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Goth girl Aaron

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The rental across the street had new tenants. What I thought was an early 30s mom and teen daughter. I never paid much attention to them not wanting to be asked for favors that seemed to come with this apartment. Come mid summer the lady flagged me down asking about working on cars yes something I do . To my surprise she asked if her son could come over and hang out and learn about cars and if I would teach him ! I was confused and thought she had a boy moving in or something? The she explained that the girl I had been seeing across the way was actually a boy ! Truthfully I was confused because this girl – boy dressed in skirts has long black hair black eyeliner you know gothic look and very small framed maybe 5-2 or 5-3 at best and is cute ! Anyway mom explained her son is turning gay goth girly and she had see it go to far recently and needed a man to try and help steer him back ! I said sure if you see me out send him over … hoping she didn’t !

Few days later I see the kid reluctantly walking over being told to get out and talk to me ! Great I thought! Walking up he said I’m Aaron and my mom’s crazy ! I had to chuckle a bit but this was this first time seeing him-her up close and I was shocked and had trouble believing this is a boy ! This kid is cute and even sounds like a girl! I said nice to meet you I’m Jay . Aaron said I guess you’re my babysitter saying I can’t believe 12 with a sitter! I cut him off saying I’m not your sitter you can go stay hang out what ever you mom asked if you could come over and learn about cars or man shit whatever! Looking at this boy I 100% know he’s gay as fuck and nothing is going to change it and he looks like a cute teen girl and has no features like a man ! Aaron hung out just asking questions about my life , about why I lived alone and not married or having a girlfriend. I actually had a girl and she left because I’m an asshole and do as I please! About 2 hours passed and I looked up and he was gone.

Few days later Aaron came over as I walked out of the house really dressed up and looking like a hot teen girl and that’s when it hit me ! I had the first thought of fucking this boy and having gay ideas! I’m not gay never had been or been in any way ! He stood on the other side of the car and I could smell the vanilla perfume and he kept staring at me and hanging on my every word like a girl would and I knew this was turning into something very quickly and I was having bad thoughts! I jokingly asked why is your mom having issues with you all of a sudden obviously this is nothing new? Arron smiled laughing a little and said she busted me playing ! I chuckled and said we all jerk off ! Aaron staring into my eye said I wasn’t jacking off a was putting something in my asspussy ! I almost choked and without hesitation I said what was in your asspussy? ( I couldn’t believe I was even talking like this to anyone or a cross dressing gay boy ! ) my cock was getting hard and curiosity had me full attention! He replied my mom’s dildo ! I almost blowed a load in my jeans ! My cock was throbbing hard listening to this cute boy tell me about masterbating with a dildo !

After a long pause my brain is going a million miles a second and I was beyond conscious and I felt like all bets off and anything could be said ! I asked if he had ever had a man ? Aaron said not yet maybe soon ! This kid is quick come back response ! I moved around the car and picked Aaron up putting him on the fender and started kissing him! He feels , smells and kisses like a girl I’m soo fucking hard ! I’m going to fuck this boy now ! I realize we are outside and look around nobody seen anything I think ! I say let’s go inside !

We hit the door and I pull him to the table lifting him onto it and start kissing rubbing each other I feel his little cock is hard under his skirt ! I start unbuttoning my jeans and let them hit the floor Aaron looks down and sees my big hard cock and let out a moaning sound and grab me and stroking me hard and shaking and moving his hips and eyes rolling back in his head all at once! Aaron had came that easy in his panties I lifted his ass and pulled off the pink girl panties to reveal a 4 inch long cock covered with cum ! Kissing Aaron I stroke his cum covered cock and push him back rubbing his cum on his little asshole I see the excitement in his eyes and he pushes himself down closer to me pulling his skinny legs back and I see his asshole ! It looks well used for a 12 year old and I know he likes it up the ass and I slide in with little effort and my petite friend accepted my cock ! His cock was super hard and leaking more cum ! He must have spent a lot of time fucking his ass with moms dildo . he was just the right amount of tight ! I pushed his legs back a focused on his beautiful girl face and started deep fucking his ass trying not to cum and could feel him jacking his cock moaning and in complete lust getting his first real cock in his ass ! He said it feels so good and started cuming again and I filled his ass with cum ! I know it was a lot as I hadn’t had sex in weeks ! I could see the cum running down his fingers and cock and at once decided to suck my first cock ! I had never had cum in my mouth and couldn’t stop sucking up his young cum and his hard small cock ! It was smooth against my tongue and tasted like sex in my mind !

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    OMG..YES.. goth fembois r hot sexy horny little sluts

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    Thanks for sharing! That was hot!

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    good story very hot

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    hot love that