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My Night At The Bar Was Titillating

Back years ago I worked in a go go bar. The girls there as well as dance were supposed to go around socializing and talking with the customers. The goal was to get them to buy you drinks.... #

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What would you do

Family is very important to me. I have a favorite niece,her name is Nicole she is going on 30. She has some big tits, and a big ass. One day She, asked me Uncle can I borrow some money?... # #

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Little sex doll pt5

Lynn and I are engaged with our wedding coming soon. Amy is now 12 and has started calling me daddy which gives me mixed emotions. On one hand I love that she loves me like a father.... # # #

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I’m a big fan of vampire movies, especially ones that star Christopher Lee. I’ve fantasized about him many of times. I have one that plays in my head. I just got out the shower... # #

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Used and loved it

After my friend dressed me in her micro bikini and makeup and lipstick and being used by the man all night. After I went home I decided to be bold and tell my mom that I was going to... # # #

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Femboi Cruising

Pretty 15yrs petite sexy naked body 5’5” 95lbs.. I cruise flirt innocently for older men in public places letting them know I wanna suck their cocks. # # # #

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My hubby Rocky tells me he wants to get the inside of our house painted. Ok I agree with him and so we start getting estimates. We’re looking for a one man operation. I called a few... # #

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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the boys want to play some cards. Typically there are three of us who play. My wife, Carol asked me what I was doing today. I told her the guys... #

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PG movie ??

I let an old man play with my naked 15yr old body in public at the movie theater and I sucked my 1st Cock # # # #

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Little sex doll pt3

Alot has been happening lately. I’ve moved in with Lynn and her daddy kink has caused me to develop my own kink for being called daddy. When we have sex of any kind I call Lynn... # # #

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riding a whale

I’m 13 and I love fucking fat bald men, they’re so sexy, my lover Robert is 45 and takes good care of my pussy. # #

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My Cheating Family

My family is Catholic and as such we believe in waiting till marriage to have sex. I was the youngest of three (16), my parents (dad 49) and mom (43), two older sisters (18) and (20).... # # # #

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Little sex doll pt2

A few days later Lynn called me up and said she needed to talk to me right away. I was a bit nervous based on her tone. On my way over to her house all sorts of thoughts ran through... # # #

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Little sex doll pt1

A little while ago I started dating a single mother. Lynn was about 5’7″ with nice b cups and a firm ass. From the first date she was very sexual and didn’t seem to... # # #

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Gay teen

I was what people would call a feminine teen 16 yrs old since I was smooth and hairless and tan. I always wore feminine girls shirt and shorts and panties. I was afraid to wear mascara... # # #

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