t get erect, which was nice, and I was still able to achieve sissygasm when I was getting fucked by a man.

I changed my identity, and my name has changed, and my wife and I are both Mrs., and there is no mr between us.

My body was fully changed after 2 years of HRT, and I had no complaints. I loved it, and my wife wanted to separate. She realised it was now time we both moved on with our lives, and now I should be having a man, and she broke the news that she’s pregnant with Tony’s child.
I felt sad, but I knew what I needed now, and it was a dick. Our relationship of all those years came to an end in June 2022, and she gave birth to her black baby in October 2022.

It took me some time, and I was getting fucked by many men in my house. Those were all escorts, but I found my partner really soon. He was black, and I knew I just needed a black man and no one else. He is also bigger than Tony. He is manly and is also an inch bigger than Tony. I was happy that I found a man like him, and since then I have been his mistress. He feeds me, he takes care of me, and I take care of his house and his sexual needs. I cook for him, I do all the housework, and I have become a housewife.
I have also learned how to do my makeup because my wife left me and I had nobody else to do it for me, and a girl should know how to do her own makeup. And I got a tattoo of my mister on my body, a BLM on my wrist, and a QoS tattoo on my ankle, just where it is seen by the men.

I am now happier in my life than ever, and I never thought my life would change like this. I feel happier, I feel healthy, I feel changed, and I feel comfortable in who I am now. It feels like this is who I am and where I should belong.
The feeling of getting ass fucked is greater than anything in my life, and I would be lying if I said I enjoyed sex with my dick.

I love the sissygasm as it makes me feel like I am orgasming like a real girl, and as my boobs are being pinched, it feels amazing.

I found my partner, and my ex wife is pregnant with another baby boy with another black man, as Tony left her once she delivered the first baby. Her life is on the ropes, but my man is taking care of me, and I am being a good housewife for him. We love each other, and he loves me even though he couldn’t get me pregnant. We wish he could one day.

But we are happy for what we are right now, and I enjoy being his bitch, his mistress, and his dick sleeve.

He made me appreciate men more, and seeing a black dick makes me hot and gets my breathing high and fast. My heart beats faster, and I feel a tingling sensation in my asshole. I crave dicks now, especially black ones. After being racist for all those years, I have been graced by God to appreciate how important black lives are and how they should be more respected for their past and also their dicks.

I love who I am now, and being a girl is way more fun and erotic than anything else. Having the attention while walking down the road you used to walk since your childhood is unreal. It is amazing, and the worst thing that happened was me getting disowned by my parents and friends, but I am happy that I have my partner, who supports me and gives me what I thrive on, which is his dick.

That’s the end of my story. I would continue this if something happened in my life, but until then, I give you permission to take this story ahead with your fantasy and enjoy.
Have a nice day, bye

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    Imagine waking up one day and changing your name to “Stacy” LMFAO grow up bro reality doesn’t bend to your feelings.

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    My wife made me lick her feet and then told our neighbor to take her shoes off so I could taste her sexy feet I licked them and she said I could lick her dildo that she used on my wife she put it between her legs and made me suck it up and down

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    When I walked into the room they were both sitting on the couch with high heels on and told me to get on my knees

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    She had me wear panties all the time in the house and when she told me that the lady that lived downstairs was going to come over for a little while and told me to stay in the bedroom as she was talking to her I heard her say do you want to see what I was talking about and told me to come out into the living room so she could show her how good I looked in her panties

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    That was the beginning of the most sexual thing I have ever experienced she had me get on the couch and made me suck on her dildo for a while until she told me to get down on my knees and start licking her feet

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    When I first got married and moved to a new state with my wife she was starting to look for a job serving drinks in a hotel she was almost as tall as I was and I’m 6,2 one day when she was trying on a new panties and her top she walked out to the patio with her panties on and started to ask me if she looked good when I walked into the bathroom she asked me if I wanted to try them on so she could see how they looked when she took them off and told me to get undressed so she could put them on me I was turned on my face was next to the couch as I took my clothes off and then she asked me if I was going to be a good boy and for her