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Family love pt 8

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Mike and I go on a honeymoon. New experiences are waiting.

Sasha was a beautiful young girl. I loved watching my husband fuck her. She sucked my she cock while Mike was trying make Sasha pregnant.
I reached down grabbing back of her head slamming my she cock into the back her throat. “Be a good girl swallow my cum.”
Mike was moaning I knew he was cumming into her pussy. I leaned over kissing my husband.
He smiled, “I ove you and I can’t wait take you on our honeymoon.”
I smiled, “Well why don’t we bring this little bitch?”
He nodded and pulled out of her pussy.

I put on a short shorts that gripped my ass, and a black and white striped halter top. Sasha we put in one of Rick’s school girl outfits. Mike put on a pair of blue jeans, and wife beater. We packed up for the weekend climbed in his car and off we went. I was tired as I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night prior so I fell asleep.
Sasha looked out the window just making small talk about what would happen after we got back from the honeymoon.
Mike told her, “You’re pregnant with my child Mila loves you you can live with us be part of our family help raise our child.”
Sasha blushed never thinking she’d really belong. Her own parents had tried putting her on the streets it was Wes who had taken her in, and now we had taken her in.
“Hey babe where are we?” I was looking out the window. I saw we were in the mountains.
“You’ll see my sexy wife.”
Just then he pulled into a huge horse compound. It had a huge barn, open area and trails, it had a huge house across from the barn.

We all got out of the car I looked around noticing the place seemed abandoned. “Mike where is everyone?”
Mike looked at me a big smile. “We are absolutely alone here. We own this place.”
I stood there slack jawed. “We own a ranch?”
Sasha ran off towards the barn just wanting to explore. I kissed Mike with more passion than ever.
“Go look around see what Sasha is up to.” He smiled taking our stuff into the house.
I walk across the open area before looking in the barn. There were several horses in stalls.
Sasha came running up smiling. “Their so handsome mom…” She went silent looking ashamed.
” Sasha if you want me be your mom I’ll be your mom.” I kissed her as she began to cry.
I held her close as I kissed her. she reached down unbuttoning my shorts helping me free my she cock.
“Mommy fuck me I’m your’s and daddy’s cum dumpster.” I told her bend over and she obeyed. I took my dress off as she did the same. She got on all fours looking over her shoulder at me.
I mounted her and began fucking her pussy.
I spanked her as I thrust my she cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy gripped my cock as I began to cum.
She gasped feeling it go deep into her womb. “Mommy I think you just made me pregnant this feels different than Daddy.”
After making sure I was done cumming I pulled out just to have Sasha kissing me. “I love you mommy.”
“I love you too Sasha.”

We went to the house holding hands leaving our clothes behind. We found Mike naked jerking off on his phone reading about an article about horse zoophilia and we smiled.
“Baby do you want see you’re two sexy bitches suck a horse, maybe a stallion could fuck Sasha?” I said with a coy smile.
Mike began to cry as he nodded his head.
I sank to my knees comforting my husband. “Baby why you crying?”
He looked up cause you make me happy both of you.
“Daddy we love you.” Sasha straddled his lap puting his cock in her pussy. “Mommy put your cock in me too I want you both to cum.”
I walked behind her and began pushing my cock into her pussy. I felt Mike’s cock rubbing against mine his.
We both pushed in as deep as we could. She gasped as she felt our heads pressing into her uterus. “Oh fuck you too are gonna break me.”
Her pussy muscles messaged us till we came filling her. “Mommy daddy I feel you cumming I love you.”
We were moaning unable to speak as we filled her with cum. Mike began kissing Sasha. “I love you too.”
“I love you too baby girl.” I pulled my cock out just as Sasha stood up letting Mike’s cock slide out. I pulled her to the ground having her straddled my face as I began licking our cum out of her.
“Oh fuck mommy I’m gonna cum.” She moaned as her pussy began spasming and our cum began to glaze my face. I didn’t stop I wanted her to enjoy this.

After we all had gotten cleaned up we sat down for dinner. “So if this place is ours”
Mike cut me off, “Yes if you want we can live here.”
Sasha smiled “Can we please say yes mommy.”
I looked at Sasha smiling I hadn’t known her long but already I cared about her and now I had a daughter. “Of course we will honey .” I gave her a kiss. Her light ebony skin, her lovely chocolate chip nipples, her soft smooth shaved pussy. I took it all in smiling.
She kissed me back. “Daddy thank you.” She gave him a kiss before running up stairs to go to bed.
I sat on Mike’s lap feeling his cock pressing against my ass. “Babe this is amazing. Rick has Wes, we’re married, and now Sasha wants us to be her mom and dad.”
He smiled kissing my neck. “Yeah I’m happy to… Tomorrow I want my girls meet the horses.”
“Of course also we gave them a show today.” I got up and we went to bed.

The next morning I woke up finding Sasha gone. “Mike Sasha she’s gone.” I shouted as I climbed out of bed.
Mike jumped out of bed as well we both rN down stairs finding her cooking breakfast in nothing but a white thong. Her perfect ass on display.
I ran over hugging her my naked body pressing tightly against her’s. “Mommy are you feeling ok?”
I nodded crying. “I just thought you weren’t here.”
Mike walked up hugging both of us.
“I’m sorry mommy I just wanted to make you and daddy breakfast.” She said smiling. She was so beautiful her smile brightening the room with her deep honey brown eyes.
Mike and I sat at the table as Sasha bought us the breakfast she cooked. Scrambled eggs and bacon.
We all sat eating; Sasha sat next to me and with my free hand I reached over feeling her bare belly. We both smiled at each other.
Mike looked at us smiling. “I’ll go get things set up in the barn.” As he walked past he kissed Sasha then me.
I looked at Sasha my hand still on her belly. She stood and sat in my lap gripping my hardening she cock guiding it inside her pussy. “Mommy I love you.”
I felt every inch slide into her. “I love you too.” I wrapped my arms around her rubbing her breasts.
She bounced up and down till she cried out and I felt something pop inside her pussy. “Mommy your cock is stuck in my uterus. I can’t pull off it.”
I pushed forward as I felt my balls and shaft being to pulsate in orgasm. “I’m cumming baby girl… Mommy is cumming.”
We sat like that till I became soft and was able to pull out. “Wow mommy that was intense.”
I was still catching my breath. “I know I never been that deep in anyone before.”
We went upstairs and I put on a hot pink thong. It barely held my she cock in place, but showed off my bubble butt.
Sasha smiled “If I had a dick I’d fuck that sexy ass of your’s mommy.”
I blushed as I smiled at her. I decided I’d have a little fun with her I spread my legs apart and bent over the dresser. “Well maybe you you eat it out or finger it baby?” Before I knew it I felt her pulling the thong aside and her tongue going into my ass.
She stood back up “Mommy your ass pussy is yummy.” She spun me around kissing me. “Let’s go see daddy.”

To be continued
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