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I started work in a old people’s home aged 16 part 4

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The sex was good and I was definitely totally groomed and doing anything they asked

After taking Johnny’s virginity I felt so good I have had sex with 3 different ages ranging from 19 to 80odd and I enjoyed them all ,that morning after work as Johnny drove me home he asked if I would give him a wank as he wouldn’t see me for a few days but I told him I would call him and he could come over or we could go out ,I couldn’t make a date as didn’t know what was going to happen with George jnr and his massive cock .

On the way home I told him if he wanted a wank he had to buy me breakfast and then I would do it ,he drove straight to Macdonald’s and got me what I wanted and as we sat in the car park I told him get it out and I would do as we looked at the school kids as I knew he liked looking at the young girls in their short skirts and I noticed that when he saw a blonde one like me I could feel his reaction as I wanked him,this was my first out door sex if any kind and it felt good .

He dropped me off and I saw my mum before I went to bed for a sleep as I was dozing my phone rung it was George jnr he asked if I was still up for it and if I was when while we were talking I was playing with my pussy and I told him my mum starts at 3 so about then he can come ,I was a bit frightened as in work I felt safe but in my house on my own I was a bit frightened and he was a big man.

When I got up at 1 mum was watching some TV I had my dressing gown on and underneath was naked we talked and mum asked why I was so happy lately I told her I had a boyfriend and work was good . My mum is a good looker she had me when she was 14 my dad never lived with us and my mum is only 30 she’s small like me but 5ft2 now and she has 36c breasts and slim she works at a factory on shifts doing 12 hours, I was going to give her extra money saying I had a good pay rise to help her .

I was going upstairs at 2.30 when the door bell rang my mum went to answer and I was just upstairs when she shouted down to come down as I went down I saw my mum taken George jnr into the lounge as I went in shaking she said this man is one of your residents sons and he got your address from work as he has come to praise you for looking after his dad and he came here as he knows the home will just forget and not tell you and he has brought you some flowers to , I sat down and mum was chatting I was red and mum laughed and said to George she so shy you can tell as George laughed and started talking about his dad saying he owned a big company doing import export and the reason his dad moved into the home was the house he lived in was massive and too big for him, he asked my mum what she did and he said if you ever want a different job you can at our place as if Sonia ( thats me ) takes after you ,you would be a asset, mum went make him a cup of tea and George whispered you didnt say your mum was so pretty , i smiled and said you come early he said he wanted see my mum and asked what ny dad did i told him there was just the 2 off us , mum brought in the the tea and said she had to go soon but was nice to meet him he said likewise and he wouldn’t mind talking again about his dad.

Mum went to work and George sat and said I had so much fun with you yesterday with dad and now have you to myself how about we start now and he undone his trousers and he pulled his cock out it was semi hard but looked even bigger he asked me what I would like to do I had to tell him that his dad was my first and I don’t know much, that made him smile and he said to me I will teach you everything and one thing I like to do is a bit of exhibition,what’s that I said and he said flashing in public but so people think you don’t know like if you wear a dress with buttons on and leave a few undone showing your bra and panties, I liked that idea and i looked at his cock semi hard hanging there I got on my knees Infront of him and took hold with both hands lifting it and putting my lips on it, i felt him shake and he said yes baby girl yes he sounded like his dad and as i opened my mouth to take him i could feel him getting hard and he said today lets see hiw many times i can cum for you and in-between we can go for a drive to that little lake and maybe flash a few ,i think he knew I was turned on as i was sucking so hard and as i was sucking i was undoing his shirt and felt his manly chest so big and felt so strong, he asked he to stop as he wanted us naked and wanted to see my body I asked if he wantes to go upstairs he wasn’t bothered he just wanted to put his cock in me and cum ,thats what i wanted to and as he took off his clothes he grabbed me and turned me around so i was facing away and bent nw over the back of the sofa and opened my legs and i felt his habd guiding his cock in my pussy ,i felt it push past my lips and enter my pussy and keep going it feltvlike it was never going to stop as it hit my insides he gripped me and said your so tight i feel like cumming already, do it i said cum in me fill me up with your cum as i felt him draw back then push in and he started a rhythm and i felt his body pushing against my small body as his hands reached gripping my tits and he was saying make Sonia a baby fill her pussy my lovely cock as he thrust harder and faster i was like a rag doll in his hands he was lifting me up with every thrust i was having orgasm after orgasm as he went faster and faster he was banging me so hard and then i felt it his warm sperm shooting out up my channela trying to make me pregnant,i hadnt said i was taken birth control as he filled my pussy he pulled out and turned me around and said lick my cock clean baby girl i did as i was told i was shaking with pleasure as i licked him and i felt his cock go soft ,i rolled onto the sofa exhausted he sat next to me and said that’s once so far lets get your pussy full.

I sat thinking how good that had been when he turned and said how about we go out and do some fun outdoors,I had always wanted to fuck outdoors I agreed and he said wear a dress or skirt that has buttons all the way up so we can undo them so people can see how sexy you are and wear some young looking panties if you have any ,but before we go I want to fuck you again your so sexy and beautiful.

We fucked again and I went upstairs he came and looked at my clothes he liked the demon dress that buttoned up the front and was short and I showed him a pair of pale yellow panties with hearts on perfect he said as I got ready , he was looking in my wardrobe and said is this your old school uniform yes it is , well later I would love to fuck you in it .

When we went out to his car it was a black Range Rover with black windows it was massive I had to climb in and we drove off know idea where we were going but as we drove he asked me to undo my dress buttons so he could feel my panties as we drove ,I did this and he put his left hand between my legs and worked his fingers under my panties and into my pussy it felt so good his fingers were like boys cocks so nice as he played , we stopped at a nice looking cafe and he said we can go get a drink and a sandwich here and flash a few men if you feel ok doing it , that was my fantasy flashing men .
We went in he knew the owner a man his age looked Italian or Spanish and he gave us this table he looked me up and down and George said to me let him see how beautiful you are given him a twirl I was blushing as I spun around he said your right she’s beautiful have a seat I will bring you a nice drink and sandwich and join you for a chat.

He came sat with us and a waiter brought us drinks and food a nice bottle of wine , I sat in-between George jnrand the man and as they chatted I listened and ate and drank George said to the man she’s just learning,and looked at me aren’t you Sonia I nodded ,then George jnrsaid to him it’s ok have a feel ,I gulped what did he mean then I found out the man placed his hand on my knee,i froze as he moved it up to my dress and then under my dress George out his hand on my other knee and said how does this feel ,I must admit it felt horny as I felt a hand on my panties rubbing them then I felt my pussy being rubbed through my panties, George jnrgrabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch and said to me wank me whike he does what hes doing ,i knew what he was going to do finger me as i pulked George’s cock out and started to wank , the man said George are you sure its ok he said ask her, he did i nodded yes and then felt his fingers go under my panties and into my pussy not hard but softly and he was fingering my pussy as I wanked George jnr i watched as George jnr got a napkin and i felt his cock getting ready to cum and he places the napkin at the end to catch it at the same time I felt my pussy juices leave ny pussy over his fingers as he pulled them out.

He smiled and said to me Sonia your so beautiful and sexy anytime you want a free meal just come here and it’s on the house , George jnr laughed and said to me that was fun now I want to take you down by the river and I want you to open your dress up as we walk so your panties are on view and see how many looks you get and might even get you to undo it fully as we get in the car ,I was horny as anything I would do anything he asks me .
The next episode I will tell you what happens at the river and how George jnr wants to date my mother

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