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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 7 Winter Camp Day 4

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Thursday was a total surprise. Right after breakfast, Tony gathered us all together and told us we were going to play hooky and go into Yosemite for the day. Now that was the Tony I had heard so many stories about!

Apparently, he had planned this from the start. We loaded up the vans and stopped at a gas station to air up four big inner tubes, then headed into the Park.

We didn’t get very far in before we found a place to pulled over where a bunch of people were riding sleds and tubes down a little slope. We climbed to the top and began taking turns riding the tubes. I started out with Ginny but ended up riding at least once with all the other girls. Even the chaperones took turns. It was a pretty fun time for everyone. That is until disaster struck.

We had one more chance to tube down the hill before lunch, and Ginny grabbed my hand and jumped at the opportunity. As I had done on every other run that morning, I climbed on first and Ginny got on top of me. We got started just fine but somehow veered off to the side. The further off course we got, the bumpier the ride became. We must have hit a serious mogul because we started flying through the air.

Ginny went a couple feet higher than me and as I got thrown in the air, the tube slid out from underneath me and shot down the hill. I landed flat on my back and had the wind knocked out of me. What happened next was told to me in pieces by everyone else who was watching.

Ginny, all 140+ pounds of huge teen tits, round fat ass, thick thighs and cushiony belly, landed on the left side of my chest with one foot crashing into my crotch. That breath I was trying to regain from landing on my back? Yeah, completely knocked the fuck outta me once again, to say the least.

I do remember Ginny laughing her ass off as she rode on my chest the rest of the way down the hill. I suppose the type of jacket I was wearing lended itself to the action.

When we reached the bottom, everyone surrounded us and laughed, making remarks about how they wished they had a camera. Jocelyn was the first one to notice that I was in distress and had Ginny get off of me. I figured that I just needed to stand up and catch my breath, but as soon as I tried to stand I went back down.

I hadn’t felt that kind of pain in a very long time. But I wasn’t gonna let anyone else know how bad it was because everyone was having such a great time. So I sat on a tube for a few minutes, tried to take some deep breaths, then got up and made my way to the vans along with everyone else.

I pretty much had everyone fooled. Everyone, that is, but Jocelyn. Apparently she had seen something in my eyes when Ginny was still on top of me at the bottom of that little hill. Something that didn’t go away even as I settled in for the ride back to camp. Joc sat beside me on the way back and she knew something had to be wrong because I didn’t try to climb over the last seat into the back like I usually would have done.

“Rock, when we get back to camp, you need to go see the doctor, okay?” She had captivating blue eyes and stared me down.

I would usually never have given in but knew she was right. Something was wrong. Sitting in the seat next to her I knew, because I couldn’t take a breath without some serious pain. I’d had my ass handed to me by other brown and black belts in Judo as well as red and black belts in Tae Kwon Do, but this pain went beyond anything I had experienced on the mat. It was as painful as my broken ankle, broken wrist and accidental knife in the throat all put together. I took a small breath, fell against her and nodded in agreement.

When we got back to camp, Jocelyn took me straight to medical. The doctor checked me out the best that he could then told me his recommendation was to get to a hospital. I told him to do what he could. He must have believed me when I told him I was eighteen, no big deal since I hadn’t been asked for an ID when buying alcohol for more than a year. He wrapped up my ribs as best he could and told me to see my own doctor as soon as possible.

While the rest of our group went back to Yosemite, I spent the rest of the day in Jocelyn’s care. We had a few moments of kissing and cuddling, as much as I could deal with, but for the most part she just tried to make me as comfortable as possible, which was a losing proposition all around. I was able to catch a few Z’s late in the afternoon and so did she.

By the time the others got back, dinner was being served. Everyone asked if I was okay and we both just smiled and nodded. Jocelyn and Ginny kept me between them the rest of the night. Luckily we were able to stay in the cafeteria until we were released for the evening. There was some kinda special thing going on, recognizing all the kids that were ‘saved’ during the week or some shit, but I was beyond caring at the moment. Until Jocelyn asked me a question.

Her question? “Rock, do you think you’d be up for a blow job and maybe eating some pussy? We got two virgins who don’t wanna go the whole way but wanna learn some oral. Of course, if you’re not up to it, I’m sure they’ll understand.”

“Yeah, Joc, I’ll be ready when you come. Might be a tad slow, but I’ll be ready.” Fuck, how could I say no? Getting to stick my tongue in virgin pussy? No fuckin’ way in hell could I say no to that!

It seemed like it took much longer for Jocelyn to show up Thursday night, but that was probably just me. Jocelyn helped me get to the girls cabin. I was kinda surprised how long it took me because when we arrived, the other couples were already busy. Ginny was talking to the younger girls, but when she saw me she tried to apologize. I told her it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t her fault, but she kept telling me how sorry she was.

For the life of me, I can’t remember what those girls names were. The blondie-blonde was 15, and the sandy-blonde was 14. I would have guessed 13 for both since neither one had much in the way of development, if you know what I mean. Joc, Candy, Ginny and I talked with the girls for a few minutes to alleviate some of their nervousness. I suggested that Ginny be the instructor for them to learn how to give a blow job since she was the World’s Greatest Cock Sucker.

Ginny shared her knowledge with them. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the effort of either girl, but when you’ve had your cock sucked by the best, it’s kinda hard to live up to. I ended up cumming in blondie-blonde’s mouth first, but Jocelyn was right there to make sure that sandy-blonde got a couple of good spurts as well. Neither girl seemed to take to it from the get go. Bummer. Nothing like a girl who loves her first taste of cum. And with as much pineapple as I ingested, they weren’t going to find any better.

Since I was unable to lay on my tummy, Jocelyn asked if the two girls could take turns sitting on my face. When blondie-blonde climbed on, for some reason I was expecting the same sensation as I did with Joc. That true blonde experience, that same sweet flavor. But it wasn’t the same. Was it just me being in pain that prevented me from enjoying the flavor of another true blonde? She didn’t taste bad by any means, but she also didn’t quite match up to the standard that Jocelyn had set. I expected more from a true blonde virgin, and I was disappointed.

I tongued her to an exquisite orgasm, the first of her life, and she was very vocal about her enjoyment. After the first orgasm I held her clitty between my lips and sucked on it. She had a second orgasm and when I let her go, she almost slid down onto my chest until Jocelyn stopped her. The girl could barely believe how good oral sex was, but became a believer that night.

Sandy-blonde took her place and I followed the same approach. I didn’t try any ‘finger-in-the-ass’ move or anything that I would have usually tried, but I also didn’t hold back on my extensive knowledge of pussy licking. And to tell the truth, sandy-blonde beat out blondie-blonde in the taste department that night. When sandy-blonde started to cum for the first time, I received a drenching flow that I eagerly sucked up. Well, as much as I could. A lot of it spilled out of my mouth and over my cheeks since I couldn’t really suck it all in with ease.

I held her clit the same as the first girl and made her cum a second time. This girl was into it, though, and didn’t slow down. She kept her thighs tight against my face and rode my tongue to a quick third orgasm. When she finally released and climbed off of me, she bent down and kissed me, asking if I wanted another blow job.

Jocelyn sent her to her bunk, however, and asked me if I was up for a couple of more pussies. I didn’t want to disappoint the girl I was secretly in love with, hoping that I would get another taste of her sweets. But Candace was next in line.

So, even though I was hoping for the best from Jocelyn, Candace took her place above my face. At the same time, however, I felt a very familiar set of lips encase my ever hard penis. I knew that no other set of lips felt like Ginny’s, and I was right. Even with another girl getting a good tonguing from me, Ginny was willing to take my erect cock in her mouth and aid in my comfort.

And it was comfortable. It was VERY comfortable. I was able to relax enough to give Candace a very memorable orgasm, the last of our combined experiences. Even though it was only one orgasm that night, when we met again several years later, the memory of that week, and especially that last cum of hers, was still fresh on her mind.

Then it was Jocelyn’s turn. With Ginny still working her unparalleled oral skills on me, Jocelyn took her place above my tongue. When she sank down on me, I knew there was no mistaking: this was the pussy I craved. Fuck the virgins, the hell with any other slut I had ever fucked, THIS was the pussy I wanted to eat for the rest of my life! If only she could suck a cock like Ginny!

And even though Jocelyn did become one of my favorite go-to pussy plans for the next year and a half, she didn’t become the one I ultimately surrendered to. But it was fucking close! If it had been Jocelyn sucking my cock that night instead of Ginny, my life might have turned out to be a different story.

Better? Probably not, just… different. But it WAS Ginny whose mouth I gave up my semen to that night, gladly, even though it was Jocelyn’s sweet meat I was sucking on at the same time.

Another part of the five way rivalry was born that night. More about that in my next story.

Anyway, after the trip I spent that weekend in misery. Well, as much misery as a guy can be in when he has one girl willing to suck his cock whenever he wants (Ginny) and another willing to give up her sweet puss when desired (Jocelyn).

Friday night thru Sunday was one of those ‘best of times, worst of times’ situations that Dickens was so fond of noting. Ginny was so remorseful that I must have got five blow jobs from her. And Jocelyn was so fucking horny that I fucked and sucked her to the point of intense pain on my part thru at least three cums of my own and who knows how many for her. She kinda became my favorite cunt to lick after that.

And my ribs? Yep… cracked three of ’em. Even with all the extra-curricular activity over the weekend, I didn’t puncture a lung. Amazing…

Thanks again for sticking around…
Rocky J.

P.S. – this was the last church youth trip I was part of. Still, gotta ask: do you allow your kids to go on church youth group camping trips? Not that things are the same as they were in the 70s, but… just sayin’…

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