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big brother

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I remember I was 14 and scrawny and small I never got picked for sports teams in the gym and was bullied.

But my big brother never bullied me he was 17 and fit way bugger because he played baseball.

I’d sit in his lap and play the game or watch him play but one time he played a porn tape and I felt him get under my butt.

I was wearing a cropped long sleeve baseball shirt with short shorts no underwear he was wearing boxers and a white beader.

He rubbed my bulge and asked if I liked it, it was him and my dad, my dad was hairy and buff and my brother looked my age and small riding my dad’s cock.

My dad had died in a fire him being a firefighter and my brother explained that since dad wasn’t here to take my butt he had to.

And I did even with lube it hurt having a camera on me made me blush my brother pumping his cock deep in my ass I only whined and moaned.

His balls slapped against mines while I jerked off he was big and begin playing with my nipples.

When the tape was finished I remember looking at my gaping ass with his cum leaking out

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  • Reply Big Dick Mike ID:7z8t8ghd9j1

    Have you and your broyher fucked since then ?

    • Tight whole ID:7ylg8z2hrco

      Can i see ur big dick mike;)

    • Gatorade ID:21z3s54k0cm

      no he’s married with 3 sons

  • Reply An ID:7b6m32acd37

    I wanna see this tape

    • Gatorade ID:21z3s54k0cm

      well you can’t see it dumbass its cp now