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No dogs allowed

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Weiner dog eats my girlfriend’s pussy on a weekend getaway.

This story isn’t too crazy but at least it’s true. As they say, truth can be stranger than fiction.
A girlfriend of mine lives in another town where I visit every month and we catch up and get down. Always had great chemistry and we’ve known each other for years. We probably would have ended up married but while on a hiatus from each other during college she married another dude and remains with him to present day. She doesn’t feel one ounce of guilt and loves fucking me whenever the chance arises. I suppose I am lucky, I always did want to marry her but it would have gotten stale as all marriages do. This way, sex is always fresh and nasty.
My recent visit I decided to take my new pet, a miniature dachshund whom I had purchased from an old couple who couldn’t have her anymore. She is a 6 year old red short haired bitch. She met my girlfriend, wagged her tail and licked her face. The two were instant friends. Later that evening we began our fuck festival and I did the usual foreplay things…. Played with her tits, licked and sucked her nipples, fondled her pussy, fingered her pussy and asshole, ate her pussy and sucked her clit while fingering her pussy and asshole simultaneously. The dog was barking on the floor wondering what all this fuss was about and I had to pick her up and put her on the bed. Girl likes to be submissive so I demanded a blow job. I was on my knees ramming her mouth with my cock and noticed she was really getting into it. I straddled her face, facing her and the wall in front of me. I was thrusting my cock down her mouth, back out, down her throat again and letting her suck until she needed air. I noticed she was really turned on and getting into it, more so than ever before. She begged me to cum down her throat and this would take some time and continued thrusting. She kept on taking my cock as I fucked her mouth like a pussy. Suddenly she stopped and had the most powerful, loud orgasm and I couldn’t believe how damn loud it was. She was literally screaming. Then I noticed it: you guessed it. The whole time my dog was going at her pussy like a wolf eating a fresh kill. I looked down at her, her legs were wide open. Like, doing the splits wide open. A train could have entered her. She used her right hand and fingers to stimulate her clit and open her lips so the dog could have complete access and control of her pussy. While sucking me off, the dog was lapping her gunny and having a damn feast. Her juices kept coming and the dog with her long tongue was up inside her licking and frolicking in her pink gash. Her legs were spread so wide and her body became rigid and hard, she was so turned on and transfixed by this new sensation. When she came her body literally went into convulsions and it made the dog even more frantic. Like it was a game, the dog had to accept the challenge and continue dominance on her Pussy. Her pussy must have tasted pretty damn good, and as she convulsed in orgasms she begged me to cum in her mouth deeply, so she could swallow my cum while getting off herself at the same time.
Well, sorry people. This was all a bit too freakish for me and my 8 inch rod quickly became like soft little piece rubber. Totally turned me off and I drew away from her and let her finish by herself with my dog. I took a shower, cleaned up and went back into the bedroom to talk about dinner or something different. I went back for my clothes and there she was, on all fours, doggie style with her ass sticking out low to the bed in order to accommodate my dog. Dog was eating her ass and pussy from behind. I shook my head in disgust and grabbed my clothes, got dressed and left the room. I decided WTF and got in my car and drove home. It’s been a couple months, have not heard from her or had an update on how my dog is accepting her new home. Hope the two of them are happy.

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  • Reply Devin ID:ffh2ubnhm

    You know it’s sad buddy you should’ve fucking kick the dog out. I wanna fucking kill the dog

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ns8k

    Awesome story I have a fetish maybe you ladies could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties.. text me 814 319 8624