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I masturbated and couldn’t stop

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I am so embarrassed and ashamed
So my husband was at work I was watching tv and my son was playing his video games in his room
Making this story short and to the point. My husband worked all the time. I was 26 and very lonely and horny this day.
Not making excuses but I was watch tv and slid my hand down my sweat pants and started playing with my clit.
Soon I was rocking my hips laying the recliner back. Not thinking I pulled my sweats down to my ankles so I could use both hands one on my clit the other fingering myself.
I was edging myself building to a massive orgasm and realized my son had walked in like a deer in head was standing there watching me. The shock put me over and I couldn’t stop moaning out and more aggressively my hands went into overdrive closing my eyes raising my hips and
I remember moaning out oh fuck bucking my hips into my hands. I open my eyes as it was easing up and my son was still watching staring at him for a split second my mind not comprehending a second wave washed over me as I stared at my son looking directly at him as my body started trembling I actually moaned out of fuck me baby. Not actually talking to my son I was just in the throes of a massive orgasm.
He stepped towards me and it was like slow motion in my list filled mind I wasn’t comprehending my son being there
He stood not knowing what to do as I kept bucking my hips desperately fucking my hands I know there had to be wet slapping sounds by now but my mind was almost to point of passing out.
Then the realization of my son standing watching me with a questioning look thinking I was begging him to fuck me. Really I was just involved deeply into my fantasy at the moment. My head started clearing and I got out a no please
Don’t and I started coming again trying to stop. Rolling sideways to try and not let him see. I managed to get out a go don’t watch me. And he ran out of the room as I finally finished and sat up alone.
I get my sweats up and realized that I had to go explain to him I couldn’t stop and didn’t mean to let him see that.

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  • Reply rand24 ID:1eqdhy8telyt

    I wish I had kids to masterbat infront of right now

  • Reply Waltee ID:1crjfup4lcf7

    Always lock the door. Then worse case they are banging on the door while you are enjoying the moment. I never been caught, but they sure bang on the door alot. If you want to chat about your experience or have a partner to chat with while horny, my session id is 05d8b5eae0bad5e7f01973fb0e7898085f0d0a9da18fd484d3439d38cebdd9914f

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:49kap65h5qr

    You have nothing to explain Tina,it’s not your fault. Tina ! You should have seen the look on my boyfriends face. when he came into my apartment and saw part of my back seamed nylon stocking legs with my heel tips resting up high on my black bosses shoulders as he’s giving me my hardest thrust fucking ever into my wet pussy.It was so intense, that all i said was Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! then he’s french kissing me as he filled up my pussy with his seed ! when he was done. I looked at my boyfriend and he had a blank expression on his face from seeing me getting fucked by a black bull as he left ! I had nothing to explain to him Tina and you don’t have nothing to explain. We are just ladies doing what is natural to us !!

    • Hard Stallion ID:1cowb22rmgws

      If I was your boyfriend, I would have fucked you with your boss.
      And then I would came all over you and inside of you and then told you to clean up your own mess and then would have left and I would told you that it would be the last fuck you will ever received from me

  • Reply Bob ID:1dacsmeevgy6

    Go girl move to my hood

  • Reply Paul ID:3zxjrjpw20a

    You should have had him suck on your clit and lick your pussy

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hl

    Wished I was your neighbor as to help you out in this situation. I would be glad to bring you to many earth shattering orgasms.

  • Reply Horny Italian ID:2px1ogosbqz

    You should have let him fuck you