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Popcorn girl 17 final ??

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Major changes for both girls and they want a gift before they leave

It’s been a great year with Judy, her sister and their mother. After having my wife leave me for another woman and taking our children I didn’t expect it would open up my life to such new and exciting adventures. Who could know the changes coming along….

Another birthday coming around this one for Jackie who would be turning 11, and the girls are hinting at a special treat… The last birthday celebration found Judy screwing my ass with her strap-on vibrator. An exciting pleasure we have repeated…. Both girls have gotten into using them on each other while their mother and I hump like bunnies watching them… Judy has even progressed to teaming up with me to double team Sue… with her mother riding me one evening… I had pulled her down for a kiss and held her tight to me when Judy, who had been watching from the door, saw my signal and quickly crossed the room and got up on the bed behind Sue… with no preliminaries she moved the dildo to her mom’s asshole… She was at least thinking ahead and had covered it with a generous amount of lube… She leaned over and kissed her mothers ass cheeks… Sue tried to turn to see who was behind her but I held her tight to me.

Sitting back up Judy aligned herself ….. and pushed the dildo into her mother…. What I did not know was that Judy was not using the smaller version their mother had gotten the girls, but she had gotten her mother’s much bigger one with the liquid filled “balls” addition… The quick intrusion of the toy of that size had Sue breaking my grip and screaming as she tried to sit up…. “Oh, my God…. you could have at least warned me” “Well kinda sorry and not…. the surprise was half the fun…” Judy then found the switch on the toy… This version not only vibrated but had an additional setting that had the shaft kinda of moving in small circles inside her mom’s ass while still bushing her own teen clit.

“OH GOD… I haven’t used this since your wife…” “You slept with ????” “well yes, I told …ugh … you when .. ugh … she left you … but … hell . with that…. fuck me you two !!” Judy and I spared nothing and worked her hard…in and out of her ass and cunt … all of us working together to find out rethyme.. Her youngest sat next to us playing with her tiny pussy…. “Jackie ..” I called … “come sit on my face …. let me lick your little slit ….” she quickly moved on top of my facing her mother…. while I licked and teased her tiny clit her mother squeezed and licked her nipples…. none of us were going to last long …. we all worked to reach out peaks together…. Jackie flooding my face with her sweet nectar … between Alice, Sue both of their cunts poured the nectar of lust all over each other … almost pouring down onto me and soaking the bed…

In the middle of all of this Jackie asked ” Mom …. Have …. you … talked … to … ugh …Dave … about it … yet?”
“Later, dear … kiss mommy..” they leaned together and kissed … nothing like a mother daughter but as lovers … teasing each others tongues… biting lips … licking …. both had their hands holding the others head… I felt Judy start to break her rythium but quickly resumed her stroked into her moms ass … The feel of her vibrating dildo working between her ass and cunt was pushing me to my peak …. Judy pushed hard into her mother … she reached below and squeezed the “balls” on her dildo and I felt the warm fluid flood Sue’s ass … this brought both of us to screaming climaxes I shoved my tongue deep into Jackie’s tight little twat and brought her with us to climax Fluids pouring from everyone … leaking out onto each other …. we all collapsed together holding and running our hands along each other….

As we held and shared kisses Sue’s phone rang… “Shit”…. “MOM !” she untangled from our group grope and got her phone… She didn’t sound happy about the call… when she came back she told us … “Sorry guys …. Mom’s going to have to interrupt this party…. I got called into work …. no way out …. Dave .. your welcome to stay the night” she got cleaned up and left quickly…. leaving the three of us to snuggle until we fell asleep…

A couple hours later we were woken by someone pounding on the door… as I rolled over I could see flashing lights coming thru the window….. “Girls …. quick … wake up … get some pajamas on …. and get to your own beds ” “Wha … What is happening?” “I am afraid our time is over …. do not come down until you are called … the police are here …” I kissed each girl as I quickly slipped on my pants and shirt ran my hand thru my hair and walked downstairs to whai I expected was a pair of handcuffs with my name on them… “Dave ?” I heard Judy call “Get back to bed, I will call you if you need to come down…” I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Dave Johnson?” said a rather large police officer.. he had another officer and a woman in civilian cloths with him… here it comes I thought … put what came next was not what I expected and was even more shocking… “Yes” I responded…. “Mr Johnson, I understand you are sitting for the children of Sue Jackson..” “I am …. what I ask what this is about?” “We should probably come inside…” “Please, ” I stepped aside and lead them into the living room I glanced up the stairs and saw four little eyes watching…. “Sir… we should sit down…” I was starting to get nervous and worried about why they were here at this early hour…. “Please… what is going on..?” “Mr Johnson this is Betty Miller from social services ….” “Fine … but again why are you here?” Ms Miller is here for the children if needed…..” Betty then spoke up … “Mr Johnson… there is no easy way to say what I have to ….. but earlier tonight there was an auto accident…” I collapsed onto the sofa… then heard screaming from upstairs and feet running down the stairs…. both girls came running in to me… both jumped on the couch and hugged me ….. “Girls I asked you to stay up stairs” “What’s happening …. where’s mommy …. Dave …. what accident?”

“Girls, let’s go up to your room while Mr Johnson speaks with the officers…” “NO !” they both held on tight
“I’m sorry, but if this is about their mother I think they should stay… they are a lot more mature than most young ladies” I suspected just what they were about to tell us and worried if I made the wrong call keeping the girls in the room… The officers looked at each other then taking a deep breath …. “Mr Johnson…” he checked his notes..”Ah,.. Judy … and.. ah … Jackie…” he would not look at either girl … “this is very hard …. but … I am sorry but tonight a drunk driver ran thru a stop light near the hospital …. he … crashed into your mother’s car …. I .. ah .. I am afraid your mother was killed …..

The next couple days and weeks were a blur …. I met Sue’s sister …. a rather unpleasant woman … who it was clear did not approve of Sue’s life style and let me know that she knew I was just her cover story for her lesbian life… and she intended to see the girls would not be raised to accept that when she moved them to her house 5 states away… “Your taking the girls ?” “Well, yes… you didn’t think I was going to let them remain here with a divorced boy toy to raise ….. I will be going home to get things prepared and be back in a week to move them …. so if you are willing to watch them for that time it will let you say your goodbyes …. I can see they care for you … but they are young and they will forget you after a while…” I knew that the insurance money was her main interest in keeping the girls but not being family I also knew I had no choice… “I … ah …I will keep them until you come back … don’t rush if you need more time …” “No, one week that’s all”

The three of us were devastated. the girls had lost their mother and now they were being taken from the man they both loved. Both of them asked repeatedly if we could just runaway and not be here when their aunt came back… “I am tempted but we can not …. your aunt has your neighbor watching us like a hawk … we will enjoy our last week together for now…. I you would like we can stay at my place since the movers will be taking everything from your home this week… ” and we did move their things to my place … we set them up in my kids old room but they refused to sleep there … we all slept together in my bed.

The second night we were there Jackie came to me and asked about her birthday present … she was turning 11 tonight. I offered her anything she wanted …. she only asked if she and I could be together just us tonight…. Judy was understanding and after we got back from dinner she went to the other room …. “Dave..” Jackie said go say goodnight to my sister while I get ready” … Judy and I cuddled and talked while waiting for Jackie to call me back… “Dave”, Judy said holding my face and looking into my eyes …. “tonight is special for her … it is something mom and her had talked about … please be gentle tonight … and give her her present” You know I would give either of you what ever you want …. I love both of you …” we heard Jackie call me to the other bedroom …. Judy kissed me tenderly then pushed me from her bed …. “go make her happy”

Walking into my bedroom it was easy to see she had put a lot of thought into tonight…. the room was lite by candle light … and my pixie lover was wearing the lacy night gown her mother had gotten her … Judy had helped her with a little makeup… even as tiny as she was she was a thing of beauty. her hair was draped to frame her face… the lighting catching the sparkle in her tiny blue eyes… her naturally rosy lips lightly covered with a sparkling gloss… even though she was now the same age as her sister when we first slept together Jackie had not matured like her sister… her stature was still that of a little girl …. still no breasts just her tiny red nipples … her hips just starting to spread and show a little feminine shape …. no more baby fat, her legs slim and strong …. her finger and toe nails colored to match her gown…. she turned around and looked over her shoulder at me with one hand on her hip… her tiny little ass …. heart shaped like her mother and sisters was a thing of beauty… “Are you gonna stand there and just look all night …. bring that thing over here…” she nodded at the bulge in my pants….

I moved into the room …. swooped her up and stood her on the edge of the bed …. I held her in my arms and kissed her …. cherry …? ” “I heard it was your favorite” her little arms went around my neck and held me close…. we kissed and cuddled… she brought her arms around and began unbuttoning my shirt … I started to help only to have her slap my hands away…. “No, this it for me …” as she opened my shirt she kissed her way across my chest …. she pulled my shirt tails out and pushed my shirt off my shoulders …. she leaned in and took my nipple into her little lips …. kissing and sucking on each. As she worked on my chest her hands were busy undoing my pants…. once she had them unfastened she dropped to her knees while still on the bed and pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees … her little hands took my growing dick into her grasp … one hand stroking my shaft and the other fondling my balls … she slid to sitting on the edge of the bed … which put her mouth in line with my dick … wasting no time or motion … her tiny lips spread and surrounded the head of my cock …

“Mmmmm … Jackie …. you are too good at that for only 10 years old…” I moaned … taking her lips from me she looked up at me … “Hey, I’ll have you know I am 11 years old now … and I have had some practice if you remember … with this ..” and she squeezed my dick … then went back to sucking it into her mouth … when she was satisfied with the size she turned me and had me sit on the bed while she straddled my legs bringing her still bald slit to rest against me. She rubbed her pussy up and down along my shaft while trapping it between us… she would reach up and kiss me then my nipples … her hands were busy roaming all over my body … at some point she raised up and reached between us and aimed my dick to her slit … she rubbed my head back and forth against her lips getting it slick with both her and mine fluids…. after which she set my head into her opening and slowly eased down onto me. We had been having sex for some time now but she never seems to get any looser… you would think with the vibrating dildo and her sister’s strap-on it would make going in easier but she is still tight as a virgin … the one thing I have found is she now can take almost all of me into her hot little snatch. She slid down as far as she could and just rested there … both of us moaning from the pleasure … her from the feeling of how full I made her and me from how tight she held my shaft …

She began raising and falling gently on me … increasing the speed as she went … her arms on my shoulders lifting her up and down … she has increased the amount of fluids that seep from her pussy around my dick … which was making it easier for her to pick up speed until she was dropping onto my lap hard each time …. She began moaning as she went up and down… “so good … so hard … fuck ..I love … what you do to me … cum in me … fill my little girl pussy with your cum … do it .. cum in me … give me a baby … cum in me !!!” I heard her and felt her getting tighter getting close to her climax… each of them had said those same words in the heat of sex so I paid no attention other than to fuel my imagination at getting her pregnant and seeing her little belly swell with my child… her motions and urging had me ready to cum … when I reached between us and just touched her tiny clit … she locked her legs tight to me and pushed down hard … when I felt her begin cumming it pushed me over the top and I held her down and pushed up as hard as I could and filled her pussy with my seed… “Yes… fill me … I can feel your cum filling me … more … more … so hot …” she never lifted from me but rotated her pussy on me drawing out all that I had…

She pushed me back onto the bed then rolled over and off of me but stayed on her back and lifted her legs with her hand over her pussy holding in all our cum … she was rubbing her pussy and clit and moaning “More … I want more cum … fill me …” Something about her behavior and her wanting me to give her more cum kept me hard …. and in the heat of passion I rolled on top of her and pushed her hand away while shoving my dick back into her tight pussy…. I did not go easy … she wanted cum I would give it to her … I pushed in and out as deep and hard as she could take Her little hands were clutching at me her nails raking along my sides scratching me in passion … I pushed in and rotated against her clit again and again … bringing both of us to another peak … I had never cum so close together another time but her passion was fueling mine … She grasped my hips and her nails actually drew blood as she scratched me … the pain pushed me over and I again plunged deep and emptied my balls into her … “YES !! do it fill me … it’s so hot … do it … again …” each time I would start to draw back I could feel my shaft swell with more cum shooting deep into her…

When I could go no more I lifted my weight from her hips but left my dick still inside her … she would not let me pull out … when I tried she rolled over on top of me still impaled …. I glanced to the door and saw her older sister watching us with her hands in her crotch fingering her own little pussy… I held out my hand for her to come join us but she shook her head no and left us to cuddle without her….

Jackie seemed insatiable that night after a short pause she would again work me up to another hard on then either have me ride her or her ride me …. the one thing that was constant was her desire to keep as much cum inside her as possible.. .. no sooner would I pull out then she would go on her back and raise her pelvis to keep any cum from leaking out… no oral … no teasing anal … except from her to get me hard again … she wanted to screw and feel me cum in her… I wrote it off as her wanting to enjoy this as much as possible before she had to leave.

As the sun came up Judy brought us each a glass of juice and woke us up …. “This should help … breakfast will be ready in 30 minutes …. you two need to shower … you stink …” then she left the room Jackie and I crawled out of bed and had a slow lingering shower together … try as she might she was not able to get another erection from me… We slipped on robes and joined her sister for breakfast….. “About time …. I was thinking I would need a bucket of cold water to separate you two…” We all ate and chatted like family …. a little sad whenever the topic of the move came up but I had promised both of them that I would find someway to come see them….

After we finished eating and worked together on dishes Judy sent her little sister back to bed … “you need your rest and sleep or not I expect you to be laying down all day…” “But I want Dave…” “No today he is mine … you rest if you want your present ….” neither girl would tell me just what that present was but when they hinted that last night was part of it I just assumed it was having me to screw her all night long…

“Dave get dressed … we will be out for a while Jackie … but will be back for dinner … we’ll bring it with us … now go rest” When I was ready to go Judy had me follow her downstairs to the theater. “ah.. you gonna give me a clue what your thinking … this will be out last time alone …” she turned and looked at me with tears staining her little cheeks … “I know … don’t say that again …” holding out her hand she lead me back stage and headed toward the exit door …. spread out on the floor were blankets …. “This is where it really began for us ….” she turned still with tears and began taking off her blouse … her small tits were bare … no bra needed for support … and none worn to not slow down what she wanted … she dropped her top and pushed her pants down and stepped out … wearing only her little blue satin panties …

I stood and marveled at her beauty …. still as little as when I first saw her nude she still looked like a sexy ore-teen … but the look in her eyes showed a power and lust that had grown … I started to take off my cloths … and she held out her hands and stopped me …. today is my day … I will unwrap my gift … she leaned up and gently kissed me as she began removing my shirt …. as it came over my head … she paused and just held her tiny hands on my chest …. staring at me … head to toe like she was trying to memories every mussel and ridge on my body …. brushing her hands on my chest she moved them to my breast … like I do to her … she squeezed each breast … working toward each nipple … when she was holding my nipples she leaned in and kissed and sucked each while fondling each breast like I do with her …. and she got the response she was trying to pull from me as I moaned with each kiss and suck … I started to reach for her head to hold her to each nipple but she pushed my hands down … “No” was all she said

I felt her hands working on my pants … when she had them loose she grabbed my pants and underwear and knelled pulling both down then taking them off along with my shoes and socks …. still knelling she looked up and her face was level with my hard dripping cock …. “Good … I was afraid she had worn this off ..” and her hands came up and cupped my dick and brought it to her lips… she kissed the head then did not hesitate to open her mouth and take me into her hot moist mouth …. working her tongue on me as she sucked my dick in and out … deeper on each stroke … what ever remained outside her lips she continued to stroke … each push in was deeper until I could feel me moving into her throat… I could not hold back my moans and reactions … I took her head in my hands and began fucking her face … again and again I pushed into her getting closer to pushing my cum down into her stomach…

She had gone to only one hand on my dick as her other was now busy in her still almost bald tiny slit … I was at my peak and starting to swell to cum … she pushed me away and down on the blankets on my back … and just as quickly she mounted me … straddling my hips she just pulled her panties to the side … lined up my dick with her cunt and dropped onto me … taking all of me in one stroke … both of us moaned and screamed from the pleasure and pain from such a rapid plunge … Without even stroking once … I felt her pussy clasp … and she came with me buried to her cervix …. and I filled her with cum .. looking at each others eyes we never moved and never looked away… as we both felt the joy of out love for each other … beyond the sex … we had forgotten the age barrier and became one … she rocked her clit on my pelvis keeping herself cumming again and again her hands gripping my chest holding herself up as she rode me … I shot cum again and again filling her … out crotches making a foam of our leaning cum …. When she could no longer hold herself up she collapsed onto my chest …. I wrapped her in my arms and held her close … kissing the top of her head … we lay together for sometime just relishing in the warm glow of our sex … after resting a while she pushed herself up and pulled her still tight pussy from my dick … cum dripping from her onto me … she quickly put her hand over her slit … holding herself closed and my cum inside …

She had planned beyond this as she had moist towels nearby to clean yourself up with. When dressed again she pulled me down and kissed me again … without saying a word about what just happened she took my hand and led me outside and to my car …. getting in the car she finally spoke … “Drive south … out of town …” “any destination in mind?” “just drive … you will know …” as we drove south I saw signs direction visitors to the “OLD MILL DAM” and knew where she wanted to go … “Judy … ah … it’s the middle of the day..” “Yes , but it’s a holiday … the mill is closed … no one will be around …”

As we pulled in I realized the last time we were here we had only pulled off the road and were in the middle of the parking lot with nothing to block anyone from seeing us … night time or night we were lucky no one had even driven by. …. “Ah … honey … not here … we can’t …” she pointed to the back of the mill “Pull back there … the mill is empty today and no one can see us from the road or even the parking lot …” as I worked my way around I realized she was right … this was a very secluded spot … I put the car in park and turned to her … she was already almost nude with only her panties left … which came off with a trail of cum still sticking to them … she then scurried over the seat into the back .. “Hurry … it’s lonely back here” watching her little ass go over the seat had revived my little guy … but I didn’t try to follow her over the seat … I got out taking my cloths off as I moved to the back door. As I opened the door I stepped out of my shoes and pants …

The sight of the young lady laying nude with her arms and legs spread took my breath away … I reached to pull her to the edge of the seat and started to knell to taste her … but she again took control … “I don’t need that and you don’t either ” as she pulled me on top of her by my hard-on … no waiting no nicety she pulled me into her teenage cunt … this time we moved slower … savoring the feel of our bodies against each other … as she pulled me down for a kiss I took her tiny butt in my hands and bottomed out into her …. we both moaned into each-others mouths as I worked in and out between her thighs … our tongues dueling with each other … I drew the breath from her lungs and she drew it back … like our dick and pussy working in and out until neither of us had any breath left …

Separating our lips we stared into each others eyes as we both took a deep breath but kept out pelvises moving together … not rushed … but steady a give and take the emotions we shared with our eyes being a more intense feeling than our fucking…. I saw tears start in her eyes …. her arms trying to pull me close… I held back and kept looking at her … knowing why she was crying … feeling the loss of what we were sharing I joined her with tears of my own… Both of us softly crying … my tears dripping onto her tiny teen face joining with hers on her cheeks … out strokes increased in speed and intensity … not daring to look away from her we worked harder and harder until we could not stop the intense joy of our mutual orgasm … at that point we both closed our eyes screaming and moaning our joy as we held each other … I lay along the back of the seat and held her close in front of me … her head against my chest as we stayed joined in our glow. As I slipped out of her heaven I pulled her up and cuddled and kissed her burying my head into her neck I again cried until she felt the tears and pushed me away and I saw she too was again crying….. “I love you Dave…” “I love you Judy …. but we can’t … we can not be what we want … they will not let us … ” “NO !” “We will keep in touch and I swear someday we will … If you still want an old man when your are older I will be waiting” we kissed and held each other in silence for the next hour then got dressed and headed back to Jackie at my apartment …

Dinner was quiet … Jackie could feel the troubles between Judy and I … I saw her tear up as she held her sister and looked at me… not accusingly but with sadness. After dinner no one wanted to watch TV but we had to discuss some important things… I got each of us a drink … theirs very watered down… we sat across from each other and talked about tomorrow. We had two days until their aunt came for them and we had to cover our tracks somewhat… The girls had planned a going away party with some of their friends and both of them inviting their “BOY FRIENDS” the party was going to be a sleepover at their house … everyone was bring sleeping bags since all the furniture was gone…. and between the three of us we hatched our plan …

The next afternoon the kids began showing up sleeping gear in hand. girls and boys from 10 to 14 each girl invited 5 friends most being couples with specific plans in mind. The parents dropping the kids all knew me and trusted me with the pile of raging hormones Once the party started and the other parents left we talked to everyone and swore them to silence … what happened her tonight was never going to be spread outside this house and no one was to ever talk about it after tomorrow. It was a tipiciale teen / preteen party … not one boy wanted to dance so all the girls drug the old man on the dance floor until their respective boyfriends interrupted … around midnight they all were winding down … I got them all into their pj’s and split them up into a boys room and a girls room and warned them there was to be no sneaking together …. I winked at Judy and Jackie … I moved into the kitchen and set up my laptop and watched movies … within 15 minutes I heard the scuffling of feet as they all broke off into pairs. Judy had given me the run down on each pair and all were virgins and too scared to go further so we figured just a little cuddle and squeeze maybe a hand job or two…. and that was what we were counting on. None of the other kids knew squat about sex or how to make babies…. and that was still the case the next morning …

Jackie and Judy both took their respective Boy Friend off to a private spot … they told me later that they had to lead the boys along with each little step in making out … teaching them to kiss … how to touch a girls tits … and pussy … and when the girls got the boys to show them their little dicks both almost laughed at the size … but I had warned them that this was gonna be the case for young boys. while they let the boys touch their little pussies they began to return the favor and jerked off both boys and aimed their little dicks so when they came it landed on their pussy….. They then made a big deal of “OH NO …. Your gonna get me pregnant!” even added fake tears The boys could not get their pj’s back on quick enough and get back to the boys room … Judy and Jackie came to me in the kitchen giggling at what they did…. Now if anything were to ever come up they had someone to point a finger to besides me …. and the boys actually would think they did get them pregnant …. I quietly and quickly kissed both and sent them back to the others….

The parent pickup the next morning went quick and quiet none of the boys looking at the girls now just wanting to get home. Their aunt showed up at 1 and didn’t want to waste time… she had a plane to catch We had already said out goodbyes privately before she got there but made a point to do it again in front of her … without the kissing and pledge of undying love… I made a point to give her and the girls a card with my contact information if she needed me to answer any questions… “Thank you … but the girls are going to start a new life and will be not contacting any of their mothers friends” she then took both cards and tore them up in front of the girls… (We had already planned for that and both had the information safely put in their bags) I told her I would be finishing cleaning up from their party then lock up the house …. “then you will not need the key” and holding out her hand took it … “the Realtor will be coming by to change locks in the morning … Thank you Mr Johnson and good bye”

I watched the girls drive out of my live … both looking out the windows with tears in their eyes…. I never knew that many years from now I would see them again and they would finally tell me what their goodbye gifts were…

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  • Reply Cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

    Well I can sure tell you that interest is here. I can think of a few worse ways to have ended the series. Don’t want to go there.Literally. Would love a follow up. Excellent writing. You’re my cocks favorite writer.

  • Reply Popcorn's boss ID:2px1ognnu4h

    Yea, even Judy is giving me hell for ending it this way. Will consider more if interest is there

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1d7nnqwak7fy

    Definitely a sad way to end a good series. You should try to at least do one follow up of years later with a reunion

  • Reply Jon doe ID:cmfn1pfzrj

    Definitely need to follow up the story.