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Little red haired grandson receives grandpa’s Black Gift

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My name is Vincenzo, I’m of Irish descent, I’m very red-haired and have very fair skin, when I was about 10 years old,

My name is Vincenzo, I’m of Irish descent, I’m very red-haired and have very fair skin, when I was about 10 years old, my grandfather made me play with his big cock whenever he could, to release milk, I liked it because my grandpa did it. Happy, over time, he started taking me with him to see the countryside, then he would always stop near the stream and make me jerk off, sometimes he would also take advantage and stick his tongue in my ass, I became addicted to that, I loved it the tongue in my ass, but it never went beyond that, when I was about to turn 15, my grandfather promised me a gift, he would take me hunting armadillo with him, I was super happy, and I couldn’t wait for it to happen.

Once my parents took us to spend a weekend at grandpa’s house, as they were going away. It was already dark and my grandfather arrived with a hunting friend of his and asked me to get ready as he would go hunting with them.

_Do you want a grandson? If you go you will make your grandpa very happy.

_ Of course I want grandpa.

Already on the road at night, with only flashlights, my grandfather said that before we entered the forest we would stop by his friend’s house who was with us to pick up the dogs. His house was nearby and he lived alone. When we entered the house, my grandfather said:

_ so Tonho, didn’t I say that my grandson was brave? And he likes to make grandpa happy, he’s not a grandson. And today you will also make Tonho happy, for grandpa.

As I didn’t want to make my grandfather sad, I said yes.

Tonho was mulatto, much taller and stronger than my grandfather, and younger too, he took off his pants and showed a big black cock that was the size of my grandfather’s, I had never seen it like that. Shaking his big cock in his hand he said:

_Come here, grandpa’s grandson, come show Tonho what you did to make grandpa happy, come and make Tonho happy too.

He sat on the sofa and made me kneel in front of him and pay for his big cock with my hands, and I started to jerk him off, wow, it was so big that I couldn’t hold it properly. The big cock, seen up close, seemed even bigger to me. I rested my chin on my mature balls and looked up. The black trunk rose high above my head, majestic. I followed the thick veins with my tongue until I reached the high edges of the head, from where his cum was dripping. I licked it all, I drooled and choked on the big black cock, I remember that when I choked, my ass blinked constantly, his cock was too thick to enter my mouth and even so I tried to swallow it all
My grandpa arrived behind me and pulling down my pants, he opened my ass and started running his tongue over my pink ass, wow, I loved that, that’s when Tonho picked up a jar that was next to the sofa, it was honey, and he He said, putting honey on the head of his big cock:
Grandpa’s grandson comes, licks the honey that’s here. And he pulled my head towards his big cock.

Wow, it was so delicious, sucking a big cock with honey, it was like ice cream, only hot. Tonho was naughtier than grandpa and pushed my head down, making his big cock always go deeper into my little mouth. And he said to grandpa:

_ It’s Tião, your grandson is truly delightful, I’m going to make him my personal little whore from now on, every time he comes here to visit you, he’ll have to come here and play with Tonho too. Aren’t you Tonho’s little whore?

When I didn’t respond because I was busy with my big cock in my mouth and rolling it on Grandpa’s tongue, he lifted my head and told me to repeat what he said:

Yes, I’m going to come here and play with you.

_ who’s going to come and play? Speak bitch, who’s going to come and play? What will you be from now on?

_ your little whore. Your little slut will come and play with you.

_that’s how I like it, now suck Tonho’s little whore. And my grandfather added:

_Go suck your naughty little grandson, and roll in Grandpa’s little mouth, because today you’re going to get a gift that you’ll never forget, suck and roll.

Grandpa was already sticking his fingers in my ass and Tonho was jamming his big cock in my mouth,
Suddenly, I had already become a little slut and I was caressing with my hands, sucking with my lips, and running my tongue around Tonho’s black head. I was holding the big balls in my hand and they were incredible and looked like two tennis balls. in my childish hand I was already thinking about the load of milk that was inside, suddenly he held me firmly with my head stuck in his big cock and said:

_ look at the milk.

Tonho pushed his penis deep into my mouth, I tried to swallow it, to see what it would be like, but there was a lot of cum and his dick didn’t stop pulsing, it was triple the amount of grandpa’s semen… but the taste of milk mixed with the honey was incredible, I couldn’t swallow it all, I let the milk run out of my mouth, dripping onto my belly and as there was a lot of milk it leaked out of my mouth and onto the old black man’s legs… the contrast of the milk and his dark skin became They highlighted… I, like a good little whore, started licking all the milk. Grandpa, seeing that, pulled me over and said:

_to my dear grandson, you need to drink more of grandpa’s milk,

He made me sit on Tonho’s lap and I felt his big cock poking my ass and he stuck his big cock in my mouth, not long after it entered and I felt Grandpa’s milk too.

_ahhh now my grandson, you managed to make grandpa happy, take everything. And Tonho added: _ but there’s still one thing left for us all to be happy, my little bitch, and do you know what it is?

_I said no.

_it’s your gift, you want a gift, don’t you?

_I said I wanted to.

_So come here.

Wow, he picked me up with his big hands and lifted me up by my legs as easily as if he were a piece of paper, he placed me on all fours in front of him and stuck his tongue in my ass, wow, his tongue was rough and longer than Grandpa’s, who At that time he was below us sucking Tonho’s big cock, who said:

_Go Tião, suck it well and make it really hard, your grandson is going to lose his little gourd today, you’re going to give him a gift that he’ll never forget and neither will you. Thank you for bringing me a new little whore, you know you have to bring everyone in your family just like your grandfather and father lived with my late father, you belong to the old black man from now on I’m going to fuck your grandson every time he comes here and when you have children you are going to bring him here, because otherwise I will tell everyone that you are a little whore:

I replied without thinking twice: Yes sir, I will be your little whore and I will bring my children for you to fuck and teach

I listened and could only moan, and do everything he told me because Tonho’s tongue was delicious, I had never given him ass, but I knew it wouldn’t last that night. So that was it, grandpa was giving me as a gift to Tonho.

Tonho stuck his finger in me, I felt the difference between his fingers and Grandpa’s, I started to get scared and cry. Then Tonho said:

_Don’t cry, my little whore, your grandpa has always tolerated my cock well and you will too, I’ll be affectionate and you’ll ask for more. Now go, call me grandpa, tell grandpa to eat your ass, ask Tonho, whore… ask.

_oh grandpa eat my ass eat. Eat your grandson’s ass.

When he heard that, he made me sit facing him and asked my grandfather to hold his dick towards my ass, he filled his hand with cream and said it was to make it easier and for me not to feel pain. And he said:
His passionate look told me what I had to do. I sat down again on Tonhão’s lap and opened my buttocks, I felt the head of his cock, fitting into the entrance. Tonho held me firmly and I started kissing me with the tongue I felt his tongue invading my mouth I had to take a deep breath and little by little the excitement consumed me my little dick was extremely hard and involuntarily I was rolling on the black dick I felt my ass blinking and I wasn’t resisting the old black man’s advances, he made a thrust and I felt a strong pain mixed with a lot of pleasure… even though it hurt, I rolled over and sat down until I got him in. It hurt a lot, but I remember the incomparable pleasure of feeling my man inside me for the first time. I went down little by little until my bag was nestled over his balls, his balls were big. The black Old Man sucked my nipples, stuck his tongue in my mouth, grabbed my ass and started rocking me up and down, stretching my childish ass.

Suddenly I sat on Tonho’s legs, everything had entered, I remember hugging him around the neck and kissing him with tongue while rolling around like a little whore, the sensation and pleasure were indescribable, I felt it pulsing inside me, it was such a delicious little pain, pleasurable, Tonho’s eyes shone and he lifted me up and down, making a point of squeezing my ass between his strong hands, and asked me to moan for him, to call out to him:

_go Tonho, go grandpa, eat me, punch me deeper, fuck me grandpa, punch me, it feels good.

He was listening to that and his movements were getting stronger and deeper, now he was really punching his huge cock into my ass, then he took it all out and turned me around so I was facing away from him and facing my grandpa, and Without mercy, he sent it all at once back into my ass, making me scream. My grandpa, who already had a hard cock, stuck it in my mouth and so I ended up taking a big cock in my ass and another in my mouth.

_ go, son of a bitch, chew your male’s cock, go, little bitch, squeeze Tonhão’s cock, go, go, I’m going to blow your ass off with so much pumping and ask me to call him and ask him to do it harder.
My raised ass, between his thighs, was completely exposed and defenseless. “It’s called roast chicken.” I’m going to eat you on a spit, my chicken.” I felt the urgency of the male, the irresistible lust of the black man, pushing me up to the core, and I trembled with fear. He laughed at my pleading look, took out the entire stick and put it in hard, all at once, making me scream. I soon began to enjoy the thrusts and I felt an unbearable heat rise inside me, until I exploded in my first orgasm. My ass went into spasms
I was sucking my grandfather’s dick while I was feeling Tonho’s dick slide into my ass… soon grandpa started talking, grandson, suck it good, go swallow all of grandpa’s cock, that sucks it all, go, make your grandpa happy.

Then I felt his milk in my mouth again and he was saying: don’t throw it away, don’t swallow it all, you fagot, naughty grandson, swallow it, like that and clean it all up.

at the same moment that I was getting milk from grandpa, Tonho grabbed me by the hip and as if I were an object he brought me tightly against his cock, I heard the noise he made when his body hit my ass with force, then he He started screaming… what a delicious little redhead!! I’m going to enjoy

So I felt him give my little ass one last hard pump, I felt his dick pulsating and loads of cum inside my ass… then when he stopped cumming, Tonho started kissing me with his tongue, I felt his wet tongue invading my little childish mouth and his Even after cumming, his dick still remained hard and was pulsing a lot. We stayed like that for a long time, me sitting on his lap, with his dick inside my ass, and kissing my new black grandpa until it started to soften and he started taking it well slowly and seeing the damage that his big cock had done to my ass, I felt all the milk running out and my ass was open and raw, my ass was all red.

After that day, Tonho made me be his little whore for several years… I got married and had two children, Julia and Noah… they are already looking forward to meeting Tonho on their 10th birthday… then they can win the black gift and continue the family legacy

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