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I was taken by men part 2

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I was picked up again this time it was different

I went to the park the next day after school but no one turned up so I went on the Saturday morning no school sat around with a little hard on ,when I noticed the van pull up into the car park I headed to the toilets and stood at the urinal after a while I heard voices coming towards me it was them I was sure, I had my cock out I could not pee it was hard as I heard someone behind me and a hand reached around grabbing my cock, then a voice said look like little Tony liked what happened as he began giving me a wank I didn’t turn around I just enjoyed as another voice said does Tony want to go in the van I nodded my head well not till he’s cum the first voice said still wanking my cock I was only seconds away from cumming.

Then it happened and my cock shot its load there it is now we can go, Put your cock away and come with us we walked to the van and got in me in the middle John drove and Harry sat on my left he placed my hand on his crotch and said take it out and wank it as we drive and today you will really enjoy what were going to do , I didn’t need asking twice I unzipped his trousers and reached it it felt bigger than last time as my little hands wrapped around moving up and down making it even harder and it seemed bigger it seemed ages wanking him when we turned down a dirt road and toward the farm he hadn’t cum by the time we got there and he just said we can Finnish inside .

I followed into the farm this time they took me to a bedroom it was all white walls and a big bed white sheets and at the side a chair and at end of the bed a camera on a stand and behind that a computer and big screens showing the bed and room . At the other side was a wardrobe and John said go over there undress and put on the school clothes which were girls again as I went over I saw I was on the screens and I could here pings and voices as I undressed Harry was behind the camera and was zooming in on me on my hard cock and John said start dressing now so I put on the black panties and bra a white blouse and a tartan school skirt then a pair of black long socks , you need get on the bed so they can see who I asked the people on the other computers men and women who like boys dressed as girls , they will pay to see you on screen and do things as I got on the bed I heard a girls voice from next room who’s that I asked ohb it’s your new friend you will see soon but first you need suck Harry and do it good for the people as Harry approaches me with his trousers off and his cock hanging down I grab it and put it in my mouth it’s still soft and my mouth is full and I feel it getting hard as I’m sucking and moving my mouth up and down soon it hard and the pings start ,John says 1000 watching that’s good money as he walks up to me opening my legs and getting my cock out he bends down and starts sucking mine as I suck Harry’s the pings go mad and Harry pulls out and says quick wank me fast as he shoots his cum all over my face which makes me cum in John’s mouth .

They both walk away leaving me on the bed 2900 people paid to see that now let’s see who want to pay for the next bit as they type something in and the pings go mad 5000 want it to happen as John goes put the room ,I was wondering and said to Harry what’s happening as I sit up on the bed it’s time to meet you new friend as John walks in the room with a girl about same age as me dressed in stocking suspenders and bra and panties, I had never seen a girl before without all her clothes as John said to her this is Tony and tony this is mandy now mandy we want you to play with Tony on the bed and let him fuck you

I was confused but I was hard as she climbed on the bed and touched my cock wanking it then she bent down sucking it by now Harry was on the camera close up to us as she sucked me I didn’t know whatvto do as she removed her bra and panties and pushed me back and got on top and I felt her hand on my cock as she went to sit on it ,it felt warm as it slid in her pussy she moved up and down I just lay there as she did it both John and Harry were watching both had there hands on their cocks She moved faster I could feel my cum getting ready and it just shot in her pussy as she looked and said your not supposed to cum in me ,I didn’t know i said as she rolled off me .I looked at John he had turned the camera off and said to Harry that’s 5000 pounds we just made now let’s have some fun as they both come over Harry went to Mandy and John me he turned over and said now its time you get fucked as he rubbed gel in my bottom and stuck a finger in as Harry opened Mandys legs and plunged his cock in her he was banging her hard she was like a ragdoll then I felt it John’s cock trying get in my bum I felt it open and a pain as his cocks head went in now it was my turn to be like a ragdoll as I felt a few inches in and out then more then I felt his balls hitting my bum he was all in I was in agony mandy was crying as they fucked us both after about what seemed ages I felt a warm feeling in my bum and John slowed down ,I looked at Mandy Harry was speeding up he was going cum in her too she was in tears as he banged her hard and he moaned he was filling her up John had now pulled out of me and was telling me to clean his cock with my mouth as Harry came round my side and said my turn Tony as he pulled me towards him and he pushed his cock in me and John went to Mandy .

Harry didn’t feel as bad in me as John did as I must of been opened but he did bang me hard and filled me up and Mandy was filled again of John they both had Finnish and laughed and told us to clean up for next show. Mandy was still crying I was sore but I enjoyed and I had fucked a girl .

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