Cat: Mature


Hi if you have read any of my other stories you’ll know I’m a 40 something woman with nice boobs and a sexy bum, so let me tell you about my latest adventure. Myself and... # # #

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Santa Ho!

Husband gets up to see what is the noise downstairs.finds Santa Ho!A new twist on night before christmas! #

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1st Time I Cheated

My name is Jenny and i have a friend i have had since school named Kerry I have been married to Dan for 15yrs, our sex life was great but know not so good. Kerry comes over usually... # # # #

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I needed a man!

I had recently rediscovered my kink for dressing up in women’s clothing but I didn’t see it going this far.. and I’m glad it did! # # #

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Santa’s Workshop

My first job was one I got when I was 15. It was a seasonal gig in the mall, I was an elf for Santa’s workshop, meaning I helped organize the lines of kids that were there to meet... # # #

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