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Steph’s Story Part Two

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{PART 2}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So my last session was pretty wild and completely out of the norm for me to do. But I actually enjoyed it, it was such a rush and most importantly it distracted me from my depressing life. I had an appointment booked in with my counselor and we had a great chat.

We normally go pretty in depth with our chats and I have no filter with him. His like in his 40’s I think but his very relatable. I can normally be very open with him, I told him about the whole shaving situation and how I now shave that area too. He asked me how I felt and I never really thought about it. I guess I feel the same, but when I was slightly exposed to the coach I did feel a new sensation.

I then told him maybe I was feeling vulnerable, exposed, excited and maybe a little nervous. I then brought up how I sweat a lot down there especially. Like it gets really wet for some reason but I have no idea why. The counselor thought that part was interesting, he then asked how I was feeling at the current time. So I then reached down and slipped my hands down my panties and had a feel.

I was wet and moist but it wasn’t hot and I haven’t been training, I was so confused. I pulled my hand out and the counselor noticed my fingers was all wet and messy. So he kindly wiped my fingers clean with a tissue. He wrote a few things in his file and to finish the counselor likes to conclude by doing this thing where we go through my recent pictures to praise the achievement I made through the week.

So I gave him my phone and we went through the pictures together, he saw the picture I took of the gymnasium, some of the other girls doing their routines and I totally forgot I used the camera to help me shave. So there were a few pictures of my privates.

I completely froze and before I could even think to grab the phone, the picture I was dreading came up. My open legs with my pussy out half shaved and now staring at me. I looked up with a look of horor and apologized to my counselor. He accepted my apology and said it was so unlike me to take pictures of my privates to send to people.

I corrected him immediately and told him the truth. How I was just using the camera to help me shave. He completely understood and said that made more sense. We both looked back down at the phone and to my surprise he continued swiping. I forgot I took so many and then we reached me shaving my ass. So then for the next bit we looked at pictures of my butthole. After all that all he had to say was, well by the looks of it you did a great job. I was so humiliated and I then asked politely if I could have my phone back. He handed it straight back and I quickly deleted the pictures.

He told me not to worry and it’s just a body and it’s nothing to be embarrassed by. The only weird thing was, I wasn’t just feeling embarrassed but my pussy was feeling weird and it was getting more wet. But it was air-conditioned there was no reason to sweat. But I thought nothing of it and pushed on.

The weekend came so quick and I was ready for my one on one training. I got dropped of to the coach’s house, I wore my regular clothes a skirt and a half top. But this time I remembered my gym wear. I greeted the coach and we had a seat near his pool. He said he wanted to have a chat first.

He told me that he sees an Olympic gymnast in me but I lack discipline. He then said with the help of the right coach, I believe this is such an achievable goal. I nodded my head and said I totally agree, but just as I finished saying I agree. He snapped at me and told me not to be so quick to open my mouth without thinking.

I was taken by shock, he then said you will do as I say. Speak as I say and ultimately you will submit to me. I then just nodded my head and said yes coach, he then responded by saying that’s my little gymnast. He then took me in his house to the garage where he had everything set up to practice.

He then said; if you want to win in the big leagues you will have to think like them, act like them and dress like them. So I bought you a leotard to train in, would you want to try it on? I felt so honored and said yes immediately. He said perfect and passed me the leotards , he also told me he guessed the size.

I put them on and realized they were a little small. There was hardly any fabric, the back end looked like a thong. The front was real high cut and the top was a little tight. The fabric stuck to my skin like a second skin. My nipples poked out like no tomorrow and the leotard was black. Which made my pale white skin really stand out, I didn’t want to seem ungrateful so I decided to wear it but I felt so embarrassed.

I felt like I was on display but I wanted to prove that I was up for the challenge. The coach looked impressed and said perfect, you now look like them and that’s one step to closer to becoming their success. Now let’s see if you can act like them.

He then went on to say that the leotards looked like a perfect fit. I personally felt like they were a little too small but anyways. He then went on about the judges and how they are all old men and I had to appeal to all that catches their attention. He then told me to imagine that he was the judge and try and use my imagination to captivate him.

I was a little slow to catch on so I just started to perform a routine that we all have been practicing. He didn’t look impressed even though I thought I was flawless. I then asked for help, he then said come on Steph, think about it. You’re a beautiful girl, what do we want to see?

It then clicked why he chose this uniform. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to just hike my leotards up a little higher to get the back end to ride all the way up my butt and then did the performance again. He looked more captivated but he was only paying attention to my butt.

So I looked him dead in the eye and pulled the front up too and continued. He looked fully impressed and fully captivated, I felt a so empowered. He then told me I would be great and that he believes he made the right choice in choosing me. I felt so happy and I lost control of myself and just hugged him.

He was shocked but hugged me back. We then pressed on with my training and through the training I began to get this urge to impress my coach I just wanted his approval. I trained to the best of my ability and gave it everything. I wanted him to see how bad I wanted this, but out of nowhere everything went blurry and dark and then nothing.

I woke up and felt so confused, I looked up and saw the coach. He had carried me to the sofa to rest. I asked him what happened and he came over with a chocolate and told me to eat it. So I did as he told and then I was filled in that I had passed out. But he wasn’t mad he actually told me he was proud of me.

He told me he had no one go that hard before. He told I did a good job. But for some reason I still felt like I had failed him, I then took him by surprise. I asked him to punish me, he was completely shocked. He told me I did nothing wrong and it was out of my control. I still had this feeling of failure and I wanted to get that approval.

So I said again, I failed and there is no excuse. So punish me or were you just bluffing. That caught his attention, he walked right over to me and grabbed me by my ear and pulled me to his bedroom. He then told me to get on all fours on his bed facing away from him. He then told me I would be getting a spanking.

I then started to feel scared but weirdly I started to feel tingly sensations again. I did as he asked and braced myself, he then took of his belt and folded it in half. He then reached up and came down on one big blow. The strap came in contact with my bent over butt and I screamed. It felt like my butt was on fire, he then without notice came down again and I then felt like was going to pass out again.

The pain was unbelievable but I knew I deserved it, so I then braced myself for the next one while crying. But it didn’t come, so I looked back and saw that he wasn’t satisfied with just spanking me. So took what I learned from training and applied it to this. I reached back and pulled my leotards to the side revealing my open pussy and asshole.

His face lit up and said you really want this don’t you! I then looked back with tears all over my face and said yes I do! He then said good girl, I am so proud of you. It was that moment that gave me the approval I needed, but what came next was the price that it cost.

After the sweet satisfaction of approval came the bitter pain of that belt landing on my open pussy. I screamed like it was my last scream, he then told me to turn around and lay on my back and rub my pussy better. So I did, it was burning from the pain and before I could catch my breath he told me to move my hand and as I did he came down with another blow.

I lost all control to even make a sound. Everything went blurry and I felt drunk. Out of nowhere I felt his hand rubbing my pussy better but I was still out of it. I then for some reason peed clear liquid everywhere. I apologized in my dazed sense of mind and then I looked up and saw that he was satisfied with my punishment and that he was done.

I felt a sense of release and satisfaction. After about an hour I came too, I still had my pussy out and I could see it was all bruised. I felt completely confused and out of it still. He came over and told me that I did great. He had to help me get dressed because I was so dizzy.

He told me I had a beautiful body. I thanked him and then went home, I was so tiered. I had so much to think about and so much to process but I was going to put that all aside till tomorrow. I needed rest so as soon as I got home I went straight to sleep.

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