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I’m worried about my friend Val

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This happened awhile ago. I was still married and my black older next door neighbor Clem was fucking me. Well one day before we fucked, my cell rang. I picked it up and it was Val.

She asked what I was doing? I told her my neighbor Clem was just about to fuck me. When I said that to her Clem pushed his huge black cock inside me. Val asks me is he fucking you? I said yes. Val says I’m coming over.

Val only lived two blocks away from me but I never told her about fucking Clem, u til now. I hear Val say Carol where are you? I tell her by the pool. Val sees Clem fucking me and she’s standing there naked.

Clem says my god Carol who is that? I tell him that’s my friend Val. She’s five eleven, long curly brown hair, long legs, a nice butt and huge fake tits. Val comes and sits by us. Clem pulls his huge cock out of me and says to Val how about sucking my cock.

Val grabs his black cock and starts to suck it. Clem is grabbing her big tits and I’m getting her nice and wet for what is about to happen. Clem lays Val down on a lounge chair and tells her show me what I’m about to fuck.

Val spreads her legs and Clem is slowly pushing his cock into her. I’m now licking Clem’s balls as he’s having a hard time getting all of his cock inside Val. She tells Clem that it hurts to much and asks him to stop.

I lay on my back and Clem says ok Carol your turn and slams his huge cock into me. We fuck for sometime and both of us cum a lot. Clem says he has to leave and it’s only Val and I.

I ask her what happened? She says his cock was way to big for me. Then she says I don’t know how you do it. I tell her I’m used to big cocks. The funny thing is that when she would call and Clem was here she’d say ok I have to go now and hang up.

Now let’s fast forward. Val, Steve and I recently went to Jamaica. I know I was going to be fucked and I know Steve would be fucking Val. That wasn’t the case. When we arrived at our villa that had its own staff, Val knew what time it was.

I left this older black man Rafe fuck me and Val let this other black man, Andre fuck her. I’ve seen her face when Steve fucks her and she looks like she’s bored. When Andre was fucking her, she was like an animal making all these sounds.

We were at the villa for a week. I think Val and Steve had sex a handful of times. Then one night we switched partners. I was fucking Andre and Val was fucking Rafe. Again she was going crazy.

When the week was over we fucked every man on the staff. We were all fucked out and ready to go home. We both looked at Steve and we let him fuck the both of us. Again I noticed her face like she was saying to herself in get this over with.

I sort of felt sorry for Steve, and as for Val I’m worried. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I’ve made. She and Steve are really good friends to me. I hope maybe if we sit down and talk she’ll think differently. Wish me luck I’m going to need it.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Aunt Carol ! I’m such a very bad girl . please forgive me implying that your a racist ! I know you are not ! and I need to be punished, so please let me know what my punishment will be ! love your very naughty black cock whore niece ! Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Aunty Carol our story was just posted !! love your black cock loving poptart , Britney .

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Aunty why are you worried that val is becoming a black cock slut ? Isn’t that what you taught us young pop tarts to be !! Aunt Carol can you have Rafe fuck me when I come over this week to visit my very pretty and black cock loving aunt ! Maybe we can have threesome so when Rafe bangs me doggystyle I can tongue fuck and slurp all your pussy juices out of you or after Rafe blows his load in your pussy I can suck it clean out of you ! love !!! your little black cock loving , cum dumpster , marriage wrecking , poptart niece !! Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Hi Aunt Carol ! I just finished my first part of my story about the two of us in your house and I will submit it tonight and hopefully it will be posted . you will love it and it will be a 2 part story if they don’t loose it . Thank you aunty for inspiring me to love and fuck big black dick !! love your naughty , black dick loving niece Britney !

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      I’m really worried about Val. I think she’s becoming a black cock slut like myself. I would hate to see her and Steve divorce. I must say Rafe fucked me as good as Stelton. I wish Rafe was living here. I love all my fuck buddies. Love your black cock and cumming loving Aunt Carol.