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Cheating to close to home

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Zandydaddyphoebegangbangingherlifeout tell me more about her now how far do you get inside her can she squirt like her mommy

One day I just saw Phoebe asleep and spawp her mouth was wide open todlatime3or less i thought about it first then I decided I’m going to do it. Chloe goes out I hear the door slam. I ran down to see who’s about. No one just me and Phoebe’s finally alone. I run up to her. Pretty lil minx is fast asleep. I thought about her pussy I wanna see that soon but first it’s baby mouth time. I place myself in the right place. Pull my 8 inch cock out. Pulled my phone out n started recording. I captured everything on cam still got it if we meet you know hint hint . Contact me back. Anyway I slowly push it in. Omg I was so hard for her I was in heaven. Slobber was streachin from her lips to my tip. I lost it then I pushed harder and harder till she woke. I said Hiya baby this is my cock he’s your new secret boyfriend. While she looked up I grabbed her head while recording and ragged the fuck out her lil mouth. Yes she stared crying witch only seemed to make me harder I pull out n push again then finally i exploded fulling her mouth and covering every inch of her lil face I pressed stop on record and started stopping her still cum on her face. Wanna know what happened next leave comments. Part 2 is cumming we need to meet 4real so I can watch you fuck her into your her daddy now she wants u notme unless u tell her we are going to meet. I hope you got like a 10incha for her I want you to be bigger than me. If not I will show you how it’s dun with my 8 n half inch. Arrange a meet. Tell her make her want to get ganged by both her dad’s .

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Definitely need to proofread. Also some imagination and introduction of character. You talk about contact but have no contact info.

  • Reply Snowy ID:1ah870kxzri

    Not sure what I just read. Maybe I need google translate.