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Got Fucked Good and Hard Tonight

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I wasn’t expecting to post anymore stories about J and I but something unexpected happened tonight.

J and and few other friends we have came over to my house tonight. We were going to grill some food and watch a sporting event together of which I won’t name. My wife was going to go shopping with J’s wife for a few hours so they showed up earlier than the rest of the guests.

Once our wives left for the afternoon we started preparing the meat and grill. It went quicker with the two of us and to our surprise, we had some time to spare before anyone else was supposed to show up.

Posting these stories as of late has really made me horny and more precisely, really craving J and his cock lately. The two of us haven’t done anything sexually since before Halloween so I was really banking on him wanting to fool around as well.

Rather than ask him or wait for him to make a move, I took the initiative instead. My level of horniness wasn’t going to let me wait another minute anyways.

I excused myself for a moment and headed downstairs to my man cave which is where I have all my women’s clothing and toys hidden away. I knew we didn’t have more than a half hour before guests started showing up, so I kept it simple.

I quickly removed my clothes and threw them on the floor.. well all of them except the black cotton panties I was wearing under my boxer shorts. I’ve worn women’s underwear everyday since I started posting these stories. It turns me on so much to be honest.

I’ve found myself looking at every guy at work and fantasizing about them fucking me. I’ve never thought like this before. It’s always just been about J. I know that if I’m fantasizing about it this much now, I’m certainly going to have to explore it later down the road. I can’t let these things build up, but I digress…

I put on a pair of black knee high stockings to match the panties. I thought it would be more “straight to the point” if I walked back in the room in panties and stockings only holding a tube of lubricant.

I quickly ran up the stairs to the main floor. Watching my man tits bounce as I skipped every other step was hot. As I got closer to the top, my heart raced more and more. I hadn’t been this nervous with J since we were in high school exploring our sexuality in his dad’s basement.

I got to the top slightly out of breath. J sitting on the couch looked up and saw me standing at the top of the steps. I gave the bottle of lube a shake as if to say “wanna fuck me?” and then I headed back down stairs. Before I even got to the bottom, I heard J’s footsteps coming down the stairs after me.

As J reached the basement, I was on my knees waiting for him. I handed him the bottle of lubricant and began unbuttoning his jeans. As I yanked them down to his knees, his semi hard cock hit my nose. I immediately began to slurp all over it! I can’t even begin to describe how much I was craving his cock! The smell. The taste. I wanted his cum in my mouth and I wanted it there yesterday!

I aggressively sucked J’s cock and felt it go from semi hard to rock hard in a matter of seconds. J ran his fingers through my hair and held my head in place as he started to fuck my mouth. His cock was going so deep that I began to gag. Saliva was pouring down my chin as he pulled his cock from my mouth and replaced it with his tongue.

J held out his hand and helped me to my feet and we made our way over to the couch/bed I have downstairs.

“Get on all fours!” J demanded of me

I wasn’t going to deny him anything in that moment. I climbed on the bed and edged my ass back towards him. I felt the splash of lubricant on my hole which always feels good. It’s the kind that warms up and tingles a bit! Before I could finish enjoying that, J pressed his cock against my eager hole and pushed himself inside.

“Oh Christ that feels good!” I yelled before biting my bottom lip

“Ima fuck you good and hard!” J grunted just as he began to thrust

“Yes! Fuck me! I want every inch of that cock inside me!” I cried

J’s hands were holding my hips tightly as he shoved his manhood deeper and deeper inside my ass. Then he reached underneath me and began pinching and fondling my tits. I was so turned on in that moment that my cock was rock hard as well! As he continued to plunge himself inside me the groping of my tits sent me over the edge and I ejaculated, hands free (which if you’ve ever done, you know it’s the best!).

“I came all over the place!” I moaned already out of breath

“Good! Now it’s my turn!” J said

His hands returned to my hips and he started fucking me as hard as he possibly could. It was almost too much!

Then his grip tightened and he arched his back as he made one final thrust. I clinched my asshole as tightly as I could around his cock. This was always my favorite part! I felt his dick pulsing each time it pumped another squirt of cum deep inside me. The way he was cumming it must’ve been over week since he ejaculated. I told myself he was saving it for me!

J finally slid his cock out of my ass and a wave of cum poured out after. My ass cheeks, balls and legs had cum trickling everywhere. Exhausted, I collapsed onto my stomach, forgetting I had exploded all over the bed and now my stomach was covered in cum as well.

I ran up stairs to take a quick shower before guests started arriving. We had a great night. Everyone had fun, the food was good and I sucked J’s cock one more time before he left. I wasn’t letting him leave without tasting his hot cum!


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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Another wonderful story. Delightful picture. Now please please tell me that your wife knows about your cross dressing and enjoys it. And that she has always known about J, and she approves, or gets turned on by it. One of the best things about having a wife, is she is the one person who loves you and supports you in Everything. You share your fantasies, and sexual desires with each other, and help each other make them all a reality. Right?