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how i lost my virginity to an older man as a teen femboy

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Intro to me, including how i lost my vcard to an older man in his truck when I was four teen.

Im 18 right now and this was early pandemic. I had a lot of free time and a room to myself so I would jerk off a lot. I was just starting puberty and was always horny. I accidentally stumbled across trans porn and enjoyed it, from there I started watching gay porn. Ones with femboys/sissys in it getting fucked by older guys. This got me addicted. I wanted to be fucked by an older man. So, i created a grindr and put some pics of my butt and wished for the best. Sure enough, guys were all over me. I couldnt drive so I had to do car fun. A guy with a big truck hit me up, mexican guy, over weight, mid thirties. On snap he told me he didnt care about my age and that turned me on so much. So i met up with him a couple neighborhoods over. I sucked his dick in his truck and he even told me to ride his dick. It hurt pretty bad but he had full control over me. id never even had a buttplug or dildo ever. he eventually came from a handjob pretty fast. I loved it so much. I never met up with him again, but I met up with countless guys throughout the next couple of months and years. All of them being older.

So far, ive probably only been fucked a couple times. It hurts a lot. I know the more I use toys the easier itll be but I get very busy. Does anyone have tips on making it hurt less? I have butt plugs and I wear the medium sized one often. I also have a realistic silicone dildo about 7 inches and thick. Ive been able to ride it a couple times but its messy and still hurts.

hmu if u from socal, id love to meet up with a chill guy from this app.
snapchat: mikeybabe99
the pictures are mine from recently


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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck5xvfvubn9

    Loved the story, where was this cub when this Bear was looking for someone to keep me happy during the winter month ??? It’s Spring now, and Time to eat some nuts and ass. [email protected]

  • Reply Crossy Dilmina ID:314jhueahrd

    Use poppers and lube

  • Reply Jarrbo ID:b8o6grnk6y9

    I guess you’re tightening your anus. You need to loosen your ass up. So you need an enema to relieve stress. πŸ™‚ Indeed, DeepWinter is right, more slack and a lot of lubricant 😊.

    • bubbleteentwink ID:1d31c2ruytf5

      ill try

  • Reply Jarrbo ID:b8o6grnk6y9

    Oh my gosh… that’s a beautiful ass πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

    • bubbleteentwink ID:1d31c2ruytf5

      thank uu

  • Reply DeepWinter ID:45mjkikxt09

    Two tips; number one, take your time. Number two (and this one REALLY helps), use lube. Lots and lots of lube. Makes a world of difference.

  • Reply Jack420 ID:19u48dkzm

    sweet ass

    • bubbleteentwink ID:1d31c2ruytf5

      thank uuu <3