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My teenage carer

I had been inhospital for 2 operations on my knees and was going home,I needed help around the home and since I had a bit of money had to pay for most of it myself, I was a 50 year... # # # #

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My mom thought I was dad

My mom has some dementia and when I visit her she thinks I am dad. Dad died a few years ago. The older I get, the more I do look like him. # #

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a pub meeting

a few drinks in a pub and a meeting with two older men who i thought had an idea to fuck me. I ..and am 64 years now and in fair trim not a lot of hair now and none around the working... # #

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Betrothed To A Pervert

***Epilogue*** It all happened so fast. The Subaru came roaring down the hill. The ball was kicked, but missed the goal entirely and strolled into the street. A little girl named Priya... # # #

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Pornography Everywhere! Part2

Doris walked on, despairing at the world. When she turned back, she saw that the hoody boys had pulled down their trackies and were mooning her and sticking their fingers up their assholes.... # # #

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