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Family love pt 7

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The big day is here. Rick and Wes love grows.

I could hardly believe it tomorrow I would walk down the isle and become Mike’s wife. Mike was over at Wes place. I was wearing a black micro bikini set exposing my body. My sissy daughter she was in her maid of honor dress it was a low cut purple gown showing her ample cleavage, the skirt went half way down her thigh. I missed Mike but he wanted be traditional about not seeing me before the wedding.
I saw Rick sitting looking out the window. “Hey baby girl you miss Wes don’t you?”
“Is it that obvious?”
“Yeah I feel same for Mike.”
“Mom I love him… I” before she could continue I was kissing my daughter. She kissed back, “Mom I missed your kisses.”
I smiled, “good I miss yours as well.” We continued to kiss as lovers, our bodies pressed together.
Rick pushed me back. “Bend over mommy.” She lifted her skirt it’d been a week since I’d seen her. She was bigger and I like it. I got on all fours. She kept her skirt lifted while mounting me. She began sliding into my waiting ass pussy. I let out a moan when I felt her entire length in me. “Baby fuck mommy.”
She spanked me hard, “shut up slut I’ll tell you when to talk.”
I was curious when she became such a dominant. I liked it. I shut up and let her pound my ass pussy. She was ruthless in how hard she fucked me. I began to cry in whimpers.
“Mommy you like when I fuck your ass pussy?”
“Yes very much… Oh fuck don’t stop.”
Rick kept pounding me until I heard her gasp; and I felt my daughter cumming.
I looked over my shoulder at her smiling.

Mike was wearing gym shorts, pacing in Wes room. “I love her Wes I don’t like being away from her.”
Wes was sitting on his bed. “I know for first time in a week I been away from Rick.”
Mike smiled, “You love my daughter?”
Wes smiled nodded his head, “yeah I want to marry her.”
Mike leaned in kissing his best man. “Do it but for now I need to cum.” Mike pulled his cock out and shoved it in Wes mouth.
Wes began sucking his best friend.
Mike didn’t last long blowing a load in Wes mouth.
Wes looked up smiling. “Hey man so are you only into dick and ass now?”
“No I want fuck a woman and have a baby for Mila and I.”
Wes smiled, “You know my baby sister still has hots for you?”
“Sasha really?”
Wes smiled, “Why not ask her you’re self.”

Sasha was standing in the door way naked. She was only 14 but she was smoking hot. Perfect DD tits, firm bubble ass, no hair on her pussy.
“Mike I always loved you…”
Mike ran over and began kissing her.
She reached out gripping his cock. Smiling as she felt him getting hard. Pulling away from the kiss turning around feeling his shaft against her ass. “I’m yours Mike please I don’t care just breed me if it’ll make you happy.”
Mike aimed his cock at her pussy and began sliding into her. Suddenly he felt something break and Sasha began to cry.
“Mike you just broke my hymen.”
Wes was sitting there watching them fuck.
“Bro I’ll suck your cock.” She reached over gripping her brothers cock.
He let out a moan. “Oh fuck sis.” He scooted over before pushing his sister’s head onto his cock. “Good bitch suck your brothers cock.”
Mike began crying as he unloaded a monster load of cum into Sasha. She smiled with Wes cock in her mouth.
Mike was still pounding her young pussy.
Wes began groaning, “Fuck sis I’m cumming.”
Sasha began swallowing every last drop.
“Mike I’m ovulating.”
Mike began to pant and groan again as he came again.

I lay next to Rick. She kissed me and I her.
She grabbed my cock and began rubbing it.
“Mommy do you ever wish I were born a female?”
I smiled. “Rick I’ll never wish you to be anything other than who you are.”
“Did our mom hate me.”
I was shocked I hadn’t thought about mom in a while. “Mom is mom. I wish things were better but we’ll see.”
Rick started sucking my she cock. “We could go see mom if you want?”
Rick looked up fear in her eye’s. She pulled my cock out her mouth. “no mom she hurt us.”
“That she did. I wanted make the offer.” I smiled before she began sucking me again.
I pushed Rick off my cock, and kissed her.
I grabbed her tits and began humping her tits till I came on her tits.
We sat there not sure what to do.
“Rick stay here I’ll be back have my dress ready when I get home.”
Rick nodded as I put on a nightgown and got in the car. I knew I shouldn’t do this but I needed to know what happened to mom.”

I drove across town I saw Drew’s car next to mom’s. I took a deep breath got out and went to the front door opening it. Drew looked at me smiling as mom was sucking his cock.
He pushed her away rushing me. “Good welcome home cunt now get on your knees cunt.” He threw me to the ground held me face down and began humping my ass pussy finding his way in. I cried out
“Please stop you fucking ass hole.”
He lifted my head before hitting it against the floor. “Shut up you cunt. Your my whore just like your mom.”
I looked at mom she was watching me get raped. “Fucking bitch I don’t know why I bothered to check on you.”
Mom smiled, “Baby come fuck me she’s no fun.” Drew began to cum in my ass. Once he pulled out I got up ran for the door got in my car.

Sasha was full of Mike’s cum.
Drew smiled at his sister. Mike had Sasha sitting on his lap. His cock buried in her pussy. Drew got up and forced his cock into his sisters pussy. She gasped.
Wes began thrusting in and out of her. Mike just moaning. Wes pounded his sister for a solid 10 minutes before cumming in his sister, but as he did he moaned out, “I love you Rick.”
Mike smiled as he began to cum as well.

I got home Rick was waiting for me. As soon as I pulled into the drive way she ran and walked me inside the house. “Mommy are you ok?”
I just lay there on the ground crying.
Rick held me like that for rest the night.

The next day i woke up putting on my dress it was a beautiful white gown the skirt went to my knees, it was also a low cut barely covering my breasts.
Rick wore her maid of honor dress. We got to the church. Wes was waiting for us. He kissed Rick.
“I love you Rick and missed you.”
I smiled as they went in. I then slowly followed them. The walked to the alter then she stood opposite of Wes. Mike stood there in a all black tux. He was so damn handsome.
I walked down to hi.
The priest did his thing but I wasn’t hearing him I was lost in Mike’s eyes.
“I do.”
Then Mike repeated those words, “I do.”
We kissed now as husband and wife. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back.
We ran out the church and all drove back home. Mike carried me inside. Mike wasn’t far behind.i told Mike set me down he did I looked at Mike.
He set Rick down smiling sending her in as well.
“Ask her to marry you or someone will steal her Mike.”
He told me he’d planned on it.
“Mila he fucked my sister Sasha. I joined them.”
I smiled nodded knowing she would be in our room.
I walked in finding Sasha naked with my husband. He was balls deep in her pussy. I got behind her and pushed my she cock into her ass.
She gasped and cried in pain as I fucked her virgin ass.
“Mila it hurts please fuck my pussy I want your seed in my womb so my baby is yours or his. I pulled out and slammed into her pussy along with my husband.
Oh fuck Mike and I both came filling her pussy.

In the living room Wes was down on one knee asking Rick to marry him.

To be continued
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