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The Barista

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Forgive the long build up. This is a fantasy I created about these two young girls I flirt with at work.

I work Security at a casino. I would always talk to these two baristas Gloria and Danielle at the coffee shop. I always flirt with them even though I am much older than them. They were both 24 and I am 44. We all worked grave shift. They told me a few of them were going to breakfast this morning and asked me to come. I told them I would.

We met at the restaurant and the three of us were the only ones that showed up. We chatted and ate. They were fun. It made me feel young again. Gloria was cute, short and quiet. Danielle was cute, goofy and sassy. Neither were drop dead gorgeous or totally hot but they were doable. I loved flirting with them and when they flirted with me.

Danielle asked me, “Hey come hang out with us. We are going to the beach later. Ahem. You can see what we look like in bikinis.”, she said

I joked, “Um, ok? Who said I want to see you in a bikini?” I smiled and made a grossed out face.

They both scoffed and smiled. Danielle said, “Uh you dick!” And threw her eggs at me. I threw them back. Gloria put ketchup in her hand when I wasn’t looking. She slapped my face with it. I am sitting there with ketchup on my face and eggs on my shirt as the manager came over and asked to please quiet down or we would be asked to leave. I apologized and told him we work together and were just having fun.

Danielle said, “This guy doesn’t want to see me in a bikini! Can you believe that?”

The manager looked uneasy and told us to enjoy our meal and left. We all busted out laughing.

I was telling them I had a side business working as a masseuse during the day. Danielle inquired about it.

“Massages are $80 for 30 minutes.”, I said. She said ok. I didn’t have any clients for that day. We decided to skip the beach and meet at my place. We split up after breakfast and that afternoon Danielle came by my place.

“Where’s Gloria?”, I asked.

Gloria had to do something for her parents and couldn’t come. I asked her to get on the massage table face down. She stripped down to the bikini she had on. She flirted, telling me to put my eyes back in my head.

“Please! Get over yourself! I have seen better!”, I said smiling.

“Ewww you! Prick! Do you want the eggs again?”, she said smiling and laughed. I laughed and shook my head. “Uh no touching my breasts or ass please.”, she said.

“Hmmmm. Didn’t mention your crotch.”, I flirted.

“Touch there and you will lose your manhood.”, she said making scissors with her fingers.

“Rarr”, I said making cat noises and waved my hand forward in a scratching motion. “Ok Ms. Bobbitt.”, I said. She didn’t know who that was until I told her what happened to Ms. Bobbitt’s husband. She laughed.

I oiled up my hands and started with her head and neck. Moving down to her shoulders.

“Surprised you ain’t got a guy right now. You are very cute.”, I said.

She told me the guy’s that she dated don’t like what she wants in bed. She told me how she is freaky and likes to be dominated. I was turned on.

“Really. Hmmm.”, I said

“What does that mean?”, she asked

“Doesn’t mean anything.”, I said surprised. I could tell she was grinning.

“Do you like that stuff?”, she asked

“Um let’s keep this professional.”, I said.

“Yeah ok! Says the guy eyeballing every inch of my body right now! Got your hands all over me. Feeling me up!!!”, she said giggling.

I busted out laughing. “OMG you are fucking crazy!”

“Hey umm….odd request….will you spank my ass Phil.”, she said

“What?”, I said

“Spank…..my….butt! Are you de-ef?”, she said. I patted her butt lightly. “Eh boy. You are one of them.”, she said

“One of what?”, I said

“You are like my ex’s. Don’t know how to spank an ass.”, she said. “Probably all romantic and slow when you screw too? Candles, soft music, passionate kissing the works. That is Gloria’s way. Borrrr-ing!!!! Me? I like it rough. Role playing, domination, spanking, hair pulling, slamming your cock into me, pounding my asshole. Save the romantic shit for after.”

“Wow! Umm….”, I said shocked

“What is the matter? Seeing a side of me you never knew about? I’m not the innocent girl you thought I was. Huh? Looo-sar!”, she said

“Well for one thing…DANI! You have never had me. We are not in a relationship. So stop fucking judging me.”, I said. She giggled. “For two, You are just doing this to piss me off so I hit you!”

“I am not!”, she said. “I am just an innocent young girl here for a massage. We are just having a conversation. I cannot help you are a prude.” I spanked her ass hard. “All you got?”, she asked giggling. I hit her again. I hit her a couple more times. “There you go. Now you get to massage my front.”

I rolled her over roughly and she got naked. “Damn. She had a nice body.”, I thought. I oiled up between her tits down her flat stomach, to her pussy. She had the cutest pussy with her pubic hairs shaped into a heart. Her lips were shaved. I wanted to fuck her bad. But I wanted to impress her also. I wanted to show her I could fuck her like she wanted.

I spread the oil over the front of her body with my hands . Massaging both tits, gently squeezing and flicking both nipples with my tongue. Moving down her stomach. I covered her pussy with my hand and gently squeezing her lips from top to bottom. I felt both lips gently caressing between my finger and thumb. She was really getting into it. I moved to the middle and found her clit. I flicked it, teasing it with my finger. She made a remark how good that felt.

“Duh it is supposed to.”, I said. She smacked the back of my head. I got up and I took my oily hands and gently slapped the sides of her face. She whacked me hard across the face giving me a nice sting. She apologized. I started tapping and slapping her head all over. She laughing more than anything. I cradled her in my arms and took her to my bedroom dropping her hard on the bed. I got between her legs and had her spread her lips. I flicked her clit with my tongue. She moaned passionately. I grabbed a handful of her ass cheek and pinched and squeezed making it hurt. She loved it. I sucked on her clit hard and flicked it some more. Doing a combination of the two. I shoved my thumb up her cunt and finger up her asshole. I was jamming them in her as my tongue worked it’s magic on her. “Uh uh uh uh. Oh fuck Phil!”, she said. She didn’t last long her legs came together and opened. They did it again. The third time she let out a “mmmmmmm”, squeal as her legs locked around my head. I pinched her ass hard. She squealed even louder. Her legs like a vice around my head as her pussy juice shot out. She collapsed out of breath.

I was hard as a rock. I got up and pulled her by the hair so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Get the fuck up! Now!”, I said. I put my cock in her face. She resisted. I beat her face with it and then ran my cock head across her lips. She was grinning. I pulled her hair until she opened her mouth and then mouth fucked her. She was making gurgling noises as I shoved into her mouth.

“You going to sit there? Suck it!”, I said. She looked at me with fearful eyes and shook her head. Totally acting the part. It turned me on even more. “I said suck it.”. I gently slapped her head. She gently bit down on me. “Hey hey hey! It is just role play!!”, I said. She giggled with a mouthful of dick.

She was good at sucking dick. She could deep throat which I liked. Those beautiful red lips sliding up and down my cock really turned me on. “You got a nice cock. I like it.”, she said. I told her to shut the fuck up and suck my dick. “You wanna get bit again? Huh? Old asshole!”, she said

“Hey it is just role play!”, I said

“Stick your role play! You old fart.”, she said. I slapped her head. She started bobbing up and down for a bit. Then she sucked as hard as she could. I felt my dick starting to swell. “OMG Dani don’t stop! Oh shittttt!”, I said as I blew my load into her mouth. She was giggling taking it all. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and she swallowed my load.

She went and rinsed her mouth out and we made out on the bed.

“Am I doing ok?”, I asked

“Uh yeah. Why?”, she asked

“What you said about the other guys.”, I said

“Aw are you trying to impress me? Don’t worry about what I said. You are an old man. I won’t judge you harshly.”, she said

“You know what fuck you!”, I said laughing. “Come on get on all fours.”, I said. She did. I spanked that cute little ass of hers a couple times. I took my hard cock and lined it up to her pussy hole. I just jammed it in her. “Uhhh ahhhh”, she squealed. I showed her cunt no mercy. I was ramming her hard as I could. She was just looking dazed with her mouth open drooling. Saying “uh” with every thrust. I grabbed her hair. “Owww. Fuck me! Phil fuck me!”, she said. The sounds of our bodies slapping filled the room. I felt my orgasm coming on and I rammed her as hard as I could. “Awwww fuck Dani….”, I said as I unloaded into her. I pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed.

“Wow! Not bad. Not bad at all. Borderline excellent.”, she said and giggled. I laughed. We laid and made out on the bed until she had to pick Gloria up.

“You two coming back here?”, I asked

“Why you want to fuck her too? She’s not gonna be as easy. It’ll take some work. I won’t tell her what went on here if you want to.”, she said. I said ok.

“So you admit you are easy hmmm?”, I asked

She flipped me off as she went out the door.

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