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Author: Alex

Fuckin the pooch #3

“What are you doing?”I blurted out,as I jumped up and starting closing. The blinds hoping no one had seen him undressing.As I turned around there was Hunter with his hands on his... # #

436 words | 3 |3.77

Fuckin the pooch 2

Hunter and I sat at my little kitchen table,both at a loss for words.He had not even started cleaning the bathroom’s and I think tomorrow would be better for everyone.”Where did... # # # #

400 words | 3 |4.63

Fuckin the pooch

A couple of months ago we had some new neighbors move in two doors down from me. I had to walk down to the store to get a couple things. As I walked by the house with the moving van... # # #

565 words | 3 |3.96

Futamom the final part

Many day went by after and it became routine for me, suck her dick eat lunch, get ass fucked, eat dinner and do homework, then go to bed after a bunch of hot creampies in my pussy.... # # # #

371 words | 2 |3.82

Same bedroom with cousins

I was a 15 year old boy and we were staying with my cousin who lived in a different state. He was 9years older than me but we were pretty close. He was more advanced as far as sexual... #

1161 words | 7 |3.73