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Black man’s punishment

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A white brat girl is punished good by black gang for being racist

Lola is the queen bee of the whole highschool she is a mean bitch her folks was rich so she is totally spoiled

There was a guy in school Jason he is black and had a crush on lola but to his dismay lola hates black people

“How dare you try to ask me out don’t you know your limit you’re a  dirty niggar man
You are nothing but a curse for America you people bring aids here
Bloody pathetic slave ” Lola curse and move away

Everyone is laughing at Jason he was angry as hell his blood was boiling he wanted to pay back lola

Jason knew that downtown is full of black gangs he went to the area to find the perfect people

He saw a group of around 7 man in their 30’s smoking and chilling they were looking like thugs

He approached them and said ” I had a offer wanna hear”

They listen to jasons plan and immediately agreed

Next day lola was going out to her friends house and before she could reach it she was being taken from the streets
She bondage and taken to a basement

“Hello foxy miss me”

“You niggs how dare you im going to make you rot in jail for life ”

“Aww sadly you’re not getting out
Cunt ” Jason say as the gang come in the basement

“What do you want let me go”

“I want payback slut ”

“So you don’t like nigger blondie ” one of guys said
“I’m sure you’ll like out cocks though ”

“She must be very loose
girls like her had body count till 100”

“Even if she’s not she’ll be so loose after we finish with her ”

“No please let me go ”

“As you wish ” Kevin the gang leader said cutting her ropes

His gang member holds her hands and legs now he tore the clothing of her body leaving her butt naked

He put a finger in her pussy making her scream

“pleASEE DONT I’m a virgin ”

“oh you won’t be one after today ” Kevin laughed

He whip out his cock
It was huge

They lay her on the floor still holding her

Kevin put his cock on her pussy

“here comes the rocket ” Kevin thrusts in lola making her cried out loud he starts penetrating her

“oh the bitch is tight ughh ”

Jason took his cock and put it on lola’s lips

“open up slut ”

“noo” lola protested

“fine get me the scissor ” Jason said

“now open up of else I’ll cut your nipple” Jason said putting her nipple between scissor

“no please ” lola said taking his cock in her mouth

“Lick my sweaty balls like your life depends on them because it is ” Jason said and laugh

Kevin and Jason exchanged places Kevin has a full pack of pubic hairs from his cock to torso

“You find us dirty so clean us with your tongue” Kevin said holding her by her hair

He made lola lick him all over the body hairs he smelled of sweat and piss

She choked a lot but Kevin made sure we covered every spot

Jared had the the biggest covk among them and Kevin asked him to take her ass

They put lola on her fours and get behind her

“no please don’t ” lola cried

Jared lick her ass before inserting his cock inside

“ahhhhh.hhhh” lolas cries was so loud

He fucked her till he came in her ass now others exchange the place all of her holes were getting filled without any break

They all made lola lick them hair to hair

After they were finished lola was lying covered in cum

“you must be thirsty by now ” Kevin spoke

“open your mouth ” Kevin said putting his cock on her face

Lola tried to protest but jared showed her the scissor

She open her mouth
Kevin start pissing directly in her mouth

“drink up slut” Kevin spoke

After they were finished
Lola asked ” please let me go now”

Kevin laughed
“you are not going anywhere you will live in our whorehouse and entertain our men from all over town ”

Jared pick lola up and take her out of the basement

They were in the whorehouse lola can see many other white girls stroking black men over their clothes

He put her In a room with a long queue out

“your todays target is 100 ” Kevin said and let his men destroy lola

“she will be so submissive in a week ”

“you’re going to really keep her ” Jason asked

“noo she’ll be out in a week but by than you circulate her videos of taking black dick all over ” Kevin spoke and they all laughed

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    I love being a slut to bbc

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    She should feel privileged to take so much noble (albeit smelly) black cock!!

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    Love watching white bitches take multi bbc