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I bang my best friend’s older sister and mother during football game. Part 2

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As I was fucking Debbie in the living room, the door opened and in walked Cathy, can’t get enough of that cock can you mom?

A couple of weeks after our first bout of sex, I went over to my friend’s house to visit him LOL, I was really horny and I was hoping Cathy was able and willing to fuck. I knocked on the door from inside I heard Debbie call out come in! I walked in. Oh hi Jack, Tim (my friend) isn’t here neither is Cathy, Darn I replied I really wanted to see Cathy! Debbie looked at me with a grin I bet you do! why don’t you sit down with me and we can wait for her. We sat on the couch and watched TV and talked about general things.
Debbie at this time was in her early 40’s a natural redhead 5’7″ with a 34-24-34 figure and married, she was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts that showed off her assets wonderfully. After a hour Cathy was a no show I asked Debbie; Um is that offer you made a couple of weeks ago still good? She looked at me, are you serious? Yeah, I’m really horny, as I said this, my cock began to get hard creating a bulge in my shorts. Debbie looked down, I can see that she placed her hand on it and began rubbing it causing it to strain against the shorts it was contained in. I reached over and began to rub her nipples causing them to get hard and poke thru her t-shirt she sighed I shouldn’t be doing this I’m married, and you are 16, she moved her hand up to the top button of my shorts undid it and pulled the zipper down.
My cock freed from the constraints sprang out at attention she began stroking me, I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth lightly at first then harder, our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I reached down with both hands and pulled her shirt off revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I leaned down and began sucking her nipples eliciting moans of pleasure. After a couple of minutes, she pushed me up to a standing position and pulled my shorts completely off, my cock wiggled up and down. there was precum leaking from it. Oh, my somebody really needs to empty his balls! I groaned yeah I do need empty them really bad! She stood up, pull my shorts off so I sat down and pulled her shorts down and off one leg then the other. She laid down on the couch and draped one of her legs over the back of the couch. She crooked her finger at me, I laid on top of her lined my cock up with her entrance and pushed into her OH FUCK she gasped that feels so good, I began thrusting fast and hard into her pussy, she gasped OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD KEEP FUCKING ME HARD! KEEP DOING THAT BABY! I kept pounding her hard, she suddenly cried out FUCKKK I’MMM CUMMING I’M CUMMMING, her cunt muscles gripped my thrusting cock like velvet covered vise causing me grunt I’M CUMMING as I pushed all the way into her and stayed there pumping my sperm deep in her pussy.
After that we lay there for a few minutes then, I began thrusting again Debbie looked up Ohh you are still going? I grunted yeah! I still got plenty of cum left in me. As I thrust into her I leaned down and kissed her again and then placed both my hands on her tits and massaged and pinched her nipples, OH GOD YES THAT’S IT BABY MAKE ME CUM AGAIN OH OH OH I’M CUMMMIINNGG! I kept fucking thru her orgasm as she came she clenched her cunt muscles making it hard for me to thrust so I rested for a minute until she released her grip and then I resumed pounding her hard. Oh my! you’re still fucking me? I nodded she moaned fuck I love your young cock! OH SHIT I’M CUUUMMMINNG! she began to have one orgasm after another, and I still kept pounding her pussy. I figured I may never get another chance at her so I was going to get all I could right now.
As I was fucking Debbie in the living room, the door opened and in walked Cathy, can’t get enough of that cock can you mom? she said with a shocked look on her face. Debbie replied well I did OH OH promise KEEP FUCKING ME him YES YES if you weren’t FUCK ME FUCK ME here he could use my pussy! OH GOD I’M CUMMINNG she looked at me are going to cum? I nodded and began to thrust faster trying to cum with her until with cries of I’M CUMMING we both exploded together, as we came it felt like she was using her vaginal muscles to “milk” the cum out of my cock. After the final spurt I finally pulled out and collapsed on the couch.
We were both covered in sweat and breathing hard, Cathy said that was pretty hot mom she sniffed the room its smells like sex in here! How many times did you cum? Debbie gasped I lost count after 4. Cathy looked at me, twice I told her. She laughed You stud! we got dressed and cleaned up the couch, sprayed air freshener around the room. As I left I asked Debbie can we do that again? She smiled gave me a kiss on the cheek, of course! If Cathy isn’t here and if you fuck me like that every time, I will give you all the pussy you want. Then she put her lips close to my ear and whispered but you better come back tomorrow and fuck Cathy to even the score. I went home got a good night’s sleep and the next day after school I went over and gave Cathy a good fucking.

Note: I had to change all the names because while my best friend found out I was fucking his sister (he walked in on us once) he doesn’t know I am fucking his mom every time his dad has to go out of town (he’s a salesman).

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  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    But the better question becomes did you plant your babies into them

    • Jack ID:1ew3xq9yk7ul

      Nope they both are on the pill, but I wouldn’t mind getting either of them pregnant.