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Utopia Ranch 1

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I always had an eye for the young ones. This will give me a never ending supply.

I have always had an eye for young girls. I don’t know what it is about them. I do enjoy beautiful healthy adult women as well. If I had beautiful young girls lined up with gorgeous adult women and it was my choice which to take to bed I would always take the girls, or at least 99/100 times I would. I do come by this honestly or at least that’s how the saying goes.  My father and probably his father as well, loved young girls. I have been blessed that my father made a lot of money as did his. We own a lot of legitimate businesses around the world and we are also connected in several countries, some with the government and some with the sendacits and some of them are one in the same. My father passed away in his late 80’s. My mother was 15 and pregnant with me when he married her, he was in his mid 40’s. She was faithful to him in the fact that she only had sex with who he told her to. She also made sure he had young girls whenever he wanted which was a lot. He had a loyal personal attendant (Mac) that helped him a lot and all he wanted in return was to be able to play with some of the girls himself, it seems he had the same taste for life.  My mom knew of my desires, so when my father passed she made sure I had what I needed, but she always went through Mac. She felt since she was my mom it was better to let Mac be a buffer with such things.  Mac told me that my mom had a special girl for me. This one wasn’t as young as most she would get for me but she wanted to get the girl out of her home and some place safe.
I went into my room and this girl was gorgeous. My mom had her makeup and hair done how I like, pretty much like a cheerleader or a little girl in a pageant. She also had very sexy lingerie, silky, lace, stockings, bustiers, ect…  As soon as I got her out of her lingerie She had nice curves, hardly any hair on her pussy, nice little budding A-cup size breasts. Soft wavy dark red hair, full moist lips, deep rich green eyes. When she spoke there was a trace of an Irish accent that made me think of a beautiful spring day. Her name is Kelly and she was 13 and for such a young girl she knew what to do and she was very good at it. So, she definitely was no Virgin but she knew how to please and She pleased me most of the night. At some point I was exhausted and fell asleep. She started off Kissing me with the sweetest full lips I ever tasted. She used a strawberry gloss. Her tongue was magic. I am used to girls being very shy or not wanting sex and even not knowing what sex was, in any case I was in charge. This is the first time I had the girl just take charge and I let her. It was great. She worked her way down to my cock and it was so hot and pulsing. I thought it was going to burst open.  She would tickle it with her tongue and at the same time take the itch with the gentle scraping of her teeth. She sucked all the cum out before I had a chance to blow. It was like magic, she took my cum and kept my cock hard. After she swallowed a large galp, she rolled us over so I was now on top and she pushed my head down to that sweet lovely pussy.  I slowly traced her pussy with my tongue and she just let out soft little moans of pleasure as I was enjoying the taste. I then pushed the tip of my tongue in little by little wiggling it as I slid all up and down it. Her moans would shift from time to time to purring. Her sounds kept me excited as much as the feel and taste of her sweet little pussy. She would stroke my hair and play with my ears from time to time. I started to part her pussy lips apart with my fingertips as I took my tongue deeper and deeper in.  I found that her hymen was already broken before I got there. No surprise, it would’ve been impossible for a little girl to get that good unless she was already active.  I kept going back to play with her clitoris, that was always one of my favorite things to do. Then her moans started to pick up loud and that cute little puring stopped. she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed the hell out of my head as she grabbed the back of my head and mashed her pussy into my face she let out a loud yes, yess, YESSSS, BABBY! and I got a mouth full of sweet fluid, like ambroshia from the gods. My cock was still thick, hard and stiff and begging to get sore, it needed relief badly. I think she instinctively knew what I needed.  As soon as she had her orgasum she spread her legs apart and said please baby now. I knew what she meant without hesitation. I thrusted my cock into her sweet little pussy. I know she wasn’t a virgin, but OMG how she made that pussy tight for me.  I thrusted in and out until I was exhausted, then before I knew it and without cuming out of her. She was back on top and riding me like the queen of the rodeo. It felt fantastic and allowed me to rest a bit. She was enjoying herself just as if she was riding a bull and yelling yee-haw between her moans. Then in an instant she had me back on top and was pleading with me to do it, she wanted me to give her my seed. It only took a few thrust and I was exploding into her like I have never done before. She was having another orgasum at the same time I was. Once I emptied myself, we started kissing like mad. At some point I must have passed out or fell asleep from exhaustion. because the next thing I knew was waking up while I was spooning her.

After she woke up we washed up in the shower and played a little more than when we went into the breakfast room where my mom was already having breakfast and was waiting to talk to us. My mom spelled out what Kelly was getting away from. It turns out her father is very cruel and enjoys giving pain. Kelly was forced to take her moms place after her mother left them years ago. Kelly is now pregnant with her fathers child. She learned from Kelly what her father was planning to use Kelly for and my mom informed me of what it was and how we could change it a bit to help suit our needs and never have to worry about running out of stock. Mac came in and had a seat at the table. Then mom told us that Kelly’s dad was going to breed her all he could. I mean literally breed her. This is the first time she got pregnant, but it wasn’t going to be the last. Her dad planned to keep her pregnant all he could to have a child after the next. He planned to sell the boys to couples unable to have children and he planned to keep the girls to breed himself the same as kelly. I have a better plan which Kelly is willing to help us with and she will become part of our family.
I then looked over at Mac and said “Kelly’s father..” Mac interrupted me and said I already took care of it. I then looked back to my mom and asked if she was going to fill us in on the entire plan. She said after she goes over a few things with Kelly first. She said she should be ready to fill us in on all of it for dinner time.

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