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Crossdressing for my friend part 2

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So I heard a few guys say they really liked the first one. Here is part 2

Do about a week after me and C had sex her messaged me asking to come over again. If course I agree.
He showed up in the morning, I let him in but this time I changed in front of him. Same bra, white shirt, black thigh highs this time with a black pencil skirt and black wedge sandals. I put on lipstick sand some more perfume. He was already naked and stroking as he watched me change. I did in front of him, telling him he had been a bad boy. He looked confused till I told him to lay on his stomach.
I spanked him, not much but a few times before just pulling my cock from under the skirt. I was going to put a condom on but he asked me not to. I agreed and put some plain lube on my cock and his ass. Pinning him down I rubbed my cock between his ass, mostly teasing him. He whined a little and I told him he was my little fuck toy before forcing my cock into his ass. He had to bite into the pillow so he didn’t moan to loud. I fucked him nice and slow, lifting his hips and stroking his thick cock. I made sure to not let him cum though. I have plans
Picking up speed I was moaning like a slut, spanking his ass and loving my balls slapping against him. I also loved that I was still dressed up. After almost 5 minutes I came deep in his ass, I did pull out half way through and finished on his hole though. He loved that.
Flipping him over I put my next pay of the plan into this. Getting a slice of toast I had before he came over I sucked him till he was about to cum. I made him finish on the toast. I had planned to eat it but making him eat his own cum was too hot to pass up. I got changed and pushed him out the door, not letting him clean my cum off or it of his ass. He loved to be degraded.
I know this one isn’t as long but there is more if you want to hear it. I also fucked a girl in the back seat of her friends car well we drove, and got a blowjob from my friend well my then girlfriend watched.

Send me a message on Klk if you want to hear more, tell me what to post next, or just want to trade some stuff. My Klk is AdultRP
Be sure to read part one if you enjoyed this!

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    I’d love to meet you so you can fuvk my sissy pussy as I wear my French maids outfit

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      If you have Klk we could talk there.

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    great story, i love to chat with gurls like you. hit me up on wickrme im oznus

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    Please write more