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My First Real Experience In Interracial Sex

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Ever since I started writing my stories they’ve all been sexual fantasies shared by my husband and I. HE often helps me with the ideas and we often have sex role-playing as the characters I write. Over the past few weeks my husband shared the idea of making our fantasies turn real, after all, our kids are all grown up and out of the house. With no need to hide around anymore, I thought the idea was really sexy. I told him I was ok with it so long as he was sure he was ready to see me in such a way. We agreed that we would each make one fantasy a reality to start slow at first. My husband has always had the fantasy of fucking a cute black girl, which is where the inspiration for my black female characters comes from, so naturally he wanted to go in that direction. As to be expected, I wanted to try being with a black man to see if the reality and fantasy truly match. Since we were basically looking for another couple to swap partners with, we tried swingers websites and going out to clubs, but didn’t have much luck in finding anyone we really liked and trusted. After about a month I had the idea of asking one of our neighbors if they would be interested.

Naturally you can’t just go into someone’s house and ask to fuck their husband, but our neighbors Sasha and Leon were long time friends. I “opened up” to my friend Sasha about what my husband and I were looking for, but didn’t say we wanted them specifically. I told her about my husband and how he has always had a secret attraction to black women and that in bed whenever I pretend to be one his dick is always harder. Her eyes grew wider when I mentioned that. I’ve always thought she had a thing for my husband. I’ve noticed her checking him out over the years now and then, but nothing worth worrying about. I went on telling her how good it feels when he’s deep inside you thinking I’m a black woman, how he presses on my cervix. Flustered she told me stories about her husband Leon when they have sex how he can either make love in the sweetest ways or just absolutely rail you like a piece of meat. Now we’ve always shared stories like this but I never went into detail how my husband is so attracted to women like her. After an hour or so of chatting, my goal was realized when she suggested that they be the couple we swap with.

“I mean, we’ve all known each other for years. We trust each other, none of us have STDs, why not have it be us instead of some random couple you barely know?” Sasha told me.

“Are you sure, I mean, I think it would be wonderful for us but I want to make sure you’re serious. I don’t want there to be any hard feeling or jealousy seeing our men fucking someone else.” I said back.

“It’s totally ok, I’ll talk with Leon later tonight about it. He’ll probably jump at the chance to fuck you. I mean, look at you, a busty brunette white girl, just old enough to not get pregnant, but young enough to still have a smashing hot body.” she said.

“Ok then, I’ll tell my husband what you said and see if he’s ok with it. We can talk more tomorrow?” I asked.

“Of course, see you then.” she replied.

I already knew my husband was on board. I went back home and eagerly awaited the following day, hoping that we had found our couple. Now something you should know, the description I gave of myself in my first story is accurate, I do have rather large tits, and wide hips/thighs to match. I have long straight brown hair that drapes over my breasts quite nicely. I’m rather tall for a woman, standing just about 5’11”. Sasha, much like my character Katie, is also on the taller side, standing about 5’10” with a pair of large firm breasts and curly brown hair. The thick ass she carries around must just come standard on black women, cause I’ve never seen one without it. Now my husband is a tall 6’5″ skinnier, but still had some muscle on him, but has a wonderful 7.5″ cock. He also has brown hair but a lighter shade than mine. Leon, as far as looks go, looks as if he was a white man born with black skin. His face has an uncanny Caucasian structure to it with short black hair on top, but despite this, he still has a darker skin complexion like his beautiful wife Sasha. Perhaps it’s just the color of his skin, but Leon looks rather muscular, not like a body builder but still very fit. He stands about 6’1″ tall, so just a little higher up than me, but still tall enough for most superficial women to accept him. I should say, that Leon isn’t some sort of gang banger, gangster-rap type, but a normal man who goes to work in an office just like my husband. That’s part of why I’m willing to be wit him is I don’t want someone who doesn’t make me feel safe.

I waited all night, in the horniest state I had been in for a long time, hoping to get the answer I wanted. The following day, a Thursday, Sasha came over for a late breakfast. She told me that Leon loved the idea and was eager to try it out as soon as possible. I was so giddy from hearing that that I reached over and hugged her. I told her that my husband was ready and willing, and that this Saturday they were welcome over here anytime. We made our plans and decided for the first time it would be better to go in separate rooms to be more intimate, and then later on if we enjoyed the experience to have all four on the same bed. I asked her if there’s anything off limits that my husband should know in advance, and she said that she enjoys oral and anal as well as giving blowjobs so nothing to worry about there. I told her that I had never done anal before so to avoid it this time, and that if I tried it, I would want my husband to break me in. She understood and said she’d tell Leon. We set the date for that Saturday around noon. I was so excited, I could hardly wait. After months of writing stories, I’d finally get to live one for real.

Friday came and went, and I had my eyes set firmly on tomorrow. Saturday morning came and I got a text from Sasha saying they were ready to come over. We invited them in about an hour early, I guess they were just as excited as we are. They came in all dressed up, Sasha wearing a white dress which contrasted on her skin wonderfully, and Leon had on a nice casual looking suit. “You guys didn’t have to get all dressed up, we’re not planning on wearing clothes today…” I said in a joking tone. They both chuckled saying they thought it was appropriate to dress up like a date even if they know they’re getting lucky. We went over to the couch and sat down. We had some drinks and talked for a little bit, until our conversations turned towards each other. Mine to Leon, and Sasha to my husband. We started flirting more and more, touching each other gently, rubbing his fingers through my hair, sitting with my leg over his lap. I glanced over and Sasha was doing the same. I invited Leon upstairs and pulled him by the hand up to our guest bedroom. It was our oldest daughter’s old bedroom and was rather large, but has since been turned into a guest room.

We went inside and closed the door, not completely, leaving a crack to see and hear out of. Leon had already removed his jacket and shoes downstairs so while I got down on my knees to unbuckle his pants and belt, he began removing his shirt. I was only wearing my black leggings and a tighter t-shirt to show off my breasts. As soon as I got his pants down I stood up and pushed him back onto the bed in a sitting position. I removed my top, showing him my exposed breasts. I didn’t bother with a bra or panties today, I wouldn’t need them after all. His eyes opened up when he gazed at my nipples, and I got back down to suck on his cock. He still had his boxers on so I didn’t know what to expect. All the myths and rumors. Could they be true or just exaggeration? Sasha told me he was close to 8″ but all I knew was porn so who knows if that’s real. I got my face right up close to his waist, about as far as I do with my husband, and pulled his boxers off. I expected to see something as big as my husband’s, which is why I held my face where I did. But as soon as the boxers slid off I got hit in the face by cock. Sasha was right, he definitely was 8″ of thick black cock. The best part, I knew I could take it cause my husband is about the same size, something I’m told is hard to find in white men. I’ve never been a girl that cares about dick size, but looking at what was in front of me was rather impressive.

I grabbed it in my hands and sucked the tip like a little girl sucking a popsicle. His cock tasted very different from my husbands. Does that make me a good wife, that I know my husband’s cock by the taste alone? Anyway, I moved further down, trying to get as much in my mouth as I could. I usually gag on my husbands before I get to the base, so I know with that extra little bit I would gag before I made it. I slurped up and down his shaft, using my tongue on the underside and my dick sucking lips all around to give him a vacuum sealed suction as I took him in my mouth. “Jesus Christ, Courtney! You really know what you’re doing!” he said as I worked his dick over in my mouth. I had sucked my husband off enough times to be experienced in sucking dick. If it works on one man, it should carry over. I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down as I built him up closer to an orgasm. Up and down I bobbed stopping just short of finishing him off when I felt the first twitch in his cock. I slowly moved up his body and kissed him whispering, “Now lets see what that tongue can do, baby…” as I got up and pulled my leggings off, revealing to him my bare pussy and pale white ass. We traded places on the bed and he got down to begin eating me out.

His tongue worked over my inner thighs like silk, stopping and hovering over my hole before going back for another pass. I felt the blood in my hips start to warm as it rushed to my pussy, I was so turned on right now. Finally after working over my hips, he began playing with my clit, rubbing it with his fingers and nibbling on it gently as he stuck his tongue inside my pussy. “I know you haven’t done anal, but is it ok if I stick a finger up there? That ass is to good to leave alone.” he said with his mouth around my hole. “Just be gentle, but only a finger.” I told him. As his tongue penetrated my pussy, his fingers worked up inside both my holes. He ran two inside my pussy and one inside my ass, pressing together against the thin wall that separates them. Holy shit I was about to have an orgasm. First thing I’m doing with my husband tonight after this is trying anal. I should have listened to his advances for it a long time ago. I didn’t want to give my anal virginity to another man, but fuck if his finger didn’t feel great up there. He was making me cry and my hips twitch as he ate my pussy out like his last meal. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck! Oh shit, I’m fucking cumming!” I shouted as he made me squirt all over his face. My husband makes me squirt all the time, it’s something he figured out a few years ago and has been going it ever since. Whenever we didn’t have enough time for sex because of our kids, he’d make me squirt instead. My kids never realized that whenever I picked them up from soccer practice without getting out of the car, it’s because my pants were soaking wet from squirting.

Now here I was in my daughter’s old bed, squirting in the face of our neighbor while my husband presumably fucks his wife in the other room. I couldn’t hear them from outside so maybe they’re going slower, or Sasha is just a quite girl. But all I could focus on is my exploding pussy. “I want to fell that cock inside me! Get up here and fuck me like man!” I told him, scooting back into the bed further. He followed me up and was soon in between my legs. We started off in the typical missionary, which was always a good position for me. He slide his cock in nice and slow, letting me savor the stretch of my pussy as every inch made it’s way inside. “Oh fuck your cock feels so good!” I moaned as he slowly started to work it in and out. There was no need for any fancy pornstar maneuvers today, his cock was more than enough to satisfy me. He fucked me hard and deep, thrusting me into the bed over and over. I don’t know why it felt so good, maybe just the change in circumstance, cause my husband is almost the same in every way, but I was just over the top as he fucked me. “Roll over Courtney, I want to fuck you from behind. I wanna hear that ass slap!” he said as he pulled out. I got on my hands and knees and bent over as deep as I could go. My back can’t arch the way it used to when I was younger, but I still can get it a good ways down when I want.

His hands gripped my ass cheeks firmly and he spread me open, entering my pussy from behind. The slight curve in his cock hitting my pussy like this made my head sink into the sheets in orgasmic pleasure. I couldn’t believe how good his cock was making me feel. Thrust after thrust his hips slammed into my ass sending a loud slap in the air. I couldn’t help but moan like a whore as his cock filled my hole. “Oh Jesus you fuck me so good! You fuck me so fucking good!” I moaned. He slapped my ass and drilled me even deeper than before. I felt the sensation crawl up my body as another orgasm hit me like a freight train. He never pulled out, and the twitching of my hips in this position on his cock sent me into an even deeper orgasm. Holy fuck I didn’t think it would be this good. I have a really sensitive clit, after having four children and years of sex it’s been very well stimulated. I of course love my husband but this cock was doing something magical to me right now. I only hoped that him and Sasha were having just as good a time as we were in here. Leon said he was close to cumming, but wanted to hold out so he pulled out and I got into a position I knew worked with my husband for times like this. I had him lay on his side, and then I did the same so that we were spooning on the bed, then he lifted up my top leg and slide back into my pussy from the side. This always worked for me because the fit wasn’t as tight as other position and it never went in as deep so it was a nice break for him, while teasing my pussy with a more shallow fuck that stimulated my clit more than my cervix. I don’t actually know the name for it, I just now my husband and I enjoy it.

After awhile of side fucking, Leon thought he had cooled down enough that we could move into another position. He rolled on his back and I got on top, riding him cowgirl style. I put my hands on his chest holding him down as I twerked my thick pale ass up and down on his long black cock. It felt just as good on top as it did on bottom. Bouncing up and down like some inexperienced little girl, just having fun with his cock up inside me. He held my ass for some time while I rode him, moving up and around to fondle my bouncing breasts. My husband has sucked on my tits more than any man alive, even more than our children who I breastfeed exclusively for years. They were still mostly firm but with my age had begun to hang down just a bit. That’s to be expected after four kids with how big they’ve grown. My husband doesn’t care in the slightest though, playing with them like a little kid every chance he gets. Leon appeared no different, groping and squeezing them like squishy play toys. “God I love your tits, Courtney!” he said as I was grinding on his cock.

We had been fucking for almost half an hour by now, my husband and I usually go for 20-30 minute sessions as any longer and it just becomes a chore. I bent down over him, lowering my tits over his chest, saying I want to feel his cum inside me. “You’re sure? You really want me to creampie you? I figured you’d want me to finish on your tits or something.” he said. I replied, “Don’t worry, I can’t get pregnant anymore, and my husband is ok with you doing this, just fill me up with all that cum!” As soon as I finished saying it he unloaded inside me. It’s as if all he needed was permission to do what he really wanted to do all along. Every last drop flooding inside my pussy like a fire hose spraying water. We orgasmed together one last time and I fell on his chest in ecstasy. We kissed as he held his arms around my back, his cock still firmly inside me. He kept me on top of him, wanting to feel my tits pressing against him for as long as he could. “We should really do this more often, I didn’t know fucking you would be so good.” he told me. ” I agree, I didn’t think your cock would feel so good inside me. I guess the rumors are true after all.” I replied. We continued to lay there cuddling for awhile, after about 30 minutes, Sasha and my husband walked in together naked and joined us in cuddling. They wanted to share what happened and see if we enjoyed ourselves as much as they did. It was clear that this would happen again. We laid together and told our stories before cleaning up and parting ways. I knew I would have to fuck my husband later tonight and tell him in detail what happened and how I want him to fuck my ass, but first I should give you my husband’s perspective…


I was sitting in my chair in the living room flirting with Sasha as my wife did the same with Leon on the couch. I had been honest with my wife about having a thing for black women, but really I meant Sasha. She was the sexiest woman on the street after my gorgeous wife. Every man feels the need to fuck as many women as possible, but when you’re blessed with a wife as sexy as mine you stay in line to not lose her, after all they don’t come often. Holding Sasha in my arms, in front of my wife and her supporting it was like some kind of dream. I knew when she lead Leon away by the hand her pussy would be taken, which ordinarily would hurt me, but I would be getting some pussy of my own so I was happy. I was flirting with her as my wife went upstairs, soon after I said to Sasha, “Looks like they’re in the guest room, why don’t we go to our bedroom and get this started. You didn’t come to talk after all.” She jumped up on my lap and straddled me, “No, I came to ride the dick I’ve been dreaming of for years.” she said as she lifted her little white dress of like a shirt. Nothing was on underneath so her firm tits bounced in my face as the dress let go of its grip. I felt her pussy lips sitting on my erect cock through my shorts like a hotdog in a bun. She lifted off my shirt and I pulled my shorts off from underneath her. I reached underneath her soft thighs and lifted her up, standing up in one motion.

With her legs over my shoulders I carried her to the bedroom as we kissed. We both heard the sounds of a sloppy blowjob from behind the cracked door, and it hardened my resolve to fuck the shit out of this girl. I threw her down onto the bed like I had with my wife so many times before. The dark chocolate skin on Sasha’s body leading through her curves down to the soft pink slit between her legs. I had to taste it. Her cunt was glistening in juices before I even did anything to her. As soon as my tongue hit her opening, she was moaning in pleasure. She had a puffy clit, and thick folds for her labia, no doubt from years spent taking cock. As I sucked on it her puffy asshole stuck out to me, I couldn’t just leave it alone. I stuck my tongue out and reached with my open mouth to swallow both her holes, sucking up her folds and lapping up the juices. Her ass was a national treasure, a relic to be worshiped. I held her legs open and devoured her holes swapping back and forth between her pussy and her asshole. To think most people don’t ind black women attractive. I was rocking her world sucking on her holes. “Fuck that feels so good! You eat my pussy better than my husband! I’m gonna fucking cum on your tongue!” she said as the first orgasm hit her. I sucked her delicate cunt through her orgasm, making her squirt in my face. “Jesus fuck me! Jesus fuck me! Sweet Lord take my fucking pussy!” she screamed in pure bliss.

I couldn’t get over how soft and smooth her skin was, my wife takes care of herself but this was something else. I was sucking on her boobs, the thick black love pillows they were, as I continued to finger her holes. “I’m gonna stuff this cock inside you, baby girl. I’m gonna fuck you’re tight black hole with my cock!” I told her. She opened up her legs for me as she begged for me to fuck her. “I want you to fuck me so bad! I’ve dreamed of your cock for years!” she moaned. I got my cock resting over her pussy when finally my fantasy of pressing inside a girl like her came true. Her pussy was pure silk, all the way down the softest tightest gripping cunt I’ve ever had my cock inside. It’s as if God hand crafted her pussy for my cock like a tailored suit. Thrusting in and out was unlike normal sex, it was like a slow-motion pleasure sequence in a movie as her pussy grabbed hold of my dick tighter than I’ve ever felt. Neither of us have ever experienced missionary sex this good before. It seemed as though every thrust into her pussy gave her an orgasm. I didn’t want it to end but at this rate I’d cum in seconds. Like before I picked her up and set her down so that she was again in my lap as I sat on the edge of the bed. She was grinding on my cock desperately as her tits were bouncing against my face. She held my head tightly in her arms, pressing her tits more in my face and I held my arms around her. We pulled each other in tighter and tighter, fighting to get closer even though we couldn’t get any tighter.

We were obsessed with each other fucking like lovers who’ve been apart for years. No woman has begged for my cock while she grinds on it like this woman. We were gasping for breath as we held each other fucking like animals. “Jesus, I love your pussy! I need your black pussy around my cock more!” I said as she rode me quickly. “I want you in my ass! Fuck my black ass like you do my pussy and I’ll be your little whore!” she replied. I slowly slide my cock out of her pussy and staying in the same position inserted it up her asshole. Holy fuck. I can’t believe the grip of her asshole on my cock. As good as it was, it would be better if I was fucking her from behind. We fell off the bed onto the fur rug over our hardwood floor, collapsing in front of our full length mirror. She quickly moved into a doggy position and I took my place behind her. Those juicy black ass cheeks parts around my cock beautifully. She arched her for me while I pulled her back towards me gripping her throat tightly in my hand. We kissed as I held her throat tight, her back still arching as I fucked her ass without mercy. A man couldn’t ask for a better whore. Seeing her tits bouncing in the mirror was a nice turn on as well. She had an anal orgasm for watching herself get dominated like this in short time, squirting all over the rug.

“Choke me out! Use my limp body as your fuck doll! Fuck my lifeless black body like a dirty slut!” she said as I gripped her throat tight. I held her throat , suffocating her until I saw her eyes roll back. I let her go and her body fell to the ground limp. I pulled on her hair, which pulled her head up, and fucked the lifeless black ass before me. I wouldn’t dream of fucking my wife like this. Sasha woke back up suddenly and saw herself underneath my body holding her to the floor. She gasped for air desperately as I continued to rail her asshole. What she might not remember is her body orgasming while she was unconscious on the floor. But I felt her on my cock, awake or not, her body is that of a whore. She told me on the chair earlier that she cleaned her asshole out just for me, so I can go ass to pussy or ass to mouth without worry. With fucking like this I couldn’t go much longer, it had been almost 45 minutes since we started. I swapped holes and went back deep in her cunt, saying I was going to finish deep in her wet pussy. I knew Leon would cum in my wife’s pussy, no man could resist her. Creampie for creampie, I shot every drop of my cum inside her begging pussy.

I laid next to her after I finished, cuddling her on the floor. “That’s the dirtiest, most intense sex I’ve ever had.” I told her.

“I can’t believe how good my orgasms felt on your white cock. We will definitely be coming back for more.” Sasha replied with my cum running out of her pussy.

We laid there for some time before going and joining the others. Both girls’ big tits hanging out, pussies filled with cum as we talked. We agreed we’d do this again sometime soon, both of us agreeing we had an amazing time together.


The rest of the day we spent together relaxing like normal. Flirting about all the things we had done with our neighbors, how my husband wanted my ass and how I wanted to give it to him. I told him this would make an excellent story to share with you all. I included a pic of myself this time. The first real experience in interracial sex. More stories to come next week, hope this one makes you horny. If you want me to add you as a character in one of my future stories just give me a name to use! Britney is up first…


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  • Reply Juan Collazo ID:4o78ep142

    wanna see Sasha

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Courtney one of my stories was just posted with us in it ! Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Courtney (part 1) is on the bottom of (part 2) . I hope you like it and please let me know here and on one of my other current stories ! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    (PART 2 )

    I heard a loud slapping sound so as I’m heavily panting I ask Courtney who’s underneath me what’s
    that sound ,she said it’s the black rapist’s big black leathery balls slapping against my ass cheeks
    as I squealed out ,”OOOOOOHHHHHH”!!!!!!!! He pulled out of me ,and quickly shoved his dick all
    the way into Courtney’s pussy and fucked her pussy really hard and fast as she to squealed out

    He went back and fourth fucking the two of us together as my pussy constricted like a vise around
    his dick causing me to squeal out ,”I…I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR BIG BLACK NIGGER DICK”!! “YOU BLACK BASTARD”!! “OOOHHHH GOD”! “YOUR GOING TO IMPREGNATE ME”!! “PLEASE I DON’T WANT A BLACK BABY”!! This went on for 20 minutes , fucking and breeding Courtney and
    me until he made this animal grunt and came deep into my pussy as he pulled my hair back and
    rode me like his horse ! All that I could do was squeal out “OOOHHH”! “OOHHH”!! “OOOOOHHHH”!!
    I felt his dick pulsating and pumping all his jungle seed into my womb as I collapse onto my sister
    Courtney’s back ! He pulled out of me and his seed leaked down on my sister’s ass !

    He then shoved his black dick all the way into Courtney’s pussy and gave her the same hard pounding fuck as he gave me ,then he unleashed a huge second sperm load of his jungle seed into
    my sister’s pussy causing her to also squeal out ,”OOOOHHHHH”!!! “OOH GOD NO”!! “YOUR GOING TO GET ME PREGNANT YOU FUCKING NIGGER BASTARD”!! “OOHHHH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD”!!

    She came hard on his dick as he filled up her fertile womb , and he made the two of us lick and suck his dick clean and as he put his dick back into his pants and left. Courtney and me got tested
    for pregnancy and unfortunately we are !

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    My sister Courtney told me to wear something sexy because she’s taking me out to her favorite
    nightclub for my birthday . So I wore a black skirt with my ten strap garter belt and my sheer black
    fully fashioned nylon stockings that are attached to the tops of my stockings with my 5 inch
    Louboutin stiletto heels ,and a white blouse and red lace panties .

    My sister Courtney is wearing a red mini skirt with black floral crotchless pantyhose and red lace panties also and the same brand of 5 inch stiletto’s that I’m wearing .
    She asked me to go out and start up her car ,so I went outside and realized that I forgot her keys .

    I went back inside the house and as I shut the door , I heard a strange sound coming from Courtney’s bedroom .So I went up to her bedroom and to my horror I saw this big muscular black
    guy holding Courtney’s long brown hair and shoving his big black cock down her throat as she’s
    trying to scream to warn me but the only sound coming out of her mouth was,”Mmmmph”!!

    I ran in screaming and hitting him to let her go but he backhanded me and grabbed my hair and
    made me get on my knees and told me to suck his cock or he’ll hurt my sister .So I did what he wanted and got down next to Courtney and started sucking his big black dick with her .I couldn’t
    get more than 4 inches of his 10 inch dick into my mouth but Courtney went down on him like a
    porn star .He told me to stand behind Courtney as she’s kneeling over her bed ,so I’m standing
    behind her with my legs spread apart, he tells me to bend over her and wrap my arms around her
    upper waist and grab and squeeze her big tits .

    He put his black dick between my pussy lips and thrusted it into my tiny white pussy causing me to
    suddenly shriek out, “OOOHHHH”!!! He’s banging me back and fourth with powerful thrusts as my
    34 DD tits are swinging back and fourth and I’m squealing out, “OOOHHHH”!!! “OOOOHHHH”!!!
    (PART 1)

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Courtney for some reason my stories are not being posted and I heard other people had the same problem so instead of posting our story that I just finished and loosing it , I would like to post it here personally for you on your comment section ! please let me know then I will write it out ! you will really like it . It’s about us as sisters , that’s the only hint I will give you ! I keep checking back here and wait upon your answer . Britney

    • Courtney ID:izam6dvxpi7

      Britney, you can post it however you think it’ll work.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I’m still working on our story Courtney , sorry about the delay but as you know when our guys get horny there’s no way that I can concentrate when he’s sticking his cock in front of my mouth . please be patient . thank you Britney

    • Courtney ID:8aga5tv1

      Take your time, I can wait. My husband and I have been fucking almost everyday since the events of this story. I never thought having my ass drilled would feel so good!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Holy Jesus Courtney !! after reading your fantasy that you and your husband played out made me so fucking wet ! that the more I read, I had to finger myself to the point I orgasmed in my nylons and panties ! I’m glad you found a couple that you can trust and respect , I don’t think that I can share my boyfriend with anyone at least not now ! My guy likes me wearing my old catholic school uniform with my hair in twin ponytails and my 5 inch Louboutin’s stiletto’s and either my school issued gray tights or my 10 strap garter belt and fully fashioned nylon stockings it’s up to him on which ones he wants me to wear and a white blouse and tie ! once I walk in our living room he’s all over me , and when I give him a blowjob I usually have a red lollipop in my hand as I suck his cock while looking at him with my seductive eyes that drives him fucking crazy with his primal lust ! Oh I forgot to tell you that he’s black with a 9 inch cock that , really drives me into submission to him ! I’m still working on our story and I can’t wait to post it ! your story is very well written , I don’t think mine can be as good as yours and your husbands ! I really can’t wait to work with you ! Britney