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Stay out of my private space

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I guess all a naughty little girl needs is a good hard fuck up the ass

I found out that my sister had been in my bedroom again while I was out, not only that but she’d been in my closet, I’ve told her loads and loads of times to start out of my private space, but she never seems to listen.

When she got home that afternoon, I made her listen.

Fiona, my 10 year old sister, walked through the front door having just gone to shops with her friend Jody to buy some sweets with her pocket money, they were laughing and giggling, until I appeared from where I was hiding behind the door and closed.

“You’ve been in my room again, in my closet, haven’t you?!” I asked, angrily.

“No.” she replied, I could tell she was lying.

“Don’t fucking lie!” I snapped.

“I’m not.” She replied.

“You need to learn to respect people’s privacy.” I said, I pushed Jody aside, picked up Fiona, threw her over my shoulder, and carried her kicking and screaming upstairs to my room.

“Put me down!!” she demanded.

I put her down but held on to her so she couldn’t move, and I pointed her head towards my closet, “Don’t you ever go in there again. Do you understand me?!” I snapped.

“I haven’t.” she replied.

“Oh my God, stop fucking lying. You need to learn some respect…” I said, forced her down on to her knees next to my bed before pushing on the back of her head and bending her over, pushing her face in to my mattress, then I yanked her leggings and panties down.

“I’m going to teach you right now.” I said, as I opened my trousers and pulled my cock out.

I pushed my fully erect cock between her firm little bum cheeks and thrust it deep in to her ass hole, “Ungh – Arrrgh!!!” she screamed.

I held her head down while I fucked her very fast and hard from behind, “How’s that feel…” I asked her, she was moaning and crying, “…how does it feel having your private space invaded?” I asked.

“Argh – Mom – Argh – Ouch – Ungh – Argh” she cried and cried, but her cries just made me fuck her harder.

I ejaculated up her asshole and then pushed her to the floor, “You remember that the next time you think about coming in to my private space. Because that’s what you’ll get if you do.” I said.

She sat on the floor crying and slowly pulling her panties and leggings back up, I didn’t give a shit, “Stop crying like a little bitch and get the fuck out of my room.” I said.

I guess all a naughty little girl needs is a good hard fuck up the ass, because she never went in to my room again after that day.

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  • Reply Anon ID:4kemr1p8m

    Love using rape as a punishment tool. I dated a little jew cunt who was the definition of a JAP. One ass raping knocked her little snobby attitude out of her.

  • Reply Cody ID:abugtoic

    He is in so much trouble when parents get home and she tells them what happened.
    (If she does not tell police before that.)

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihri

    OMG!, I can’t stop laughing, I would of done that same. Yeah all naughty girls deserve a little ass pounding every now and then. Funny I bet she’s really thinking of that ass pounding right now. She will be back for more.