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My sister’s killer

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Carlson’s sister was killed at a young age. Know he’s going on a manhunt to find the killers and bring them to justice.

This is a fictional story written in first person

Stacey (17) was sitting on the sofa, she was pissed at our parents because she had to stay home for tonight to watch me(13).”Ok dork, it’s time for bed” she said. She brought me to my room and tucked me into bed then she went downstairs. I wasn’t able to sleep so i started touching myself, before i could finish i heard screaming downstairs.
I opened the door to my room and made my way to the stairs, before i could do anything i heard Stacey yell “Please don’t!”, then a gunshot. Not long after i saw a figure, dressed in black, coming upstairs. I’ve been spotted, the figure rushed towards me, i went to my room and locked the door. I heard from the other side of the door, a male voice “come out sweetie, I’m not gonna hurt you”, i wasn’t buying it and i could hear him getting impatient, i heard another voice, female, “c’mon we don’t have time for this”, he started bashing the door untill he busted them down. I was hiding under the bed, he was looking for me. He came to the bed and looked under. He dragged me out and proceeded to take my pants off and started jacking me off. His partner was nagging him “we don’t have time for this, c’mon”, “shut up, if you want to go so badly then help me” she was reluctant but she had no other options. She started sucking on my young cock, and the guy was trying to push his cock in my ass, whick hurt like a mother fucker. I was screaming in agony but then i heard police sirens “shit, we gotta go” she said. They jumped through the window to my neighbors yard and disappeared. I was knocked out for a couple of minutes. The police came to my room and found me on the ground and they took me to the station. On our way out i saw my sister laying on the ground with her chest opened, blood everywhere. At the station they were questioning me, i told them what happened. My parents were brought to the station, i saw my mother crying.

Years later

I was in the army for the past 3 years, my family moved to a different city trying to escape what happened but i couldn’t let it go. I went to my hometown trying to find answers or at the very least enjoy the good memories there. I went to a dinner, the waitress there was an old childhood friend. “Welcome to Lucy’s dinner, what can i get you” she said, “hey Nikki, how you doing” i said, “Carlson? Is that you”, “the one and only”, she hugged me. “So what are you doing back here i thought you moved?” “Well we did but i thought i would stop by an say hi”. We chatted for a bit before she asked “so what’s the real reason you’re here?” “I think both of us know why I’m here” “you’re still on about your sister huh, the case is long closed” “Really? Did they find who did it?” “They found one of them, but he would give up his partner” “what happened to him?” “The Court found him not guilty, but the whole town knows he did it” “Do you know his name?” “The whole town knows his name, John Carter” “Thank you Nikki, i owe you one” “Oh you can repay right away” “What do you mean?” “Well, this town hasn’t had a good cock ever since you left” “Seriously? What was the last time we did it?” “When we were like 15” “fine let’s go” “What? Like right now?” “You said right away” “okay, okay, damn”. She lead me to a room in the back, quite dark. She got on her knees and started unbuckling my belt. She took my pants off and my raging boner got out. “You’re quite excited” “whatever just hurry” “okay okay”. She started gently stroking it, then she put it in her mouth and continued by sucking it. “Screw this” i said as i grabbed her head and started ruthlessly fucking her throat, her pretty eyes rolling in excitement. I came in her throat, she swallowed all of it. “You’ve gotten better” “I’ve had practice”. She took her pants off and lead my cock to her pussy. As soon as my tip was in i thrust the whole thing in, “oh geez, no need to go so hard” “I’m in a bit of a hurry” “well we can hurry but slow it down a bit”, as soon as she finished the sentence i started thrusting in an out with ruthless speed and force, she moan and her yes rolled back in pleasure. She moaned loud as i came in her pussy “oh yes, uhhh, so much juice”. I pulled out of her and went to put my clothes off ” I’ll be on my way now” ” wait, are you gonna come back once you’re done” “oh trust me, I’ll be back”. I left the dinner and was on my way to find this John Carter. I rented a small motel room and went to sleep, tomorrow is going to get bloody.

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    Hell yeah keep it up

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    I hope you find this John Carter and give him a good revenge assraping!

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    Try separate the talks between characters
    Otherwise it will be hard to read and it will all just become a huge mess and you will lose the effect you’re hopping for