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Danny’s new experience part 3

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This is purely fiction, as I’m an orphan. Danny’s uncle takes him to a new level.

Uncle Robert positions himself above Danny who is laying beneath him. Uncle Robert looks up and down his sissy niece. He steps off the bed.

“Danny get up and remove that dress. I want to see you in stockings only” Robert says rubbing his big cock. Danny gets up and removes his dress. Stood there, his long hair in ponytail, his little cock, black stockings and garter belt. Uncle Robert gestures for Danny to twirl. Danny turns around for Robert. As Danny is spinning, Uncle Robert grabs Danny’s ass, grunting. Grabbing Danny’s wrist, Robert takes Danny through to the bathroom. Placing Danny in the tub.

“Now I’m going to piss on you, you’ll drink some, and when I tell you, will turn and open your cheeks for me” Uncle Robert instructs rubbing his cock.

” Hmmm yes please sir. I’ve asked Daddy for this but he won’t ” Danny says smiling. Uncle Robert smiles and starts pissing on Danny’s face and Danny opens his mouth. Swallowing some.

“You nasty cunt, you should spend more time with me” Uncle Robert says, gesturing for Danny to turn around. Danny smiles, nods, turns and pull his smooth cheeks apart. Uncle Robert aims piss at the boys pussy. As he gets close, Danny turns and puts his mouth on the pissing cock. Drinking it down straight from the cock. Uncle Robert puts his hand on Danny’s head.

“You dirty cunt, you’ve earned lube for when I fuck you”. Uncle Robert moans as his sissy nephew sucks on his cock. Danny speeds up on uncle Roberts thick cock, sucking the piss out of his cock. Uncle Robert finishes pissing and Danny goes to work on the big cock, his little hand wanking the cock as he sucks it. Uncle Robert is moaning, smelling the piss on his sissy nephew turning him on. Grabbing Danny by his hair, pulling the bitch up to his face. They kiss, Danny sucks his Uncles tongue and then his uncle spits in the sissys mouth. All the time Danny is rubbing his Uncles cock, getting hard. Danny takes hold of his Uncles hand and leads him back to the bedroom. He grabs the lube from the draw as they enter the room.

Uncle Robert shoves Danny down on to his back, grabbing his ankles and pulling him to the edge of the bed. Danny squeezes some lube on to his fingers and passes the tube to uncle Robert. Danny slowly slips his lubed fingers into his ass, playing around and lubing his pussy. Uncle Robert squeezes some lube onto his hard cock, stroking it watching Danny preparing his pussy. Uncle Robert moves closer, lines his mushroom head with his nephews asshole and slowly pushes in. Danny bites his lips, a silently moan as his uncle goes balls deep.

“Hmm fuck yeah. You are so tight ” Uncle Robert says, staring at Danny. Danny in ecstasy.

“Breed me sir” Danny says, clenching his boicunt around his Uncles cock. Robert does need asking twice. He starts to fuck the tight pussy around his cock. Thong pulled to one side, the little cock of his nephew in front of him, he strokes as he fucks him. Danny moaning with each thrust, squeezing his nipples as his Uncles big cock violates his tight ass. Much bigger than daddy’s cock. So good. Then uncle Robert pulls out, grabs Danny and flips him to his front, on his knees, face down in the sheets. Uncle Robert stands behind Danny, putting a foot on Danny’s face and starts ploughing his ass again. Hitting Danny’s gspot, Danny moans louder uncle Robert speeds up, as Danny starts to piss, moaning.

“Oh uncle Robert, I’m cumming for you” clenching around the cock.

“Shut up cunt” Uncle Robert says stepping on the boys head as he speeds up on the boys pussy. Then he speeds up and cums deep in the boys ass. Uncle Robert keeps pumping until he is empty. Pulling his cock out and letting the sissy slump to the bed.

“If I had you in prison, I’d never want to leave. My place this weekend?” Uncle Robert says, laying down next to Danny. Danny puts his head in his Uncles lap, and licks the tip of his cock.

“Yes sir, fuck, yes” Danny responded. Uncle Robert strokes his hair.

“From now on, you only dress as a girl around me. No longer Danny, you are Cherry” Uncle Robert says. Danny smiles and nods.

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