Cat: Mature

Summer time fun

My mom always let me do and be what I wanted. I was completely smooth and hairless everything except my eyebrows which where thin arched feminine and eyelashes and long hair down my... # # # #

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Paying the rent

The woman who lived next to me suddenly found herself broke without a roof over her head,I invited her to stay with me, her body would pay her rent # #

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Sucking Grandpa

I was at my Grandpa’s house for the weekend as my parents had gone away and figured I wasn’t old enough to stay by myself or they figured I would have a boy over. Haha they... # # # # #

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Little sex doll pt6

Lynn has been working later shifts lately to cover some vacations of her co-workers. While I do miss her touch at night, I have Amy (who is now on the pill) to satisfy my needs. As... # # #

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The neighbour pt3

After that night I couldn’t stop thinking about her, it was already a month after but I still couldn’t get it out my mind. Being at home and in class was extremely hard, during... # # # #

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No time for pimps the end

I have no time for little bitches! ? Is why do these haters keep reading my stories if my writing is so shitty. I know you are thinking maybe this time it’s actually readable... # # #

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No time for pimps

One day Harry ways at his friends house Brian and Victor were brothers. Victor was the oldest. Harry crushed there older sister Lynn. Lynn was in her early 20s small petite apple breasts... # #

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I’m a meth whore

I’m Nicole and I’m a meth whore. I have discovered that shooting up meth is 10 x greater than smoking or snorting. The rush is incredible,I first feel it in my head as it... # # #

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Tease cop busted by drugdealer

Chapter 1 Adriana Perez was standing in front of the seven foot tall mirror of her wardrobe admiring her 5’9 appearance. Her rich blonde hair cascaded in waves down to her lower... # #

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Am I Bi?

Hey my name is Alex 42m. I never acted on my bi curious thoughts before. I did experiment with pegging sucking on the strap on alittle. It was satisfying and erotic but not fulfilling.... # # # #

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