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Amy Tale/s – Jim meet Heather meet Sarah

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I remove his cock after a few minutes, and I get my taste of Sarah’s pussy flavor from my big black cock dip stick, like it was covered in candaaaay.

After Heather, Sarah, and Jim agreed to give my idea a shot, I said, now we need to consecrate this union. I made Jim sit in a chair in the bedroom and I told him to keep his pants on until I removed them. I am going to share something that I missed when it comes to Jim. I really liked coming over here and fucking Jim. His thick 10” big black cock is the perfect size for me. I like Ethan’s 12” cock, but it is difficult to just pull all his ass into my pussy because it does hurt when he maxes out in my cunt. I also know how rare these cock sizes are because I had seen guys at Janet’s parties that were black, but rarely had over 8” of cock.

Jim is also good looking, and I liked walking around naked in front of him and laying my soft white nude body on his medium dark black complexion. I would rub his smooth muscular chest and lay my leg across him and admire the contrast in skin tone, and it excited me. I really let my hair down around Jim, and he missed me for the almost month I was away from him. Now a kink I discovered when it comes to Jim. I loved holding his flaccid cock when he peed, because even limp, it felt big and good in my hand. I could feel his urine flow though his cock and it was like you were filling the toilet using an industrial sized hose when he pissed. I would stand to the side behind him with one hand on his back or waist and hold his cock while he went, and we would be naked. I had missed Jim too, and part of this plan was for me.

I convinced Heather and Sarah to undress, and we got into the bed sitting on our knees in a circle, and we started touching each other. They would rub my 34dd soft supple tits, and I would rub Heather’s 32dd tits. And she would rub Sarah’s 36d tits. We started kissing each other and licking and sucking each other’s breasts. Heather and Sarah both had short hair, Heather was a dark brunette and Sarah a platinum blonde. Sarah’s hair was tight against her neck, and she was tall. Sarah would look perfect in a black gestapo uniform and a riding crop in her hand slapping Heather’s pretty round bare ass.

Heather had a softer delicate appeal, and as we progressed to lying down and kissing thighs, she bent her knees, and she moved her sexy feet and legs over my body. She did this as we kissed with me in between her legs too. It is sensual when a girl rubs my back with the tip of her toes while I eat her pussy. Her slim build and sexy magic wand legs waiving in the air, with her toes pointed was hot to watch. Heather’s short hair was just fucking cute, and both of them looked like they had boy haircuts, but it was like sexy hot. It did not take long for my long sandy blonde hair to acquire the bed look, and they knew they had a woman in their arms, and they ran their fingers through my hair, and their tongues in my mouth.

We daisy chained and Sarah had a fresh shave below on her trim hairy pussy today, she was expecting sex as opposed to the last time first time, we fucked. Sarah has long sexy legs, and beautiful feet and toes. Sarah is a lot of woman for Heather, and while they both have a great shape, it looks like a milf/teen couple, even though Heather is older. I love watching contrastingly different beauties fuck – tall blonde v/s petite brunette, sexy. Both have hairy trimmed triangular pussies with shaved areas below. I can tell that Sarah’s is maintenance, but Heather puts time into her design and grooming. Looks like Sarah is getting a new pussy hairdresser in Heather.

I love watching girls go spread eagle with their knees bent, and Heather’s sexy small frame scores her a 9. Michelle, whose big hips, ass, thighs, and nice calves and feet scores her a 9.5, and Courtney who looks the hottest is a 10. These are my top three girlfriends when it comes to spread eagle, because they have the curves and creases to almost make me get off just staring. I would give Sarah an 8 because she is sexy. I back away and rub as Heather 69’s on top of Sarah, and they bring each other to pleasure. I ask, did you two like that, and they turn, and Heather is laying on Sarah, and they kiss and say, yes, we really like this.

I walk naked over to my man meat sitting in the chair and I pull him up and put my arms around his neck and kiss the breath out of his lungs. I strip him and stroke his thick 10” big black cock and it is hard as a rock. I pull his dick to the bed and lay him on his back, and I get in between his legs and suck and lick his smooth balls. I tell Heather, get on, I will drive, and she mounts his dick and I push it into her pussy. Heather squeals ahhhh, as about half goes in and I say, that much probably already felt better than your office boyfriend, didn’t it? Heather says, ahh, yes.

Heather greases Jim’s big cock with her pussy cream and gets about 8” of it consistently moving as she moans and groans. I pull it out and remove her cunt juice with my mouth, from my prized big black cock. I push it back in and let her ride freely for about 15 minutes, and her and Sarah switch out. I roll on my side in between Jim’s legs and raise my upper leg, and Heather starts to eat my pussy as I pilot my man’s pole into Sarah. I remove his cock after a few minutes, and I get my taste of Sarah’s pussy flavor from my big black cock dip stick, like it was covered in candaaaaay. I listen to them both moan and groan riding his cock, but I stopped them from getting him off.

I lay Heather in front of me and eat her pussy on my knees, and Jim sees me, and he knows what I want. When he starts to peak fucking me from behind, and I have Heather locked around the waist, I squeal to the feel of his cum shooting into my pussy, and I enjoy the dick throb and flutter of his body against my ass. Jim just might be the best big black cock I have ever fucked after my training of him. Heather and Sarah are locked up again as I go pee, and I tell Jim to come too. I want to hold his semi erect cock as he goes after me, I need to feel it again in my hand.

When we finish, I reach under the counter, and all my supplies are still here, and I grab a douche and take Jim into the shower with me. I clean, hug, and kiss him and whisper in his ear, you make these girls happy, and I am going to come and spend the night with you during the week again baby. Jim is so happy, he loves me, he loves me more than he will ever love these girls. They are hot, and sexy, and 5 or 6 years younger than me, but I am just to erotic for them to compete in Jim’s fantasies, and Jim knows this. He knows I will bring him pleasure far beyond what they can. I practically taught Jim how to fuck, and I have feed his cock more pussy than it can eat.

I dry off and return to the bed and I kiss Heather and Sarah and I say, you can share my boyfriends, and Heather, if you need a date, I know some other black guys and white guys that are hot, so just let me know? Heather says, okay, I think this is really going to work out for us. Heather continues, when you were in the shower, Sarah and I were talking, and we are very excited by this arrangement. I kiss Heather and hug them both and say, see, isn’t this better than marrying some guy and being pigeonholed until you figure out you want another divorce? They agreed. We get dressed and Sarah follows me and Heather back to my apartment.

Paige and Lisa were still at the apartment and at this point, Lisa only knows that I was introducing her mother to a potential female roommate (Lisa knew full well it would be sexual in nature). When Lisa found out it was Sarah she cried in happiness and hugged Sarah so tight. When Lisa’s elation dropped, she hugged and kissed me and said, I am so happy, I love miss Sarah. I bite Lisa’s earlobe and say, are you glad I seduced her that night you took that picture?

Lisa pulls back and looks at me and says, I love you Maria, and she French kisses the shoes off me in front of her mother. Heather walks over and rubs Lisa’s back and accepts her love interests for me. I visited Lisa at home after Sarah moved in, and they were content and happy together. Lisa would have never had this with her mother marrying some guy from work. They would have fought constantly. After this I was thinking I was a match maker looking back at Courtney and Aliya, and to some extent, Sophia and Tiffany, and Sherry and Anthony. By exposing Michael and Ethan’s bisexual side, I also provided them and Emma a sexually beneficial threesome relationship.

I believe it is easier for bisexual lesbians to live together romantically than it is for bisexual men. Gay men are different. My bisexual boyfriends do not act gay, whereas I know gay men who have become feminized, and they can live with each other romantically (but they had to act like a woman to do it). Ken and Greg are very bisexual (heavy on the gay side), but they have never wanted to live together or act effeminate. A bisexual lesbian wants cock because it feels good, and they like fucking a dick too, but it is contained in a love box that says, break glass when needed. Until that time arrives, they want the soft touch of their girlfriends next to them. I would much rather go to sleep next to Lisa than Ken. That is one reason why Heather and Sarah loved cohabitating, and they can do each other’s hair and nails…lol.

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