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Sucking Grandpa

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I was at my Grandpa’s house for the weekend as my parents had gone away and figured I wasn’t old enough to stay by myself or they figured I would have a boy over. Haha they should have worried about Grandpa more. I got up in the middle of the night Friday and had to pee so trotted down the hall naked to the bathroom. I didn’t bother getting dressed cause the old fart would be sleeping anyway but when I swung the bathroom door open there he was also naked with his cock hanging out and a stream of piss hitting the water in the toile bowl. He was standing there with his eyes half closed and I just stood in the doorway staring with my eyes wide open in amazement.
I had seen pics of cocks and a couple of the boys at school at shown me their cocks but this was a real mans cock and it was big. He shook it a couple of times and flushed the toilet < then turned to the sink to wash his hands and that’s when he saw me. “Fuck! You scared the shit out of me” he said and then realized we were both standing naked staring at each other. My eyes were still looking downward at his cock which gave a little twitch and started to get even bigger. “Do you like Grandpa’s cock?” he said and I just dumbly shook my head yes as his cock started to stick out from his body.
Grandpa took a step towards me and I looked up into his smiling face. He took my hand and wrapped it around his swollen hard cock with his hand over top on mine. My eyes snapped back down to his cock and I could feel the heat and texture of it against my skin. Grandpa started to stroke his cock with my hand pulling me a little closer to him. I could feel all the big blue veins on his cock, the soft hot skin sliding up and down the hardness within and I thought it was so awesome.
Grandpa moved me so I was sitting on the edge of the tub in front of him his big cock head right in front of my face,, then he told me to open my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and Grandpa put his cock into my mouth. He told me what to do, how to suck on his cock and just relax so I wouldn’t gag. My little pussy was so wet between my legs I thought I had pissed myself. Grandpa said he was going to cum in my mouth and that if I was a good little girl I would make sure I swallowed it all and didn’t waste any and if I did he would give me a reward.
Grandpa is gonna cum he shouted and a hot powerful spurt of cum splattered against the back of my throat and I swallowed, gagging just a little then I had to swallow again and again as more cum shot from Grandpa’s hard pulsing cock. My little pussy exploded and I had a huge orgasm all over the side of the tub. He milked his cock so I could get every drop and told me what a great little cock sucking whore I was for him. I felt so proud of myself and like such a little whore.
He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, then lifted me up in his arms and kissed me on the mouth, his whiskers scratching my cheeks. He carried me into his bed room and put me in his bed. We snuggled up together and fell asleep with the taste of Grandpa’s cock and cum in my mouth.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Another perverted grandpa

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    Want my fat 8″ grandpa cock sucked

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      Yes can I please try to sit on it

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    Mmmm i love it when my grandpa fucks me! He promised me he’d bring friends soon so i can get gangraped by a group of grandpas

    • robert ID:5ny6w0knm3t

      can i come

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1ehdbn3t136a

    I couldn’t get it in my mouth very good so I moved back onto the couch and spread my legs so he could put it in my ass he told me to be careful or he would put it in all the way when he put the head in it fit nicely and then he started to stick it in all the way until it was all in my ass maybe I should just take it easy but he pounded me in and out

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1ehdbn3t136a

    As I was opening the washing machine he told me that I had a greasy stain on my shirt and told me to just put it in with the rest of the laundry he told me not to be embarrassed he had always thought that I was very handsome and he wouldn’t be offended so when I took the t shirt off he said he was not going to charge me for his time and if I would let him see me walking around in my underwear he would be so happy so I turned around and walked into the bathroom for a minute and when I came out I asked him if he liked how it looked he told me to slide them down a little more for him I pulled them up around my ass and rolled them down so my crotch was showing my hard shaft was sticking out so I took my underwear all the way down and walked out to the living room he was right behind me and when I sat down on the couch he unzipped his pants and I couldn’t believe how big he was I asked him if he was aware that it was not a normal size he told me it was almost 12 inches long and it was really thick he moved over and took his pants off so it was All the way out and he asked me if I wanted to lick it before I knew it he was putting it in my mouth and told me if I sucked it good he would put it in my ass

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1ehdbn3t136a

    My brother in law’s farther was a handyman and he would come over and fix anything that was not working the dryer was not staying on and when I spoke to him about it he said not a problem that he would be over Saturday afternoon but when he knocked on the door it was 10am and I was just getting up I let him in and told him to give me a minute and I would get the clothes off the dryer we went down the hallway and then realized I was only wearing a underwear and a t shirt so when I started talking the wet clothes of the dryer I caught him looking at my package he said I should just put the clothes back in the washer and bye the time they were done he would have the dryer fixed

  • Reply Danny ID:y0tz5ieoq3d

    The best blow job ever had was from a ten year old

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  • Reply Leana ID:7ylren4oic

    Just like you say to everyone. A. For asshole, did you breed her.the ass hole that likes to always bring up peoples grammar, paragraphs, punctuation, and shit.shut the hell up.

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    Good girl, even an old fella can teach a sex starved young girl a few tricks. Next visit bed ole gramps well stretching your young tight pussy around his cock for sure.
    Love and sex has no age boundries because it is completely natural as humans are very sexual beings. All young girls who need and want cock should never be turned down to their right to sexual pleasure. The sooner you teach them the happier they will be having very hard and intense orgasms.
    Kylie is 9 and she almost passes out she cums so hard now. Get that cock girls and enjoy yourself. I have recently been in contact with a 13 year old virgin and I can’t wait to be with her. Thanks Val, love ya so much and look forward to us meeting.

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      13 girls are sexy hope you enjoy breaking her in

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      I know for a fact young girl are sex starved and they love sucking cocks

    • Why am I back to this website again lol ID:7uykqrq

      As a young girl myself, no. Sure, this stuff is addicting and we may want it, but it’s the same way that an alcoholic wants alcohol.
      From personal experience, doing sexual stuff at a young age really damages you, amd that’s apart from the fact that a lot of people would be fine with abusing and harming children and signing up for anything like this is very dangerous.
      So, if anyone reading this has a shred of conscience, please don’t do anything like that, and if there’s any young girls reading this I really advise keeping safe- if you’re desperate, sext (even though that still can be bad for your mental health, again speaking from experience) but don’t meet anyone you met online IRL, it’s a rape and murder waiting to happen.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    Well done gramps

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfwm2

    You see how even old farts can be fun! Good on grandpa!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dr73mtm7tx6

    Damn I want some of that

  • Reply Jenica ID:1ewrvmm8qyxb

    Good job grandpa

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      Wish my grandpa would have let me suck him.

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  • Reply Lewd76 ID:1eqtkbyfk72k

    Lovely story. I’d love to read more
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