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Making her dreams come true

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My daughter was having sexual dreams about me, and one night I made them come true. But she has no idea.

I few weeks ago I came home from work as usual, put my bag down, took my coat off, and then expected my 11 year old daughter Rose to come running up to me for a hug as she had done every single other day, she came out of the living room and I held my arms out, “There’s my princess.” I said.

But instead of running in to my waiting arms, she stopped, blushed, wouldn’t look me in the eye, said “Hi dad.” And then she ran straight upstairs.

I thought that was very odd, my wife came in to the hallway and saw what she’d done, “What’s up with her?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” My wife said.

Later that night we were in bed, my wife was watching television and I was reading some documents from work, “I have to tell you something. But promise me you won’t go all weird or laugh about it.” She said to me.

“Yeah?” I replied, still engrossed in my documents.

“Rose has been having dreams about you.” She said.

“Aww – That’s nice.” I replied.

“Dirty – dreams.” She said.

I took off my reading glasses and put them and my documents down on the bedside table and turned to look at my wife, “What did you just say?” I asked.

“After school today, Rose came down and asked if she could have a girl talk with me. She told me that she’d been having dreams – about you – and her – in certain situations.” She said.

“What kind of situation?” I asked.

“Well – at first she was dreaming about seeing you naked.” She said.

That’s when my brain started going, and I remembered that a few months back we’d gone swimming but my trunks were a few years old and very tight around my crotch, maybe that is what triggered her dreams, “Oh – I told you those old trunks wouldn’t fit anymore.” I said.

“It’s not just that.” She said.

“What else?” I asked.

“Her dreams got – sexual.” She said.

I shook my head, “What do you mean?” I asked.

My wife was struggling to come up with the best way to put it, so she just came out with it, “Rose has been having dreams about you and her – having sex – together.” She said.

“Oh – Oooh! – Seriously?” I asked, in shock.

“Yep.” She said.

“Wow.” I said, Rose is so young, why would she be having such dreams, and especially ones involving me, her father.

“Rose is just growing up, her body is changing, she’s going through a phase, her subconscious is probably just including you because she loves you, and you’re the main man in her life. Don’t think too much in to it. And don’t tell her I told you, she was very embarrassed about telling me about it.” She said.

“Okay – I won’t say a word.” I replied.

And that was the end of the conversation, but that night, because it was on my mind, I ended up having a dirty dreams of my own, involving Rose, but I woke up before it got too intimate.

A few days later, very late at night, I got out of bed to use the bathroom, and on my way back I heard strange noises coming from Rose’s bedroom, so I opened the door and check she was alright, and she was asleep laying on top of her sheets, but she was dreaming and touching herself and talking in her sleep.

“Ooah – Ooah that’s good.”

“Yes you can do that.”

“Ooh daddy – you make me feel so good.”

When I heard her say my name I was shocked, but the way she said it, with so much sex in her tone, and watching her playing with herself, it turned me on, and I stood there in nothing but my boxer shorts with my cock in my hand, slowly rubbing my cock while I listened to her talking in her sleep.

“Put your balls in my mouth, daddy.”

I closed the door and then walked over and sat on her bed beside her, I watched her laying there in her night shirt, with her legs spread open, no panties on, rubbing her pussy.

“I’m so wet – I’m so wet.” She moaned.

I couldn’t help myself, I reached across and started rubbing her pussy for her, she moved her hand away and moaned pleasurably, I couldn’t believe how wet she was, then I pushed my finger up her soaking wet pussy and pumped it fast, she moaned louder.

My cock was now rock hard, so I climbed on the bed and got on top of her, positioning myself between her legs, and I pushed my cock between her tight folds and penetrated her, she put her hands on my shoulders and anchored her legs around me, “Ooh – Ungh – Daddy.” She moaned.

“It’s me baby. It’s daddy.” I said, thrusting my cock up her tight virgin hole.

I fucked her hole for a few minutes and then she opened her eyes and looked right at me, she looked a little panicked when she realised what we were doing, “Am I dreaming?” she asked.

“Yes, baby, you’re still dreaming. It’s a nice dream isn’t it?” I said.

“Yeah – Ungh – Ooh – Mmm…” she replied, moaning from my thrusting in to her, she closed her eyes again and just laid back while I pounded her juicy hole.

It was incredible, we even came at the same time, Rose moaned with orgasm and I ejaculated deep inside of her, out fluids collided and mixed together, and they gushed out of her when I pulled out.

“Love you, daddy.” She said, as she quickly drifted back off to sleep, hopefully to dream about me some more.

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and pulled the sheet over her, “Love you too, baby.” I said.

Then I left the room with a very sticky but incredibly satisfied cock.

The following morning I got up and went downstairs and joined Rose and my wife at the breakfast table, everything seemed normal, Rose still looked shy around me, but she did give me a kiss on the cheek before skipping off to school.

That night my wife told me that Rose had spoken to her again and told her that she had a really sexual dream about me last night, and described it to her mom in very good detail, but Rose believed that it was just dream, she had no idea that I was really there and that we really had sex.

I got to fuck my horny little daughter and there have been zero consequences.

How great is that.

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  • Reply Rick ID:fx7itbc40

    I call BULL SHIT,. Dreamr last only a couple seconds at the most. The brain runs faster than the fastest computer. What you say happened would take way to long. Her brain would be on to something else

    • Anonyme ID:1ed8efc67u2p

      When I was young, if I fell asleep talking to someone, I would continue the discussion. It could take up to 1 hour before I become incoherent and mix the conversation with dreams.

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Ahh the perfect age to breed her

  • Reply Kevin ID:2px1ognpxvh

    Someday when my daughter is older

    • JWSins69 ID:5rj0xvikfia

      What wait, start eating her out now to get here ready!

    • Just daddad ID:mybk3btd4

      Cool my daughter doing the same thing she talk to me about it she is 10

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Old enough to start training her to be a sex slave for daddy.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplm9b

    So perfect as is the age. 11 has got to be the most perfect age for sex and yes I have known a few to have sex dreams. A few I have taken advantage of but it ended well.

    Loved the story