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Hot Summers

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This is a true story when I was growing up and how one of our neighbors began molesting me.

I grew up in the country and we didn’t have a lot of money, so we made do with what we had. Our summer times were notoriously hot and since there weren’t a lot of neighbors nearby, we often ran around in just our underwear. When I was eight years-old, you couldn’t get my Spider-Man underwear off of me – they were by far my favorite pair. My friends and I would often run to the creek to cool off when it was really hot. On our way we would pass one of our neighbors, an older man, who would wave and say hello. His name was John, but everyone called him Uncle Bubba.

I remember one day in particular; it was super-hot and I was walking home alone when Uncle Bubba invited me over for some lemonade. Back then it was common for us to stop and talk to our neighbors. So, I joined him on his patio, and we drank our lemonade, and talk about life. He asked about school – which I really didn’t care for and about some of the things that I like – such as fishing, looking for snakes and turtles, and swimming in the creek with my friends. He seemed to know a lot and I enjoyed our talks as I really didn’t have anyone at home to talk to. My parents were always working, and my two sisters ignored me, so it was nice to have Uncle Bubba around.

Over that summer, I would visit Uncle Bubba almost every day and of course I was always in my underwear. He would comment on them, and he also really liked the Spider-Man underwear.

One day, I went to visit him for a cool glass of lemonade, and he told me that the rocking chair that I normally sat in was in his workshop getting a fresh coat of paint. He told me I could take a seat on his lap just like his granddaughters would do. I thought nothing of it and sat on his lap and we began talking about the snakes he would catch as a child. I loved hearing these stories and it was fun sitting on his lap as he rocked back and forth. Uncle Bubba had his right hand wrapped around me and as he told me the stories, he gently rubbed my thigh. At first, it felt a little strange, but soon it was relaxing, and I started enjoying it. He would rub his fingers back and forth and swirl his fingers in a circle as we talked. As he was doing this, I could feel something in his pants that was hard and almost growing, but I didn’t really know what it was. His hand gradually moved towards my inner thigh and crotch. He paused for a moment and asked me if I liked how that felt. I said it felt good, and he continued to rub the inside of my thigh. As he was doing this, my little dick began to grow and get hard. He looked down, and saw the little bulge in my underwear, and commented “I see you do really like it!” He told me it was natural and that it was ok, and I should be ashamed or embarrassed about it.

I hadn’t realized how late it had gotten, when suddenly, I could hear my mother yelling for me to come home for dinner. Uncle Bubba looked at me and said I should go, but if I wanted to I could come back tomorrow and he would make me feel good again.

Next day I went over to Uncle Bubba’s, and he immediately motioned for me to sit on his lap. And as soon as I sat on his lap, he began rubbing the inside of my thigh. He asked about my friends and what we liked to do together. I told him we wrestled a lot and swam in the creek naked. He seemed to enjoy this, and I could feel his fingers reach under my underwear. He continued to rub his fingers against me, and soon was touching my little peepee. At this point it was hard and he asked if I liked when he touched me there. I smiled and nodded yes, and he continued to play with me. He soon suggested we go inside and get some more lemonade. I hopped off his lap and we went into the house. When we got in the house, he sat in his favorite chair, and asked me to remove my underwear as he thought I would be cooler and since it was just the two of us. Then he asked me to go to the kitchen and get the lemonade – which I gladly did. When I came back, he told me to put the glasses o the coffee table as he wanted to make sure I was growing up properly as a man. He had me stand in front of him and then began to examine my dick and my balls. As he did this, my peepee got hard. He said he knew what to do when this happened, and he bent over and put my little cock in his mouth. He began sucking on it and asked if I was enjoying it. I smiled and nodded yes. He then began rubbing my bottom and I could feel his finger play with my little butt hole. Uncle Bubba seemed to like playing with me and sucking on my dick as he did this for quite some time.

It soon got late, and I told him I needed to get home for dinner. He told me that we should keep this special game between us and not tell any of my friends or family as this would make them jealous. He also said that it would be fun for me to play with him at some point. I nodded my head and told him that I would keep it a secret. I also told him that I wouldn’t see him for a couple of days as we were headed out of town to visit my aunt. He seemed a little disappointed, but understood.

When we got back into town, I immediately went over to Uncle Bubba‘s house. He was very excited to see me, and I could also tell by the bulge in his pants. We went inside and he said I should take off my underwear and that he was going to take his off as well. He took off his shorts and boxers and I could see his uncut cock and hairy balls. It was first time I had seen an adult’s cock and it was much larger than mine.

He then sat in his favorite chair and asked me to sit on his lap. He asked me about my trip and how my aunt was. And as I was talking to him, he began to play with my dick and kissing my neck. He said that it would be nice if I could play with him and make him feel special, so he grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began playing with him. It was nice to make him feel good. As I was playing with him, I could feel him getting harder and he said it was now my turn turn to suck his cock. I was a bit nervous and scared, but he encouraged me to do it and said it was like licking a popsicle. And he said it would make him feel good as well. So, I bent over and began licking the head of his cock. As I was doing this, I found this strange liquid at the tip of his cock and I asked him what it was. He said it was his magic juice and if I made him feel really good enough more juice would come out. He then asked me to open my mouth and he put his cock in my mouth. I began to suck on it and he began to moan. I stopped and asked him if I was hurting him, and he said, the complete opposite – you’re making Uncle Bubba feel really good. I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth as I moved my mouth up and down. He began moaning more and more, then told me he was ready to shoot his magic juice. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his magic juice all over my face. Some of it splattered on my mouth and I tasted it and swallowed it. It was a little strange, but I kind of liked it. So, I spent the next couple of weeks, sucking his cock, licking his hairy balls, and having him shoot his magic juice on my face and often down my throat. Uncle Bubba also began having me wear his granddaughters My Little Pony and Disney Princess panties.

During my visits, Uncle Bubba also liked to play with my little hole. And one day he said he wanted to teach me more things that bigger boys would do. I was super excited as I was now going to do some things the bigger boys did. He then bent me over his lap, pulled my Pink Princess Panties down, grabbed some vegetable grease and then began rubbing it on my hole. Soon I felt his finger slide into my tight hole which hurt a little. I began to cry a bit and asked him not to do it anymore. He said if I wanted to be like the big boys, I need to learn how to take things in my hole. And eventually I should be able to take his cock in my hole so that he can shoot his magic juice in it. And once I did that, I would be just like the older boys. I looked at him and said ok. He then began moving his finger in and out of my hole.

Over the next few weeks, Uncle Bubba would gradually take bigger and bigger items and push them in and out of my hole. These were things around the house and kitchen, like carrots, zucchini and even the small leg of a chair. Eventually I got used to it and even began enjoying it. So, one day, Uncle Bubba said I was ready and took me to his bedroom. He had me lay down on the bed on my stomach. He put a couple of pillows under my stomach, so my butt was up a bit higher. I could feel him rub the grease on my hole, then I could feel the tip of his cock gently push against my hole. He said that the best way to get used to it was to do it fast. It may hurt at first, but the pain will go away soon. With that he pushed hard, and I could feel his cock enter my tight hole. I screamed a bit and began crying. As I did, I could feel him getting harder. He continued to move his cock in and out of my virgin ass. Soon he began to moan as he did before his magic juice came out, and then I could feel something warm fill my little hole. Uncle Bubba bred me for the first time that day.

He continued to fuck my little hole over the summer. And as the summer came to an end, so did my time each day with Uncle Bubba. However, I did continue to visit him on occasion and make him feel good and shoot his magic juice.

If you liked the story, I will write a second part on what Uncle Bubba did with me next. Just comment below.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    Cant wait for next story love the thought of you in panties

  • Reply Lewd ID:1d8kfb9sj33y

    Lovely story. I’d love to hear more.

    Kik & Snap @ lewd1976

    • UnderwearBoy ID:74uq6ftghk

      Thanks! I’ll write more

  • Reply NaughtyNeighbor ID:1dp2o60qvhj0

    Great story, got me hard reading it. Took me back to my days with Gabriel. Please I encurage you to write more.

    • UnderwearBoy ID:74uq6ftghk

      Thanks! I’ll write more and would love to hear about Gabriel.

  • Reply Paperboy ID:i9nni8l

    i was nine and was wearing my Spider-man underoos my first time.

    • UnderwearBoy ID:74uq6ftghk

      Cool. Who was it with? And what did they do to you?

    • BiPed ID:7zv2yufw43

      Mmm tell us more, slut

  • Reply Lord Undead ID:1drmn1lrvfxe

    Hot looking forward for more 🥵

    • UnderwearBoy ID:74uq6ftghk


  • Reply Aries ID:1dgivlod6pgj

    What a hot read, would like to know what else your neighbor has done to you!

    • UnderwearBoy ID:74uq6ftghk

      I will definitely write more!