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Strangest thing happened

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During a power cut I went for a walk by the stream and caught a girl having sex with her dog. Then we had sex and man was it good.

You will never guess what happened to me yesterday – Okay, I’ll tell you.

Firstly, let me just say that I’m a 17 year old boy, single, virgin, horny – obviously – and will take any chance I get to have sex.

It was boiling hot yesterday, I think we’re in the middle of a heatwave or something, it’s been scorching hot all weekend, I spent Friday and Saturday indoors in my bedroom playing on my Xbox because I’m a bit of a sad pathetic loser who doesn’t like going outdoors much, even when the weather is nice.

Yesterday something truly horrible happened, the entire neighbourhood was affected, are you ready for this? – THE ELECTRICITY WENT OUT – yeah, I know right, end of the fucking world event happened, we had a 4 hour power cut, no power meant no Xbox, and no Xbox meant I my life was pretty much over.

After the first hour without my Xbox I decided to go for a walk which was uncharacteristic of me, there was a field nearby with a stream running through it, so I figured I’d take a walk down and kill myself.

Okay, okay, I’m only joking, I wouldn’t have actually killed myself, but I felt like doing it because I’m sad and pathetic, I was along the path that snaked around the stream for about half a mile, I almost got run over by some manic on a quad bike who came roaring towards me from behind with a little kid, must have only been about 4 years old, sitting on the seat in front of him, that’s not good parenting, when they raced by me I gave him the finger.

I picked flowers from the side of the path as I walked, as I approached the picnic area a young girl was walking towards me, she must have been about 12, she was a lot shorter than me, she was wearing grey leggings and a grey long sleeved top with a picture of a pink Troll on the front, she had shoulder length dark hair and she was walking her sandy brown poodle, she stepped off the path when we got close to let me walk by, we shared a smile and then continued out walks.

I walked over the stepping stones to cross the stream and sat down at a picnic bench, there was no one else around, I began picking up tiny stones and throwing them in to the stream to try fend of boredom.

A short time later I heard light and short screams and a dog barking behind me, it was coming from beyond the trees, and naturally I thought someone was hurt so I got up and walked back over the stream and ran in to the trees, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next.

The young girl I passed earlier was bent over on her hands and knees in the dirt, her leggings and panties were pulled down to her ankles, and her little poodle was behind her with its front paws on her back, having sex with her and she was screaming and groaning.

“Holy shit.” I said, but I said it too loud and she heard me.

She reacted with absolute shock and surprise, quickly spinning herself over and yanking up her leggings, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“What am I doing? – what are you doing more like.” I replied.

“Just having fun.” She replied, with a nervous giggle.

There was an awkward silence and then she said something completely unexpected.

“Do you want to play with me?” she asked.

I shook my head in confusion, “Huh?” I uttered.

“Will you have sex with me? – I won’t tell anyone.” She said.

This little girl was fucking her dog a few minutes ago and now she’s asking if I want to have sex with her, I took a few steps closer to her, “Are you for real?” I asked.

She smiled and then pushed her leggings and panties back down to her ankles, then she turned over and got back on her hands and knees, with her ass thrust in to the air, “Does this look for real enough.” She said.

This was very surreal, but as I said earlier, I never pass up a chance for sex, even if she was only about 12, I dropped to my knees and unfastened my pants, bringing my cock and balls out in to the open, I’ve watched a lot of porn online and her body didn’t look like any of the girls I’d watched, probably because she was so young, but it still made me hard, I felt her little pussy, it was smooth and bald, I could see her bright pink petals between her flaps, it kind of looked like a compressed rose flower, it was beautiful.

“Wow…” she said, looking around and seeing my cock sticking up, “…That’s bigger than my dogs.” She said.

I put a hand on each of her ass cheeks and then pushed the head of my cock between her flaps, it was on the very edge of her hole when she gasped, I pushed my hips forward, her flaps pushed aside as her hole stretched outwards and my shaft slid in to her pussy with little resistance, she gasped again, when I began to push it in and out she groaned and groaned.

I got the feeling she hadn’t had sex with an actual human being before, neither had I, but I kept that to myself, her pussy was the first I’ve ever had the pleasures of, I liked how it felt so warm, wet and bumpy on the inside, my virgin cock thoroughly enjoying the sensations, but it enjoyed them too much and within about 30 seconds I came inside her, we both groaned simultaneously as I felt my come exploded out of my cock and she felt it flooding her innards.

She turned her head to look at me, “Is that it?” she asked.

I didn’t like the way she asked that question, made me feel inadequate, I was a virgin, I was excited to be having my first pussy and I came prematurely, I’m sure it happens to every guy, another thing that happens to boys my age is the ability to get erections almost immediately after ejaculating.

She put her head on the ground and reach her arms behind her, then she grabbed her bum cheeks and pulled them apart, “Put it in my bum hole.” She said, giggling.

“Okay.” I replied, I was up for anything at this point, so I shuffled myself closer to her and pressed my cock hard against her tiny bum hole, it took a couple of minutes but my cock eventually, and very slowly, pushed its way inside her bum hole, my shaft was about half way inside her when I pulled back and then forward again, I got a rhythm going and before I knew it I was fucking her in the ass.

She held on to her bum cheeks the entire time with her head still on the ground pressed in to the dirt, and she was moaning and groaning, sometimes she sounded like she was in pain and other times like it was the best feeling in the world, her ass was tighter than her pussy so I was having the time of my life, humping away quite happily, watching her poodle running around us in circles all hyper and giddy.

I eventually ejaculated again but I’m pleased to report I last at least a whole 20 minutes the second time, I came inside her ass but it was so tight it didn’t all come out inside her, it wasn’t until I pulled my cock out of her hole that I squirted some, it landed in the crack of her ass and slid down, eventually down the crack of her pussy and just kind of hung on her clitoris like a blob of glue.

She reach underneath and transferred the come from her clitoris on to her finger and then she tasted it, I guess she liked it because then she smiled and sat herself up, “That was really fun.” She said, pulling her leggings back up and sorting herself out.

I fastened my pants up, “Yeah.” I said.

We told each other our names, her name was Lilly, and we swapped mobile numbers, she hasn’t messaged me yet and I haven’t messaged her yet, but I will be doing after submitting this story and I really hope I can see her again.

We both headed off in different directions and when I got home the power was back on but seriously I didn’t give a shit, all I could think about was Lilly and the amazing crazy sex we just had.

I think I’m in love, and I don’t feel sad and pathetic anymore, but do you think it would be weird or fine if I went out with her, would it be weird for a 17 year old to have a 12 year old girlfriend?

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    what is your gamertag?

    • Mike

      Whats urs

  • Reply Naughty Knight

    I have to say, if this is a true story, I am so jealous!! All my life I’ve wanted to find myself in a situation like this!!!


    Great Story Do Part 2 and no the age difference is not a problem keep fucking her until she gets pregnant