Author: Jack

I love sex with married men 2

He is a former co worker. He is married to a woman. A couple years younger than me, 6 ft tall husky full head of curly white hair vivid blue eyes and 8 in cut thick cock very masculine.... # #

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Another ABS encounter 2

At my favorite ABS down near Brownsville,TX. The clientele was mostly Hispanic with many men from Mexico. I was in the corner of a large video room , it was kinda dark and I had sucked... # #

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I love sex with married men

I am a 57 in the closet gay man. A few years back I got a phone call from a friend and former co worker. he saw an ad I had on Craigs list. with my pic so there was no denying it was... # #

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Another ABS encounter

About 3 or 4 years ago on a Friday afternoon I stopped in at an ABS I had checked out before and had good luck find some dick, so that day I was horny and excited about getting some.... # # #

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One afternoon

Several years ago when I was still trying to appear straight , my girlfriend thought I was Bi and knew that I sucked and I wanted her to watch me have sex with a man or more, One day... # #

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My birthday

On my 53rd birthday I was on my home from Oklahoma, I live just south of Dallas . I am a still n the closet gay man,. Any way after checking out a couple of bookstores looking for some... # #

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