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My son and I Ch1 pt2

Side note: I forgot to say last time that i am actually a petite girl. Though I’m older than him he’s actually little more than a head taller than me # # # #

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Ssbbw mom

I live with my ssbbw mom in Florida. My mom is 400 pounds big fucking tits a huge stomach and dump truck of an ass and she is 47 years old. I’m 17 i’m in love with fat people it... # # #

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Teen sissy boy part 1

Well growing up in house of all older sisters and single mom. Plus I was thin and virtually hairless and smooth when I did get any hair my sister removed it with wax or lotions from... # # #

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I fucked my mom

I was home alone with my mom is 46 and I’m 16 and she is 5’5 has a d cup breast size and she was fat like I kind of liked fat woman. Was in her room I was in my room jerking off... # # # #

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My Story With Grandma

My name is kevin. I’m just the typical teenager, I just turned 18 and I have smoked a little weed here and there. “OK, I’ll admit,” I have smoked a lot of weed... # # #

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